SIMH Changelog

New in version 3.9-0

May 5th, 2012
  • This version added support for readline in Unix and the break key under Windows.
  • The HP2100 emulator has a fixed signal model, support for the 12821A HP-IB Disc Interface and 7906H/20H/25H ICD disc drives, and a MAC/ICD disc controller library.
  • The PDP11 emulator received RD32 support and DELQA-T device emulation support.
  • Many bugs were fixed.

New in version 3.8-1 (February 17th, 2009)

  • SCP and libraries: Fixed bug in DETACH ALL if called at simulator exit (from Dave Bryan) Fixed bug in DO command handling of null arguments (from Dave Bryan) Fixed bug in DO handling of \ (literal backslash) (from Dave Bryan) Fixed warnings in help printouts HP2100 (all changes from Dave Bryan) Corrected DMS violation register set conditions JSB to 0/1 with W5 out and fence = 0 erroneously causes MP abort Fixed DJP, SJP, and UJP jump target validation BACI: Fixed STC,C losing interrupt request on BREAK MPX: Implemented 12792C eight-channel terminal multiplexer MT: Fixed missing flag after CLR command PIF: Implemented 12620A/12936A Privileged Interrupt Fences IBM 1401: Fixed bug in ZA and ZS (from Bob Abeles) Fixed tape indicator implementation (from Bob Abeles) Added missing magtape modifier A (from Van Snyder) Added -n (no rewind) option to BOOT (from Van Snyder) Fixed bug to mask input to 6b on read (from Bob Abeles) PDP11: Moved all Unibus/Qbus support routines to common I/O library Fxed bug in ASHP left overflow calc Fixed bug in DIVx VAX: Fxed bug in ASHP left overflow calc Fixed bug in DIVx Resync time of day clock on any clock reset