Timeline Changelog

New in version 1.1.0

December 30th, 2013
  • New features, enhancements:
  • Century labeling changed. Century 0 is now removed
  • Menus for Zoom In and Zoom Out
  • Menus for vertical Zoom In and vertical Zoom Out
  • Numeric Timeline
  • New category tree in sidebar
  • Bug fixes:
  • SVG export can handle ampersand (&) in event text
  • SVG export can handle more characters by using UTF-8 encoding
  • Prevent overflow error when zooming in on wide events
  • Prevent error when using up arrow to increase month in date editor
  • Prevent error when fitting all events and they almost fit
  • Move event vertically, can be done for events very close to each other (with different y-coordinates)
  • Ics-files could load events without text which caused an exception when trying to ‘Save As’
  • Handle exception in dragging situation when julian day becomes < 0.

New in version 0.21.0 (July 4th, 2013)

  • This version added features for setting categories on selected events, and on events without a category.
  • An 'Import' feature that makes it possible to merge timelines was added.
  • An 'Edit Event' menu was added.
  • Preferences can now be set when no timeline exists.
  • The selected events list is now reset when selected events are deleted.

New in version 0.19.0 (January 3rd, 2013)

  • This version allows you to define URLs on events and execute "Goto URL" to open a Web browser.
  • It implements a 'fit week' navigation function.
  • Help text has been added to describe the vertical movement of events.
  • The build script generates a zip file with only LF as line endings in files.
  • Year 0 has been removed from timeline display when using an extended date range.

New in version 0.18.0 (October 5th, 2012)

  • Zooming with the scroll wheel zooms at the cursor position instead of the center.

New in version 0.16.0 (January 31st, 2012)

  • This version adds one new feature, group events in containers.
  • It fixes a bug which caused timeline files with non-English characters in the name to not open.

New in version 0.14.0 (July 28th, 2011)

  • This version fixes a few bugs.
  • It also adds support for moving multiple events at once.
  • Events have also gained a few extra fields so that they can be marked as fuzzy, locked, and ending today.

New in version 0.12.0 (January 10th, 2011)

  • This version has experimental support for extended date range (before 1 AD) and some bug fixes.

New in version 0.11.1 (October 25th, 2010)

  • Creating an event through the menu no longer raises an exception, and time is removed when saving an event if 'Show time' is not checked.

New in version 0.11.0 (October 13th, 2010)

  • New features in this release are an improved date and time entry control and a fit millennium function.