Super Grub2 Disk Changelog

New in version 2.02s1 Beta 1

January 14th, 2015
  • Based on Grub 2.02 (commit bac5d1a64ab4191058a8fd4c05f6b3b339e249e7 )
  • Added new option: “Enable all native disk drivers” so that you can try to load: SATA, PATA and USB hard disks (and their partitions) as native disk drives. This is experimental.
  • Removed no longer needed options: “Enable USB” and “Enable PATA”.
  • “Search floppy” and “Search cdrom” options were moved into “Extra GRUB2 functionality menu”. At the same time “Extra Search functionality” menu was removed.
  • Added new straight-forward option: “Enable GRUB2’s RAID and LVM support“.
  • “List devices/partitions” was renamed to “Print devices/partitions”.
  • “Everything” option was renamed to “Detect and show boot methods”.
  • “Everything +” option was removed to avoid confusions.
  • Other minor improvements in the source code.
  • Updated translation files. Now most translations are pending.
  • Updated INSTALL instructions.

New in version 2.00s2 (May 19th, 2014)

  • Change the language UI
  • Translated into several languages:
  • Spanish / Español
  • German / Deutsch
  • French / Français
  • Italian / Italiano
  • Malay / Bahasa Melayu
  • Everything option to detect most Operating Systems
  • Everything plus option to detect most Operating Systems also in special devices or filesystems
  • Boot manually:
  • Operating Systems
  • grub.cfg – Extract entries
  • grub.cfg – (GRUB2 configuration files)
  • menu.lst – (GRUB legacy configuration files)
  • core.img – (GRUB2 installation (even if mbr is overwritten))
  • Bootable ISOs (in /boot-isos or /boot/boot-isos
  • Extra GRUB2 functionality:
  • Enable GRUB2′s LVM support
  • Enable GRUB2′s RAID support
  • Enable GRUB2′s PATA support (to work around BIOS bugs/limitation)
  • Mount encrypted volumes (LUKS and geli)
  • Enable serial terminal
  • Extra Search functionality:
  • Search in floppy ON/OFF
  • Search in CDROM ON/OFF
  • List Devices / Partitions
  • Color ON /OFF
  • Exit:
  • Halt the computer
  • Reboot the computer

New in version 2.00s2 RC5 (April 14th, 2014)

  • Fix OS X Boot thanks to Smx.
  • Add extra boot parametres for OS X kernels. Thanks to Smx which inspired the code from his own repo.
  • Quote menuentries or functions parametres to avoid problems with variables with spaces on them.

New in version 2.01 RC3 (March 31st, 2014)

  • EFI detection: Make sure to detect all the lower-upper case combinations of efi files.

New in version 2.01 Beta 3 (March 22nd, 2014)

  • Added a new option: ‘grub.cfg – Extract entries‘. Now you can load your own grub.cfg entries even if you had setup a 0 seconds timeout by default
  • New Exit menu that let’s you halt or reboot your machine
  • Several improvements to the UI. Now you can see what option you have choosen and it is easier to return to previous menu.

New in version 2.01 Beta 2 (March 19th, 2014)

  • Most every option was rewritten in a library way:
  • That makes easier to update Super Grub2 Disk
  • It also makes it easier to have a consistent UI
  • New option: ‘Everything +‘:
  • Which initially loads LVM, RAID, PATA, USB and also tries to mount encrypted volumes
  • Then tries to find all the bootable entries thanks to Everything entry
  • Most of the options now have a consistent UI

New in version 2.01 Beta 1 (March 11th, 2014)

  • New option: ‘Everything‘ to boot most anything with a single enter
  • UI redesign of final boot options so that they are clearly distinguished
  • UI redesign of extra options into submenu
  • UI redesign of manual options into submenu
  • New script: supergrub-meta-mkrescue for building several target+platform combinations
  • New boot technology based on conditional AFD
  • Improved build documentation

New in version 2.00 Beta 6 (September 18th, 2013)

  • FreeBSD boot wasn’t working ok. Fixed.
  • Added default boot loader entries for FreeBSD at OS detection script
  • If you want to translate into your language please check TRANSLATION file at source code to learn how to translate into your language.
  • This is a beta release so please comment any issue you find at the forum.
  • Development miscellaneous:
  • Jordan Uggla has said he would have some spare time to work in SG2D. Let’s hope it’s true.
  • Thanks to nox- from irc for the FreeBSD testing and fixing.
  • Thanks to Niall Walsh for his current work on trying to improve the OS autodetect feature.
  • As a side note the current HEAD at git says that SG2D version is 2.00s1-beta5 while it’s actually 2.00s1-beta6. Next beta should be the 7th one.

New in version 2.00 Beta 5 (September 18th, 2013)

  • Added x86_64-efi support so that EFI files are detected and can be booted.