STX B+ Tree Changelog

New in version 0.9

February 14th, 2014
  • btree.h: changing find_lower() to not use binary search for small node sizes. More about this on my blog.
  • btree.h: implementing bulk_load() to construct a B+ tree from a pre-sorted iterator range.
  • btree.h: replacing copy loops with std::copy calls.
  • btree.h: added template parameter UsedAsSet to skip copying of one byte value_type arrays in set container specializations.
  • license: changing template header source code license to Boost License, and the rest to GPLv3.
  • memprofile: using malloc_count to create a memory profile of map containers.
  • speedtest: many changes to also include tr1::unordered_set and to run both map and set container tests.
  • testsuite: removing cppunit and using enclosed tpunit++ instead.

New in version 0.8.6 (May 18th, 2011)

  • A missing STL function, erase(iterator iter), was implemented.
  • Support was added for STL allocators as template parameters.
  • A bug when shifting pairs from left to right leaf nodes during deletion was fixed.
  • Speed tests were run again on up-to-date hardware.

New in version 0.8.3 (September 8th, 2008)

  • All issues with root node pointer == NULL have been fixed.
  • A crash when attempting to copy-construct an empty btree or when trying to remove a nonexistent item from an empty btree has been fixed.
  • A crash when running verify() on an empty btree object has been fixed.
  • Now the root node is freed when the last item is removed.