SymmetricDS Changelog

New in version 3.6.15

December 5th, 2014
  • 0002087: [Bug] Extract initial load in background doesn't work with wildcard catalogs and schemas (chenson) - closed.

New in version 3.6.13 (November 10th, 2014)

  • 0002052: [Bug] Remove transform when used on a primary key without the pk column checked fails (chenson) - closed.
  • 0002053: [Bug] Fallback to insert fails when transform is configured as update first on the LOAD side. Data is retransformed as an update. (chenson) - closed.
  • 0002054: [Bug] NullPointerException happens during file sync pull (chenson) - closed.
  • 0002059: [Improvement] Do not blindly update outgoing batch where status = RT at start of routing. Select first to see if the update is needed. (chenson) - closed.

New in version 3.6.11 (October 27th, 2014)

  • 0002009: [Bug] Java column transform cannot compile inner classes (elong) - closed.
  • 0002027: [Bug] Firebird detection of auto increment columns should look for existence of trigger, not the generator itself (chenson) - closed.
  • 0001286: [Bug] Failed to create trigger when table contains timestamp with time zone column in Oracle (chenson) - closed.
  • 0002010: [Bug] Initial load failing on Firebird because of "Implementation limit exceeded. Block size exceeds implementation restriction" (chenson) - closed.
  • 0002011: [Improvement] Automatically handle conversion from Time to Timestamp during data load (chenson) - closed.
  • 0002014: [Bug] Stopping service from sym_service on Windows does not stop wrapper (elong) - closed.
  • 0002016: [Bug] On some platforms (sybase) sql fails when numeric column names are used in the where clause of initial load sql (chenson) - closed.
  • 0002017: [Improvement] Log the DDL that installs functions required for SymmetricDS as it is being installed (similar to the way we log table DDL) (chenson) - closed.
  • 0002018: [Improvement] Translate sql server's getdate() function to current_timestamp when used as a default value in building ddl for other platforms (chenson) - closed.
  • 0002022: [Improvement] Add which allows the options to be passed to the copy command for the red shift bulk loader (chenson) - closed.
  • 0002023: [Bug] bsh router is broken when capture old data is turned off (chenson) - closed.
  • 0002024: [Bug] Should not have to specify properties file for symadmin command if only one properties file exists (chenson) - closed.

New in version 3.6.9 (September 30th, 2014)

  • 0001942: [Bug] PostGIS initial load fails unless you set (chenson) - closed.
  • 0001969: [Bug] Integer conversion between Oracle and PostgreSQL maps to wrong type (chenson) - closed.
  • 0001977: [Bug] The bean shell router swallows errors and does not route the data (chenson) - closed.
  • 0001978: [Bug] NullPointerException in ColumnsToRowsValueColumnTransform (chenson) - closed.
  • - 0001979: [Bug] Broken replication on tables with uuid field (chenson) - closed.
  • 0001980: [Improvement] Report script line number for bsh transforms and bsh routers (chenson) - closed.
  • 0001983: [Improvement] Better document reverse initial load (chenson) - closed.
  • 0001984: [Bug] Wrong key values can be returned when load transforms don't put keys at beginning of transform list (chenson) - closed.
  • 0001986: [Improvement] REST call for reading parameters (elong) - closed.
  • 0001987: [Improvement] Add extension for filtering parameters as they are saved (elong) - closed.
  • 0001988: [Bug] Default values for ARRAY types on Postgres cause create tables to fail (chenson) - closed.
  • 0001989: [Bug] Switching cluster locks off causes initialization error (elong) - closed.
  • 0001993: [Improvement] Add support for composite data types in postgres (chenson) - closed.
  • 0001994: [Bug] Time columns in postgres should be captured as time only. Date is currently captured which breaks the postgres bulk loader (chenson) - closed.
  • 0001996: [Improvement] Support JSON data type. Map all Types.OTHER to LONGVARCHAR for Postgres. (chenson) - closed.
  • 0001991: [Improvement] Allow override of startup parameters (elong) - closed.

New in version 3.6.8 (September 18th, 2014)

  • 0001950: [Bug] Reinsert of sym_data_gap after it has been purged can fall outside of captured sym_data range (chenson) closed.
  • 0001953: [Bug] Transform column value to NULL removes column (chenson) closed.
  • 0001959: [Improvement] Add feature where character data can be modified by an property expression in order to support "weird" character issues (chenson) closed.
  • 0001961: [Bug] Routing does not stop when sym_channel.max_data_to_route is reached and batch_algorithm is set to nontransactional (chenson) closed.
  • 0001962: [Bug] Log the actual values that were passed to prepared statement in the default data loader (currently logs those passed in csv) (chenson) closed.
  • 0001963: [Bug] Memory issue on nontransactional channel during routing (chenson) closed.
  • 0001964: [Bug] Upgrade from 3.1.5 to 3.6 fails on MySQL (chenson) closed.
  • 0001965: [Bug] Initial load uses wrong case on Oracle to PostgreSQL table creation. (chenson) closed.
  • 0001966: [Improvement] Add better logging when a subselect router query fails. Log table and event for which the query failed. (chenson) closed.
  • 0001968: [Bug] Oracle LONG types don't work when stream_to_lob is turned on (chenson) closed.
  • 0001971: [Bug] Missing AWS java SDK needed for Redshift bulk load (elong) closed.
  • 0001973: [Bug] Use LSB-compliant dependency in init script (elong) closed.
  • 0001974: [Bug] fallback to update fails with implied load transform that adds to pk (chenson) closed.
  • 0001975: [Bug] Push service continues to quickly attempt to push data on failure to read ack condition during initial load (chenson) closed.

