SnmpB Changelog

New in version 0.8

June 22nd, 2009
  • Added support for SNMP SET
  • Added support for SNMP GET-BULK
  • Added FIND feature in MIB tree
  • Allows loading *.mib and *.smi files
  • Added support for multiple varbinds operations (get, get next, get bulk, set)
  • Fixed support of 64 bits MIB variables: now fully supported on all platforms
  • Fixed trap port binding permissions on Linux/BSD: SnmpB now a suid binary that drops privileges after binding trap port
  • Added support for STOP operation on a walk
  • Added support for table instance on get/get-next/get-bulk: "no instance", "prompt for instance" and "select instance" (using index discovery dialog).
  • Added NetBSD installer
  • Added support for MacOSX with installer
  • Added desktop integration with freedesktop on Linux/BSD: SnmpB now in K menu/Gnome menu
  • Added table index(es) on MIB node properties display
  • Now allowed to walk from a table as well as a table entry node
  • Added context menu button to create agent profile from discovery output
  • Fixed broken discovery system on win32
  • Removed possibility to edit agent profile name using the tree item name in the agent profile preference dialog: this should be done in the property pane
  • Logging level settings are now saved
  • Enabled extra debug for SNMP++, showing up in "log" tab
  • MIB tree: now keeps last active protocol per agent profile and keeps last active agent profile
  • Changed menu items to be tab-sensitive: i.e. menu items related to the editor tab are grayed-out when the editor tab is not the focus
  • Upgraded all sub-packages: libsmi, libtomcrypt, SNMP++, QWT, QT 0.5 (Mon, 13 Apr 2008)