Razor-qt Changelog

New in version 0.5.2

January 13th, 2013
  • First day of week will also be detected correctly on systems with Qt older than 4.8.
  • Mount plugin received a number of improvements. It will now display volume sizes correctly.
  • Razor can now use systemd directly to shutdown/supend/etc.
  • Themes were improved to work well with dark Qt color schemes.
  • The bug that caused creation of ~/razor and ~/.razor directories. If you have such directories, it's safe to delete them.
  • Lots of other minor fixes

New in version 0.4.0 (December 20th, 2011)

  • New components:
  • razor-runner program, a tool for launching applications.
  • razor-config* tools.
  • qtxdg a standalone library for XDG standards in Qt available for 3rd party applications.
  • razor own menu (XDG standard).
  • Overall changes:
  • many bugfixes and small improvements.
  • improved support for main menu.
  • improved translation support.
  • added Polish translation.
  • new black a-mego theme.
  • Panel:
  • configuration dialogs
  • new "Removable media" plugin. Is a plugin for mounting and unmounting removable storages using udisks.
  • new "screensaver/lock screen" plugin.
  • new "show/restore desktop" plugin.
  • drag'n'drop support for quicklaunch plugin.
  • Session:
  • default applications and environment variables settings.