Ultimate Edition Changelog

New in version 4.2

July 6th, 2014
  • Ultimate Edition 4.2 was built from the ground up debootstrapped from the Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Thar tree using Tmosb (TheeMahn’s Operating System Builder) which is also included in this release. This release is a Long Term Supported (LTS) release, supported until the year 2019. This release is most certainly worthy of the Ultimate Edition title. What makes this Operating System different then any other Operating System on the entire planet? The entire Mate 1.8 repository was first Repostormed another world changing application I am developing. I have told the world it was coming. I have included many, many tools I am constructing that reside under the hood of virtually all Ultimate Edition releases, most newer and upgraded. This Operating System while it did have issues during construction have been crushed and what remains is a flawless operating environment.

New in version 4.0 (April 22nd, 2014)

  • Once again I am not going to make a big deal out of this release. It is very nice and works very well; however it is based on the Ubuntu 13.10 “Saucy Salamander” branch and has very limited support time left. Our efforts once Ultimate Edition 4.1 is released is undivided concentration on Ultimate Edition 4.2 and Ultimate Edition 4.3 a Long Term Supported (LTS) release. Previously released as a Beta. Repostorm is honing Mate 1.8 to perfection with each line of code I write. The base of what will be in Ultimate Edition 4.2 Lite. Alot of catchup is going on in the persuit to perfection as I am hoping to present you in the release of Ultimate Edition 4.2, please stay tuned.

New in version 3.8 (December 14th, 2013)

  • Ultimate Edition 3.8 was built from the ground up debootstrapped from the Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail tree. Many of the issues I faced with the development of Ultimate Edition 3.6 & 3.7 just faded away. Finally in my humble opinion a release worthy of the Ultimate Edition title. I did not care for Ultimate Edition 3.6 or 3.7 other then the theme. I have animatedly voiced my opinion on our forums.
  • My main focus on this distribution, was your privacy and security. I have taken steps beyond the call of duty to ensure that is exactly what happens. These integrated features may become a new de facto or standard with future releases of Ultimate Edition. No more "Big Brother" watching over your shoulder and tracking your every move. Funny how other O/S’s want to spy on you or target you for ads. Here at Ultimate Edition Central we do the opposite.
  • We are releasing a single solitary release, there will not be a "Lite" or "Full Monte". I am doing this to catch up in O/S development, so I can return to programming. Subject of another somewhat heated discussion. This release is based off Mate 1.6 which by the way does have a relatively small footprint & good selection of software packages. I have taken the extra time to reverse engineer Ubuntu Software Center (a GPL app) to function appropriately in Ultimate Edition to provide a slew of additional applications, should you decide you need something further.
  • The Beta testers and I find this release to be quite stable, however nothing in comparison to upcoming Ultimate Edition 4.0. I have been running a few months and just straight up ROCKS!!! Do not let this deter you from downloading Ultimate Edition 3.8, try it you won’t be sorry. IMHO blows the doors off Ultimate Edition 3.6 & 3.7.

New in version 3.7 (November 23rd, 2013)

  • Ultimate Edition 3.7 was built from the ground up debootstrapped from the Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal tree. This release I tried to build from Ultimate Edition 3.6 base, but had a ton of networking based issues. I scrapped everything and went back to square one and issues melted away, perhaps a fix at the root level? I know don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.
  • Many repositories have been added to increase software availability. The kernel was pulled from the Xorg "Crack Pushers PPA" 3.7.0-7. Ultimate Edition 3.7 has a comprehensive set of software packages. KDE is the default desktop environment (DE).
  • I am for the first time providing in this odd based release cycle ie 3.7 in 2 flavors if you will. Even though there is nothing LITE about KDE I am providing a lite version that has only KDE and mate. I am also providing a "FULL MONTE" release that is a swiss army knife of operating environments. I would not suggest installing it. DE’s typically do not play well together, one overwriting a setting in the other – trashing the other. It is being provided to allow you to view the various DE’s availiable from the live disk, please take note it is relitivly HUGE.
  • Environments include the following:
  • KDE – The default
  • Cinnamon
  • Mate 1.6.0
  • Unity
  • Gnome 3
  • Gnome Fallback
  • LXDE
  • XFCE
  • Awesome
  • There are other DE’s on the disk such as Openbox, but was removed from the login screen to keep the list shorter. Thanks, bnjamin_breeg.

New in version 3.6 (October 25th, 2013)

  • Ultimate Edition 3.6 was built from the ground up debootstrapped from the Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal tree. This was the first time I have done this. I have discovered in doing so that it makes for a tighter release as can be seen in the Lite version a CD in size and fairly loaded considering the size. The release boots in under 6 secs on my PC.
  • Many repositories have been added to increase software availability. The kernel was pulled from the Xorg "Crack Pushers PPA" 3.7.0-7. Ultimate Edition 3.6 Lite has the very basics and a good ground to build your operating system forward adding only what you need / use.
  • Ultamatix has been resurrected from the dead to assist in this matter. Ultamatix’s dependancies on older libraries have been stripped and replaced with webkit (still not fully functional & use at your own risk) when time is on my side I will retify Ultamatix. Ultimate Edition 3.6 (not the lite version) has a comprehensive set of software packages. Mate 1.6.0 is the default desktop environment (DE).

New in version 3.5 (January 3rd, 2013)

  • Sorry for the delay, was planning on releasing Ultimate Edition 3.5 prior to Xmas. Seems some hacker decided to delete my acct on sourceforge. Problem resolved those guys are awesome. Just to bring you up to date, I have Ultimate Edition 3.6 in local testing based on Ubuntu 12.10 “Quantal Quetzal”. I am currently running Ultimate Edition 3.4 Lite based on Ubuntu 12.04 Percise Pangolin with a solo environment of Gnome 2 which is quick quite responsive.

New in version 2.7 (June 6th, 2010)

  • What is Ultimate Edition 2.7? Ultimate Edition was built off Ultimate Edition 2.6 (Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04). Major difference being that is has been fully updated / upgraded and has the following environments, user selectable at the login screen:
  • KDE
  • XFCE
  • Gnome
  • LXDE
  • Openbox
  • I am not going to do a huge write up on this O/S, I am sure it will be downloaded more then Ultimate Edition 2.6 was. I have said in the past, I am not a KDE man it looks too much like that "Other O/S" ;) I will return to Ultimate Edition 2.6. That does not mean our users are not interested in exploring / using these environments.
  • I have included a Conky script I wrote that will generate as per each computer. The results of running the Conky script can be seen at the right. This script will be in your home folder when installed (your choice to run it or not). The script is commented if you wish to learn.

New in version 2.5 (December 10th, 2009)

  • Ultimate Edition 2.5 was built off Ultimate Edition 2.4 (Ubuntu Karmic 9.10 based) all upgrades pre-installed as of current. It has KDE, XFCE, and Gnome user selectable at login, 3 new themes and tons of apps. This release is huge obviously bigger then UE 2.4 ;) I am not going to spend my time writing a webpage, but just a post. Even though it is a very worthy release and deserves a webpage. I have alot on my plate in programming and other activities & I do mean alot. It has been out about a week, forum users have been grabbing it left and right.

New in version 2.2 (June 21st, 2009)

  • This release was built from Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope with all the goodies pre-added you have come to love in prior Ultimate Edition releases & all upgrades pre-installed for your convenience. This release has 2 kernels 2.6.28-13 & 2.6.28-11 selectable at boot time increasing your chances of success.