New in version 13.0

November 1st, 2013
  • Git:
  • Updated gitweb-force-texthtml patch [#81].
  • Gitweb static files are now in static/ [#104].
  • Bazaar:
  • Specify loggerhead bzr_root as absolute url [#116].

New in version 12.0 (October 4th, 2012)

  • Added github inspired theme by kogakure to gitweb.
  • Replaced git-daemon-run with git-daemon-sysvinit.
  • Removed typo from mercurial helloworld hgrc (bugfix).
  • Fixed example mercurial clone address: hg -> http (bugfix).

New in version 11.3-lucid-x86 (December 12th, 2011)

  • Installed security updates.
  • Enabled etckeeper garbage collection by default.
  • Upgraded to latest inithooks version (adhoc re-initialization via turnkey-init)
  • VMWare build: run on first boot
  • Amazon EC2 EBS build: support resizing of root filesystem

New in version 11.2-lucid-x86 (August 9th, 2011)

  • Built-in support for TurnKey domain management and dynamic DNS configuration, powered by Amazon Route 53, a robust cloud DNS service:
  • Pre-installed all available security updates