UberStudent LXDE Changelog

New in version

January 19th, 2013
  • Three LXDE Session options available at boot time:
  • Two-Panel - mimics the classic look and feel of Gnome 2
  • One-Panel - everything from the two-panel session brought down to one panel and condensed some
  • Netbook - much improved over the upstream lxlauncher
  • Fast. Uses less resources than either Lubuntu or Linux Mint LXDE.
  • Plenty of on-board help, as well as on-board templates for formatting papers.
  • Ready-to-go desktop compositing, with three levels of well-configured desktop effects (using xcompmgr-nate and compton) that you can turn on or off, or switch between, with just a few clicks from the System Tools menu.
  • AbiWord 2.86 (GTK2-based) forward-ported to 12.04 LTS for improved word-processing stability (see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/abiword/+bug/1019621 for the many issues with later AbiWord versions).
  • Zotero Standalone
  • Google Chrome as the default browser. Zotero Connector is installed by default, so you can immediately start collecting and citing sources. AdBlock is also pre-installed but not enabled by default.
  • KeepNote, along with a winning example usage for taking class notes.
  • An array of other programs in the Education menu that have been smartly chosen in keeping with the UberStudent philosophy of emphasizing core academic skills in research and writing, content learning, and self-management.
  • Presentation tools that keeps users of limited-powered computers in mind.
  • Some of the very best web-apps available, across program categories, with selection preference given to freeness and stability. You’re almost certain to find a ready-to-go tool for your task, and without needless redundancy.
  • app2menu, a program forked from Ice in Peppermint OS, that enables you to easily add (or remove) your own webapps in to the smartly categorized and sub-categorized UberStudent Applications Menu.
  • UberStudent Control Center, a single point from which to do the most common system configurations.
  • Simple Software Center, a lightweight and de-commercialized version of Ubuntu Software Center. Synaptic Package manager is also ready-to go, with Gdebi as the default Debian package handler.
  • One-click installation of multimedia codecs, other restricted extras, and java, from the Applications menu.
  • Backup options, including Dropbox.
  • A trio of custom themes by UberStudent: (1) A+DarkSilver, the default theme, is designed to contrast for maximal productivity while also being one of the most gorgeous themes anywhere. (2) A+GreenTea, with which Linux Mint users will feel right at home. (3) A+Sky-n-Sea, a beautiful blue-hued theme, to complete the set. Corresponding icon sets are on-board, as well as a few standard LXDE themes.
  • Lots of other extras too numerous to mention that really add up. Again, you won't need to spend hours or days getting this system ready for productivity.

New in version 1.0 (September 6th, 2010)

  • Designed for the academic computing needs of those with low-specification machines, I believe you'll agree that no other lightweight distribution better does this, while also smartly providing for your everyday computing needs.
  • Like the full version of UberStudent, the lightweight version is designed around a "core skills" approach, which centers on research and writing, study, and self-management skills, essentials required of all successful college students regardless of their major. It does this by providing some of the best cloud computing applications available across each application category, although we've been careful to make sure your core productivity is not dependent upon an Internet connection.
  • Despite the very useful nature of the lightweight version, we definitely recommend the full version if you have a modern PC and serious academic work to do. By its very nature and design, the lightweight version does not, and indeed cannot, match the full version's power, elegance, ease-of-use, and expandability. Many, however, will just want a lightweight platform for whatever reason. We think you'll just love UberStudent-LXDE!
  • So what are you waiting for? Give UberStudent-LXDE a try!