StarCluster Changelog

New in version 0.93

January 5th, 2012
  • New StarCluster Ubuntu 11.10 EBS AMIs available including a new HVM AMI for use with CC/CC2/CG instance types! Includes OpenGridScheduler (to replace SGE), Condor, Hadoop/Dumbo, MPICH2, OpenMPI, IPython 0.12 (parallel+notebook), and more. Run dpkg -l on the AMIs for the full list of packages.
  • The new StarCluster Ubuntu 11.10 EBS HVM AMI additionally comes with NVIDIA driver, CUDA Toolkit/SDK, PyCuda, PyOpenCL, and Magma for GPU computing.
  • These new AMIs are available in all AWS regions. The new us-east-1 11.10 EBS AMIs are now the defaults in the StarCluster config template. Use the listpublic command to obtain a list of available StarCluster AMIs in other regions:
  • $ starcluster -r sa-east-1 listpublic
  • NOTE: The HVM AMI is currently only available in the us-east-1 region until other regions support HVM.

New in version 0.91 (May 28th, 2010)

  • support for launching and managing multiple clusters on EC2
  • added "listclusters" command for showing all active clusters on EC2
  • support for attaching and NFS-sharing multiple EBS volumes
  • added createimage and createvolume commands for easily creating new AMIs and EBS volumes for use with StarCluster
  • experimental support for launching clusters using spot instances
  • added support for StarCluster "plugins" that provide the ability to perform additional configuration/setup routines on top of StarCluster's default cluster configuration
  • added "listpublic" command for listing all available public StarCluser AMIs that can be used with StarCluster
  • bash/zsh command line completion for StarCluster's command line interface