Topal Changelog

New in version 74

June 24th, 2011
  • Documentation updates and minor improvements to attachment and multipart detection.

New in version 73 (May 2nd, 2011)

  • Fix crash when sending attachments with spaces in filenames.
  • Add new switch, wait-if-missing-keys, which requires the user to acknowledge if keys are missing when defaulting to encryption.
  • Slightly reorganise configuration menu to keep it within 24 lines.
  • Update documentation re: crashes related to the second patch and mailcap files.
  • Topal makes greater efforts to check that external commands exist before running them.
  • Exception messages are repeated via Ada's exception handling (if Topal panics).
  • Added decrypt-prereq option. See this note.
  • Experimental S/MIME sending support added.
  • More use of GnuPG's --status-fd option so that we can determine exit status properly.
  • Replaced ancient expanding_array package with Ada.Containers.Vectors.
  • Adding sendmail-path filter mode. This is needed for the S/MIME encrypted and S/MIME sign+encrypted modes. (Otherwise only Topal can read them; neither Outlook nor Thunderbird will cope with an S/MIME part inside multipart/mixed.) This mode also needs pinentry-qt for gpgsm: pinentry-curses doesn't like this environment.
  • In the sendmail-path filter mode, we no longer need the content-type guessing. We can simply re-use the content-type from the original header.
  • Added replace-ids option which can replace Message-ID (and also Content-ID) in sendmail-path filter mode.
  • The sendmail-path mode can also add a token to help spot our cc'd emails. Use something like st=user@domain,token to set a password. This is hashed with some headers for each email and added to an X-Topal-Send-Token header. Topal then has a -cst token mode which adds a X-Topal-Check-Send-Token header with either yes or no for that header.
  • Investigation suggests that group addresses are handled other than I expect. E.g., Group name:; in the to: field and the actual list of addresses in lcc field will result in the addresses appearing in the bcc field in sendmail-path filter mode.
  • Rewrite main documentation in LaTeX: the main manual is now topal.pdf. The change log is still in HTML.
  • Start adding interoperability notes to manual.
  • Diagnosing issue with clearsigned (both OpenPGP and S/MIME) emails that have passed through an MS Exchange server being corrupted.
  • Added opaque signing option for S/MIME.
  • Added attachment-trap boolean option. In -asend mode, this causes Topal to complain if the message body contains the string “attach” but doesn't have any attachments.

New in version 72 (February 26th, 2010)

  • Fix menus for non-Pine sending. (‘Go’ wasn't working!)
  • Trap attempts to encrypt when no keys are in the key list.
  • Minor change to distrib text and Makefile.
  • Distrib target in Makefile now uses GPG agent.

New in version 67 (June 9th, 2009)

  • Added another configuration option `omit-inline-disposition-header'. If a disposition header of value inline would be added, it's simply omitted altogether.

New in version 64 (October 24th, 2008)

  • A Topal patch for Alpine 2.00 was added. (Alpine's S/MIME needs to be turned off for Topal's S/MIME verification to work.)
  • Temporary files are now properly deleted.
  • A bug when guessing the type of an attachment was fixed.
  • A patch was added to Topal sources for Cygwin (the recent interrupt code doesn't build).

New in version 63 (August 31st, 2008)

  • Warning messages about missing secret keys were improved.
  • Initial support for remote decryption of messages was added.
  • Signal handling for the remote server was improved.