SysAid Changelog

New in version 9.0.52

November 13th, 2012
  • The SysAid Agent now officially supports Windows 8.
  • The login table in the SysAid Audit Log now contains the user's IP address.
  • There is a new utility that allows SysAid Cloud customers to download a backup of their data.
  • When creating a static filter for a list (e.g. the Help Desk list), there is now a variable representing the currently logged in user: $LoginUserName$. Example for Help Desk list: r.request_user = '$LoginUserName$'
  • Windows 8 is now officially supported as a platform for installing the SysAid Server.
  • Several improvements have been made to the SysAid In-House installer.
  • Added a note to the SysAid upgrade installer informing the user that their database is being updated after the completion of the upgrade.
  • After wiping a mobile device using SysAid MDM, the status of the device is now changed to "Revoked by Admin".
  • SysAid Remote Control now supports dual screens.