New in version 13.0

October 31st, 2013
  • eJabberd:
  • Latest Debian Wheezy package version of eJabberd.
  • Replaced mod_ctlextra with mod_admin_extra [#118].
  • Speeqe:
  • Latest upstream versions of Speeqe and Punjab.
  • Updated legacy settings [#67, #119].

New in version 11.2-lucid-x86 (August 9th, 2011)

  • Built-in support for TurnKey domain management and dynamic DNS configuration, powered by Amazon Route 53, a robust cloud DNS service:
  • Pre-installed all available security updates

New in version 11.1-lucid-x86 (January 25th, 2011)

  • Set chat domain and admin password on firstboot (convenience, security).
  • Set RE_XMPP_DOMAIN in config script dynamically (convenience).
  • Bugfixed speeqe beta room uri (was pointing to alpha room).
  • Set postfix MTA myhostname to localhost (bugfix).