SpringLobby Changelog

New in version 0.131

June 6th, 2011
  • fix broken sound
  • empty virtual ctor for globals iface, no-copy listctrls
  • use the actual boost header instead fo a copy for the copy guard
  • hide SpringUnitSync ctor
  • fix ListNodeBare dtor potentially not being called
  • comment unused sizer
  • fix copy semantics of mmSectionTree
  • rejoin channels with open ChatPanels after reconnect
  • avoid compile errors on older boost + newer gcc combos
  • fix the fix for stable wx
  • fix build against wx svn
  • really widen the grass detail range to 30
  • increased range for grass detail to 30
  • move some stuff out of springunitsync.h
  • also remove the actual iunitsync.h file
  • remove the completeky useless iunitsync interface
  • fix init order
  • Attempt 0 for fixing win build on 1364-chatlog
  • new exception catch macro

New in version 0.129 (May 6th, 2011)

  • make refactor widget downloader base url a global setting const
  • fix widget downloader

New in version 0.128 (April 13th, 2011)

  • fix smart_ban extension for libtorrent
  • fix user defined config path being ignored on windows
  • fixed few silly mistakes
  • fixed autolock on start
  • added message that roughly calculates time to start the game when uploading script.txt to a relayhost
  • git2changelog script

New in version 0.125 (April 6th, 2011)

  • ebuild scripts
  • more compatible libnotify version check
  • fixed libnotify version check macro weirdness by copying from the incredibly well hidden 0.7.1 sources..
  • Patch for libnotify support > 0.7.0 Patch for CMake adding OPTION_NOTIFY to allow user to disable libnotify support
  • deleted gentoo overlays, this is in a seperate repo (git://springlobby.info/git/overlay/springlobby.git)
  • fix libt builds for versions 0.7 onwards
  • notif bg

New in version 0.123 (March 13th, 2011)

  • hopefully fixed crash for mac in joining channels & linux garbled gui
  • wx2.9 compile fixes
  • fixed ambiguous call
  • fix SP tabs Update function hiding wxWindow method of that same name
  • fix possible segfault on exit in hotkey_panel
  • fix geoip compile issue in torrent code
  • added /changepassword2 to fix /changepassword command ambiguity

New in version 0.119 (February 28th, 2011)

  • added config option to ignore server-offered installers
  • fix more downloader issues
  • couple more url changes in downloader
  • more mod->game string changes
  • fix the crash in /help in battleroom
  • change download dir for mods -> games
  • mod -> game logic changes (testcreate dir)
  • mod -> string changes

New in version 0.94 (September 29th, 2010)

  • fixed wrong control appended to a sizer
  • strip spaces from battle passwords
  • renamed option in the chat panel menu
  • only broadcast broadcast messages, option to relay server messages to the current chat panel too
  • made server messages optionally broadcasted everywhere
  • set user's ingame password to random when kicking from battleroom, to prevent rejoin ingame
  • check for banned user before allowing him to do midgame join
  • fixed midgame join with relayhosts

New in version 0.53 (April 22nd, 2010)

  • make notification display time configurable, fix a crash happening on app close with prefs dialogue open
  • fix crash on closing non-active SL
  • resizable hostbattle
  • fix error on mapSelect global de-init
  • bring back fit inside
  • more try/catch in torrentwrapper
  • turbo-charge the map select dialogue
  • compartmentalize the use of VERSION and config.h inclusion
  • make settings pretend it's SL when not running standalone
  • do not consider AUX_VERSION in determining latest
  • do not fail INSTALL on config.h not found
  • use msw as AUX_VERSION on msw

New in version 0.40 (January 10th, 2010)

  • bring back the old launch chkbox
  • fixed segfault in onmousemove in the mapctrl
  • fixed map being read only in wrong state
  • fix developer-merge for current git