The Daily Journal Changelog

New in version 4-0.1

May 14th, 2015
  • This is a new version which adds the facility to encrypt the data,
  • and to insert images into the notes, contacts and lists. It also provides a German
  • interface for users who have configured their environment for that locale.
  • Binaries also are available.

New in version 3-0.3 (November 24th, 2014)

  • The latest version adds a tool-bar and one can now edit and display notes, contacts and lists in rich text.

New in version 3-0.2 (October 7th, 2014)

  • The latest version is a complete rewrite using the Qt 5 toolkit for the user interface.
  • Appointments which repeat daily can be added. The calendar can display the week beginning on a Monday, if desired, along with optional week numbers.

New in version 2-0.4 (November 19th, 2012)

  • This release detects any changes made to a contact or a list while navigating to another item and offers an opportunity to save the data.
  • It also asks for confirmation before deleting any contact or list.

New in version 2-0.3 (November 14th, 2012)

  • This release provides the facility to add a new contact or to-do list with a right mouse click.
  • A new menu option to save data as needed has been added.
  • A lockfile now prevents two concurrent instances from running simultaneously in the same account.
  • Some bugs have been corrected.

New in version 2-0.2 (October 3rd, 2012)

  • This release has a redesigned user interface and allows the creation of multiple to-do lists and a categorized list of contacts in the form of a tree.