New in version NG4.5

December 3rd, 2012
  • Disabling xref actually works now.
  • A few Emacs enhancements were added.

New in version NG4.3 (February 21st, 2011)

  • db4 was updated to 4.8.30 and a db optimization tool was added _ plus the usual small fixes and enhancements

New in version NG4.1 (February 9th, 2010)

  • (INTERNAL) Reorganize CONTRIBUTORS, add Maurice Havelday
  • (INTERNAL) Merge 672:747 of
  • hes/SN-NG4-phpv5_support for basic php5 support
  • (BUGFIX) Try to be more careful when glob'ing files and paths in sn_convert_FileName
  • (BUGFIX) Fix "no event type or button # or keysym" tcl/tk error on Fedora
  • (BUGFIX) Fix rendering of project selection dialog on FC10
  • (BUGFIX) Remove unneeded cscope file (db4/dist/cscope.out)
  • (INTERNAL) Properly AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE with package name snavigator instead of sn

New in version NG4 (February 7th, 2009)

  • The color scheme has been modernized.
  • Building under win32/minGW is supported out of the box now.
  • XEmacs functionality has been enhanced.
  • A bug when parsing CR-LF-based files has been fixed.
  • Working with batch processing under win32 has been improved.