Transcode Changelog

New in version 1.1.4

August 24th, 2009
  • Minor bugfixes

New in version 1.1.3 (July 20th, 2009)

  • Support for CubicKeys4 and Sinc8 zoom algorithms.
  • Support for input selection/channel tuning into import_v4l2 (backport from the 1.2.x branch)
  • Fixed spurious write warnings when using -y *,tcaud (regression from 1.0).
  • Fixed bugs: #15302, #15306, #15351, #15502, #15825, #15615.
  • Key:
  • Feature added.
  • Bugfix of an existing feature.
  • Changement/improvement (not bugfix) of an existing feature.
  • Feature dropped.

New in version 1.1.2 (March 29th, 2009)

  • Make the -W option work again like 1.0.x branch.
  • Proper handling of the alpha data in filter_logoaway (avoid segfault).
  • Fixed bugs: #15007, #15441.
  • Allow to build x264 experimental encoder with last libx264 snapshots.
  • Allow to build transcode without FFmpeg.
  • Removed outdated libav* information from the FAQ.

New in version 1.1.1 (February 22nd, 2009)

  • The import_imlist module is deprecated.
  • Use --multi_input -x im instead.
  • The dectectclipping filter is now allowed to use a log file.
  • A big YAIT update was done.
  • The "frame" option was added to filter_text.
  • tcmodinfo linking and loading problems were resolved.

New in version 1.0.7 (November 16th, 2008)

  • The code was updated to be in sync with lastest FFmpeg API changes.
  • The FFmpeg requirements were bumped. transcode now needs a recent snapshot of FFmpeg to work. (Snapshots between r13582 and r15261 are known to work; later versions are untested.)
  • An avilib x86_64 portability problem which caused avifix problems was fixed.
  • Static linking of libavcodec is now definitively unsupported.