Typhon Changelog

New in version 0.92

July 20th, 2010
  • Main new feature is a built in opengl ffmpeg videoplayer, which makes typhon to a slim mediacenter now!
  • Here's the summary of the latest changelog:
  • added ffmpeg videoplayer
  • added videopreview mode
  • removed external videoplayer
  • mouserotate video or previewpicture individually
  • other minor fixes/changes
  • added option to stop video on programlaunch
  • added option to use previewvideo instead of previewpicture
  • fall back to previewpicture if videopreview wasn't found
  • update videopreview on menuswitch
  • rotate video manually in x,y,z directions and save state in themeconfig
  • some ftgl cosmetics
  • other minor fixes/changes

New in version 0.91 (June 21st, 2010)

  • fixed debug build
  • added "quick-browse" keys
  • added wiimote controls using libcwiid (just sync + buttons work fine so far)
  • fixed compile problem for arch linux
  • should work with more gfxdrivers ootb now

New in version 0.72 (April 21st, 2010)

  • split the whole code into several parts for easier expanding and reading
  • split emulatormode into all submenus - means you can have emulator mode (en-/disabled) for every single menu entry independently.
  • reading emulator config file from main config file now - on that way it's perfectly easy to launch a 2nd instance of typhon also with a 2nd set of 7 more emulators