Sahi Changelog

New in version 2009-03-04

March 4th, 2009
  • Features added:
  • Displaying popup name in Controller.
  • Using -no-remote flag instead of MOZ_NO_REMOTE. Older users need to add this to ant targets. _fail(msg) added
  • Added ext.http.both.proxy.bypass_hosts to to bypass some domains while connecting through external proxy
  • Added _sahi.printDiagnostics to get some info about browser and XMLHttpRequest being used.
  • id ignored for JSF RichFaces.
  • Support for IE modal dialogs (invoked via showModalDialog).
  • _setSelected identifies options by id and index.
  • _listItem API added for identification of LI tags.
  • Bugfixes:
  • Fix for identifying popups from a different domain
  • Fixed _continueOnError
  • Put back no-cache headers because pages were being picked from cache in IE causing login/logouts on some sites to fail.
  • Fixed issues with link clicks on Chrome and Safari
  • Missing tests now fail the build.
  • Fix related to contentlength and transfer-encoding introduced in previous build.
  • Fix for XHRs not tagged properly (and hence wrongly handled) when different domains were present in iframes.
  • _readFile returns javascript string.
  • Handling of events registered via listeners on link clicks.
  • Links with numbers in text are quoted during recording. _link("< number >"). Link click does not proceed if event.returnValue is false Checking contentType also to figure out javascript content for XHR handling Fixed proxying to https sites which do not have a valid certificate. (bug introduced in 21 Jan 2009 build).

New in version 2009-01-21 (February 12th, 2009)

  • Features added:
  • Tunneling through external proxy added.
  • try catch support in Sahi script.
  • _logException added. Lets you catch an error, take corrective action and also log the error.
  • _logExceptionAsError added. Same as _logException but fails the test script. Useful for clean up before fail.
  • Added _isVisible to check for visibility of elements.
  • Actions on elements now occur only if they are visible.
  • Better support for zkoss by identification of js.dsp files and fixing AJAX issues.
  • Form elements recorded even without enclosing form tags.
  • Added experimental SSL Manager.
  • Added TrafficLogger to log HTTP traffic for debugging purposes.
  • Bugfixes:
  • Pages with unicode characters display properly.
  • Pause and Step fixed.
  • Fixed AJAX issues on IE using ActiveX.
  • Fixed issues with multidomain iframes.

New in version 2008-08-31 (August 31st, 2008)

  • This release uses Rhino as the scripting engine, thus moving most of the script execution to the proxy.
  • This should go a long way in simplifying Sahi scripts.
  • This build also has some important changes to the SocketPool, which will fix issues related to too many sockets being used and errors due to BindExceptions.
  • Suite execution has been changed such that even if the browser crashes, the suite will continue with the next script and thus not hold up a build.
  • DB methods now close connections properly.