Ubuntu Studio Changelog

New in version 12.10 Beta 2

September 27th, 2012
  • A new web page is out. The help button on the main menu points there.
  • Add/fix text plymouth theme for those video cards that won't see graphics so it says Ubuntu studio
  • The menu has been fixed moving audio production tools out of Media Playback.
  • Add qmidiroute to audio workflow to cover missing functionality
  • A MIDI router and MIDI tools menu have been added.
  • Task Manager has been switched to System Monitor for better memory use display.
  • A main menu tool has been added to setting to allow the user to change their menu.
  • Set up Software Center menu items for our workflows
  • Created bug team in launchpad
  • Added open-clip-art package to graphics seed
  • Move mixer applications from media playback menu to audio menu
  • Fixed submenu icons for accessories, education and network
  • Installed #ubuntustudio (and other) channel by default for xchat
  • Nautilus is default file manager for everything now