New in version 3.6.7 (September 3rd, 2014)

  • 0001940: [Bug] On MySQL sym_transaction_id_post_5_1_23 function should not be checking the autocommit session variable (chenson) - closed.
  • 0001946: [Bug] ConcurrentModificationException due to timing issue in OutgoingBatchService (chenson) - closed.

New in version 3.6.6 (August 27th, 2014)

  • 0001920: [New Feature] Redshift database dialect (elong) resolved.
  • 0001869: [Bug] The symmetric wrapper kills the process when an OOM error occurs before the heap can be dumped (elong) closed.
  • 0001907: [Improvement] Add the ability to republish xml messages via jmx (chenson) closed.
  • 0001910: [Bug] Too many connections when network environment is bad. Bug in DBCP. (chenson) closed.
  • 0001917: [Improvement] SymmetricDS should find tables in schemas and catalogs other than the default schema/catalog when schema/catalog is left blank (chenson) closed.
  • 0001921: [Bug] While sending a batch, if a batch is set to IG and an error occurs, then the batch gets set to ER and the IG status is ignored (chenson) closed.
  • 0001922: [Bug] Incorrect conversion of values of type BIT in SQL Server 2005 to SQLite (chenson) closed.
  • 0001925: [Bug] Send Table Schema uses cached tables (chenson) closed.
  • 0001926: [Improvement] Add that when set will truncate data to fit in the target column (chenson) closed.
  • 0001929: [Bug] Routing reader can get stuck if an Error is thrown during the close of the read cursor (chenson) closed.
  • 0001930: [Bug] Upgrade from 3.5 to 3.6 of Sybase ASA fails (chenson) closed.
  • 0001935: [Improvement] Upgrade mongodb java client (chenson) closed.
  • 0001938: [Improvement] Add the ability to copy a node to a new node id (chenson) closed.

New in version 3.6.5 (August 12th, 2014)

  • 0001668: [Bug] PostGIS Spatial data replication fails with SRID problem (chenson) - closed.
  • 0001860: [Bug] symmetric-wrapper should not include the version number, otherwise the service needs to be reinstalled on each upgrade (elong) - closed.
  • 0001868: [Bug] Introduce a more accurate way to get a machine's hostname (chenson) - closed.
  • 0001870: [Improvement] Include directory listing of symmetricds installation in snapshot (chenson) - closed.
  • 0001873: [Bug] Control Center doesn't start on Windows if not Administrator (elong) - closed.
  • 0001875: [Improvement] Add extensions.xml property which can be used to configure symmetric extensions (like jms) via database configuration (chenson) - closed.
  • 0001877: [Bug] Process status can be stranded in non-ok or non-error status on pull if an io expection occurs in the uri handler (chenson) - closed.
  • 0001879: [Bug] Database upgrade fails on sql server because drop index doesn't allow database name in the ddl (chenson) - closed.
  • 0001881: [Bug] MS Azure does not support the sysconstraints view (chenson) - closed.
  • 0001886: [Bug] SymmetricDS upgrade on Azure fails. (chenson) - closed.
  • 0001887: [Bug] http.concurrent.workers.max doesn't prevent the same node from over pulling on itself (chenson) - closed.
  • 0001888: [Improvement] Improve stagedresource (chenson) - closed.
  • 0001889: [Improvement] Add reverse version of initial load before/after sql (elong) - closed.
  • 0001892: [Bug] New version of Postgis fails to replicate (chenson) - closed.
  • 0001893: [Improvement] Log information about failed column transform to make it easier to debug transforms (chenson) - closed.
  • 0001894: [Improvement] Make lookup transform column names case insensitive when used as named parameters in sql (chenson) - closed.
  • 0001895: [Improvement] Add support for token replacement for $(sourceCatalogName) and $(sourceSchemaName) in lookup table transform (chenson) - closed.

New in version 3.6.4 (August 4th, 2014)

  • 0001852: [Bug] When a table has multiple transforms, the order of execution should be reversed when a delete comes through the system (chenson) - closed.
  • 0001853: [Improvement] Clear staging if transformation changes come through the data loader or data router (chenson) - closed.
  • 0001856: [Bug] Bsh variables for transformedData and transformColumn not being updated (elong) - closed.
  • 0001857: [Bug] Initial load is broken for the master to master sync scenario (chenson) - closed.
  • 0001859: [Improvement] Document that a -1 node id in outgoing batch means that the batch was unrouted (chenson) - closed.
  • 0001863: [Bug] Triggers get blown away when saving a link for an individual table. broke with 0001827 fix (chenson) - closed.