Relax and Recover Changelog

New in version 1.14

October 3rd, 2012
  • Integrated with duply/duplicity support. systemd support has been added.
  • Various small fixes and improvements to tape support, Xen, PPC, Gentoo, Fedora, multi-arch, storage layout configuration, and serial console integration.

New in version 1.11.0 (November 22nd, 2011)

  • Standardization of the command line.
  • The default is quiet output; use the option -v for the old behavior.
  • Boot images now have a comprehensive boot menu.
  • Support for IPv6 addresses.
  • Restoring NBU backup from a point in time is supported.
  • Support for Fedora 15 (systemd) and RHEL6/SL6.
  • Improved handling of HP SmartArray.
  • Support for ext4 on RHEL5/SL5.
  • Support for Xen paravirtualization.
  • Integration with the local GRUB menu.
  • Boot images can now be centralized through network transfers.
  • Support for udev on RHEL4.
  • Many small improvements and performance enhancements.

New in version 1.7.15 (February 9th, 2009)

  • updated man.8 page - and rear main script: added quiet mode - rear main script: initialize KEEP_BUILD_DIR to cleanup build dir under /tmp/rear.$$ - mode 755 became 750 - default.conf: add $VAR_DIR to COPY_AS_IS variable - remove -l -y options from bprestore - return warning instead of quitting with error - introduced VAR_DIR (/var/rear) for moving /etc/rear/recovery to /var/rear/recovery (system recovery data) - going over all *.sh scripts to modify $CONFIG_DIR/recovery into $VAR_DIR/recovery - build/default/ build test around the sshd_config file update - moved from prep to dr phase