New in version 0.90

October 14th, 2010
  • New feature: Power Centrality calculation
  • New feature: Information Centrality (Stephenson & Zelen) calculation
  • New feature: radial layout according to Power and Information centralities
  • New feature: filter (enable/disable) orphan nodes
  • New feature: import two-mode affiliation networks (in sociomatrix format)
  • New, faster container for GraphicsWidget Nodes based on QHash
  • More automagically recreated known data sets
  • Allow really large networks to be loaded without crashing. Still too slowly though.
  • Nodes are selectable (but not yet editable) in groups
  • Fixed bug #518219: Certain Pajek files might crash SocNetV
  • Fided bug #515756: Ctrl+F after a node removal may crash SocNetV
  • Fixed bug #515758: Random layout crashes SocNetV, if a node is removed
  • Updated user manual to new version features.
  • Removed counts of outLinkedNodes, inLinkedNodes and reciprocalLinkedNodes because they were causing too much overhead when loading large networks. The relevant LCDs were also dropped from the UI.

New in version 0.81 (January 28th, 2010)

  • It is a bugfix release (mainly for bugs in Qt 4.6 and Windows) but it also offers 2 new features: a) automagically recreate known data sets (i.e. florentine families) and b) read weighted and simple lists.

New in version 0.70 (June 29th, 2009)

  • First web Crawler implementation. Use Shift+C to test it. Doesn't support frames yet...
  • Fixed bug #379204 which was crashing SocNetV when creating small worlds above 201 nodes
  • Fixed bug #381096 crashing SocNetV in Edge Filtering when an edge was reciprocal.
  • Fixed bug #381094 weight changes not recorded correctly in symmetric edges.
  • To speed things up, the on-the-fly Clustering Coef. and Average Distance calculation was removed from random network creation routines.
  • Random Layout is back!
  • Speed improvement in FindNode method.
  • Progress Bars now appear whenever a distance-related calculation is happening, so that the user knows what is happening and how long it will take.
  • Tom Tryfonidis prepared Arch PKGBUILDs for SocNetV. You can install it from AUR.

New in version 0.6.0 (May 28th, 2009)

  • GraphML becomes our native load/save format ( partially support for yFiles)
  • New filter edges by their weights functionality.
  • The background can be a custom image (via menu View > Background Image)
  • New rounded rectangle shape for nodes.
  • Nodenumbers can be displayed inside nodes, once again. Sorry, labels are too difficult to show inside nodes :(
  • Fresh application iconset in shades of gold and gray.
  • New version name scheme. Main versions: 0.x Bugfixes: 0.x.y
  • Project admin, code, bug tracking etc moved to Launchpad/Bazaar. Report bugs to Launchpad.
  • SocNetV joins the QtDesktop project (

New in version 0.51 (February 16th, 2009)

  • Fixed serious bug in DistanceMatrix method, affecting centralities and layout.
  • Fixed debug messages output default status to false, so that SocNetV is more responsive.
  • Officially added DL (Data Language) file format support. This is UCINETs FULMATRIX mode.

New in version 0.50 (February 13th, 2009)

  • 'Small World' random network creation (Watts and Strogatz model).
  • Clustering Coefficient calculation.
  • Average Graph Distance (shortest path length) calculation.
  • Nodes can be linked to themselves with nice bezier curves.
  • Negative and decimal edge weights are now fully supported.
  • Dashed lines are nicely used to signify negative edge weights.
  • Export current network to PDF with one click.
  • Number and label colors are editable.
  • Fixed number and label font size problem.
  • Fixed PNG and BMP export regression.
  • Fixed Printing regression. Printing is OK now.
  • New program logo (and icon for Windows).
  • Code cleanup (no more compile warnings) and minor memory optimisations.
  • Documentation and user messages/warnings and menu icons update.

New in version 0.49 (January 14th, 2009)

  • A redesigned GUI with tabs. Weight numbers can be displayed over links.
  • DL network format initial support. GraphML loading.
  • Floating point edge weights are now supported.
  • The correct new node number is shown instead of %i.
  • Zoom while rotate works. BFS no longer crashes.
  • SocNetV is more reliable.
  • The shortcut of OutDegree has been changed to Ctrl+1.

New in version 0.48 (September 30th, 2008)

  • Erdos-Renyi random network creation.
  • Removing symmetric edges, now asks what direction to remove.
  • New layout method: node sizes according to their indegrees.
  • No node limit. Load any network you want (make a coffee while waiting :)).
  • loadPajek() recognizes Arcslists and Matrix edges formats.
  • Edges are being drawed once (faster loading and node movement).
  • Graph API simplification and "standardization"
  • New LCD widget displaying network density and some improvements to the dock.
  • In-file declared node colors and shapes are used as they should.
  • Fixed bugs in removeNode methods.
  • Lots of bugfixes in loadPajek() method.
  • Documentation update
  • Progress Bars (F10) appear when creating random nets > 300 nodes.
  • RPM repository for openSUSE at
  • SocNetV has a new, modern logo. It still resembles a snail though.

New in version 0.47 (September 13th, 2008)

  • This release fixes a bug in adjacency matrix loading/saving.
  • Edges are drawn once, even the reciprocal ones, which makes network loading faster.
  • There are cosmetic changes in the canvas (labels stay above edges, etc.).
  • A bug in loadPajek() has been fixed.