Sutekh Changelog

New in version 0.8.4

October 21st, 2013
  • This version adds full support for the Danse Macabre release, adds support for detecting V:EKN-issued cards to sleeving recommendations in the Analyse Deck plugin, and improves recovery from interrupted downloads of the card list.

New in version 0.8.3 (June 4th, 2013)

  • Minor updates and bugfixes.
  • The default download side is now more robust against changes on the set.

New in version 0.8.2 (October 2nd, 2012)

  • This version includes more robust support for dealing with the cardlist encoding changing, and fixes several small bugs that have been reported since 0.8.1 was released.

New in version 0.8.0 (September 5th, 2011)

  • Fixing a number of bugs in the Debian packaging script.
  • Addition of a helper script for creating RPMs.
  • Fix bug with newly created non-cardset profiles not passing through the default values
  • Add to docs directory so Tutorial and Manual are included in built packages.
  • Fix handling of quotes in a variety of deck file formats.
  • Fix FSF address in COPYRIGHT file

New in version 0.6.1 (December 5th, 2008)

  • This release provides some important fixes and new functionality, including fixing reading cards from the White Wolf Web site when starting up and support for exporting decks to Lackey CCG and JOL formats.

New in version 0.6.0 RC1 (October 26th, 2008)

  • The database structure was reworked in order to remove the distinction between abstract and physical decks from the user's perspective.
  • This change required significant reworking of other parts of Sutekh, but it's relatively stable again.
  • Other changes include the addition of built-in documentation, cleaning up and testing of importers and exporters, workarounds for GTK behavioral differences on Windows, the addition of more keyboard short-cuts, and other small fixes and changes.