RefleX Changelog

New in version 0.4.0 Beta

April 7th, 2010
  • Main changes:
  • Serializers for SVG to PNG, GIF, JPG and XSLFO or XHTML+CSS to PDF, PS, etc. See serializer examples.
  • XSLT stylesheets can be compile to Java bytecode and use in transformations like stylesheets. See complied stylesheets examples.
  • Impact of upgrade of third-party libraries: the case of the DOM-elements name supplied by the Web client in WUnit has changed; this mean that XPath expressions used to refer to HTML elements have to be changed: e.g. replace $wunit:document//DIV[@id='foo'] by $wunit:document//div[@id='foo'].
  • Enhancements:
  • Filtering facilities: classes that are deriving from XMLFilterImpl can be specified as sources with < xcl:transform >. See XMLFilterImpl examples
  • More features with the res URI scheme; for referred classes that appear to be interfaces or abstract classes, a concrete implementation is looked up with the discovery mechanism, and a singleton then a default constructor are considered.
  • Enhancement of the documentation.
  • More feature with < xcl:parse-html >
  • Fixed bugs:
  • Fix HTTP URIs that differ only with the query string and were resolved to the same file object.
  • Fix issues when filling forms in WUnit for checkboxes, radio buttons, textareas, and select options.
  • Fix bug with xcl:group(). Impact on the RDBMS module. More test cases with JUnit and XUnit.
  • Fix bug with VFS that fails to handle IPv6 adresses.