Simple Blogger Changelog

New in version 1.0

February 9th, 2013
  • Added: New GUI element: labels edit
  • Added: Image thumbmail in add image dialog
  • Added: Updates check
  • Added: Blog title is link
  • Fixed: Adjusted minimum splitter size
  • Added: Download labels list from account

New in version 0.7 (November 22nd, 2011)

  • Upload image to Picasa Web Album (original and resized)
  • Restore last window size and position

New in version 0.6.1 (September 23rd, 2011)

  • Some bugs were fixed
  • Upload image to Picasa

New in version 0.5 (August 12th, 2011)

  • Save message as draft, load draft.
  • Add internalization support.
  • Add Russian language support.