Rigs of Rods Changelog

New in version 0.36.3

July 17th, 2010
  • new installation method: online installer that also acts as an update service. Benefit: no need to download big releases any more. Just download the differences required to update.
  • new network code: character support and load support for multiplayer!
  • configurable differentials
  • new ground models, new ground behaviour. More configurable and supporting basic fluid dynamics. Also supports custom ground types.
  • new slow-motion replay function that shows what's happening at 1/2000 of a second
  • new friction GUI: open via main menu
  • new main menu: open with ALT+M
  • new overview map using mygui, WIP!
  • LOD's for objects and flexbodies
  • positionstorage feature added: save and load truck positions
  • improved AngelScript Interface (currently dysfunctional)
  • camera improvements for detachable parts
  • new beam break debug in log
  • support for mesh terrains: disable switch for mesh terrains: add "disable=1" to the terrains.cfg file to hide the complete terrain
  • Force feedback for steering wheels. G25/27 now completely supports (G27 with LEDs)
  • repair on spot - feature: backspace key
  • new particle system that works together with the new ground models: splash still broken, WIP!
  • new character animations: driving (sitting behind the steering wheel)
  • new beam deformation improvements: better crash deformations
  • Slidenodes: tank tracks!
  • Depth of Field: experimental, not used by default, WIP!
  • slight speedup by optimizing core code
  • updated to Ogre 1.6
  • possibility to use DX10, experimental, disabled by default!
  • glow effect for lights (look at docu)
  • multiplayer colour mode: player is uniquely identified by a colour when joining a server.
  • new loader type: allbeam
  • added crashrpt to project: decent crash reporting for windows users
  • POVs and sliders are now fully supported ingame and in the configurator.

New in version 0.36.2 (March 20th, 2010)

  • improved paged geometry
  • added density maps for trees
  • added version argument (so users can see what version they use)
  • added angelscript
  • added Landuse
  • removed old etm things
  • fixed hard crash when beyond map borders
  • fixed hydro invisible bug
  • added console script mode
  • added ogreconsole

New in version 0.36.1 (March 11th, 2009)

  • Fixed redistribuables
  • Fixed SSE incompatibilities
  • Fixed many contents problems

New in version 0.36 (March 11th, 2009)

  • Environment map effects (chrome effects)
  • Shader support (with damage map)
  • Completely new ground friction physics: now more realistic than ever
  • Custom sounds
  • Better support of flexbodies
  • New user interface
  • And much more.