Rainlendar Pro Changelog

New in version 2.13 Build 141 Beta

November 10th, 2014
  • Added support for CalDAV calendars which do not provide a list of calendars.
  • Timezones with negative offset were set incorrectly for Google Calendar.
  • Recurring events with exception instances were not read properly from CalDAV server.
  • Local time zones were not always found when reading the events even if it was assigned to the calendar from Rainlendar.
  • Deleting an instance in Google Calendar did not get updated to Rainlendar if the offline copy was enabled.
  • Weekly recurring events on a calendar which defined a time zone were sometimes set on an incorrect day.
  • Added option to save the event/task to file right from the editor.
  • Polling events from Google calendar caused error 400.
  • The Google Calendar events are now requested as gzip compressed to reduce the amount of transferred data.
  • Opening the event editor after 23:30 moved the start and end time to the next day.
  • Schedule views always show the first line of text even if it doesn't fully fit in the available area.
  • Removed the old GooglePlugin since Google dropped the support for the old API.
  • Some CalDAV servers returned also the folder when polling for changes which caused "404 not found" error.
  • Updated openssl, libcurl and wxwidgets libraries.
  • Added alternative authentication method to Google if the build-in browser does not work.
  • Events in offline copy were not read correctly if it contained exceptions.
  • Added --nolog command line argument to disable logging
  • The description text always uses the local codepage when written to Outlook.

New in version 2.12.2 Build 138 (October 7th, 2014)

  • Updated the libical library which should fix the crash problem with Google Calendar.

New in version 2.12.1 Build 137 (January 21st, 2014)

  • The last character was trimmed in some texts in local ics files breaking the text encoding.
  • Linux version crashed on Google's authentication.
  • The time zone for Google events was not adjusted correctly.
  • The events were marked as past a day early if multiday event grouping was set to none.
  • Disabled autocompleting combobox for the categories in Linux since the control doesn't support setting the selection.
  • Manager shows the number of items currently visible/selected in the list.
  • Added possibility to limit the downloaded events by time in the Google calendar version 3

New in version 2.12 Build 136 (January 3rd, 2014)

  • "No sound" option was reset to default alarm after refresh.
  • The end/due time was always read from the start time field.
  • Added possibility to define if the CalDAV server supports events, tasks or both.
  • Reading dates from RTM did not do timezone conversion correctly.
  • When smartly hidden the today window gets hidden if it doesn't show tasks and only the event list is empty.
  • The offline copy was not read immediately after startup.
  • Color mapping in Google Calendar did not work correctly when offline copy was enabled.
  • Reordering Google subtasks did not work.
  • Resetting the dismiss time for tasks was not actually removing the information from the ics file.
  • When multiple alarms are triggered at the same time the executable for each of them gets ran.

New in version 2.12 Build 135 Beta (November 19th, 2013)

  • The status and priority filters in the manager did not work in other languages.
  • The time is now written to the template too (but only if it is changed before the template is saved).
  • The drawing order of the skin items can be defined with "zorder".
  • The opacity of the background in Shadow4 can be changed from the settings.
  • It's possible to disable the alarm sound for a individual event.
  • The calendar can be defined with the quickadd by enclosing the name in '[' and ']': e.g. "Summary [Calendar]"
  • Added skin info caching for r2skin files which makes the options dialog open faster.
  • The today window is activated by default if the skin is selected in the simple mode.
  • The font face for the windows can be overridden in Options->Advanced->Font face
  • Fixes to the CalDAV support to make it compatible with Synology server.
  • Moving tasks as the first item in Google Tasks did not work.

New in version 2.12 Build 134 Beta (October 7th, 2013)

  • Added support for the element for the
  • Generic list's "multiline"-attribute was not accessible from lua script.
  • The manager and calendar showed incorrect end date to for tasks which did not define the time component.
  • Values for the variables were not parsed correctly on locales which used ',' instead '.' as decimal separator.
  • Improved the wrapping in the message box.
  • Google calendar (v3) can now read more than 2500 events from the server.
  • Added next and previous buttons to the Shadow4's Grid Calendar.
  • RegisterMenuItems() lua method can be used to add new items to Rainlendar's menu.
  • Alarm should not constantly pop in front of other windows anymore if it is not set as topmost.
  • Google calendar (v3) accesses the calendars by their id instead the name.
  • It's now possible to expand and collapse the subtasks in the todo list.
  • Refresh is done automatically after successful skin/addon installation.

New in version 2.11 Beta Build 133 (August 20th, 2013)

  • Google calendar's color mapping showed the categories always in English
  • The manager shows and filters the snooze and dismiss times for the alarms.
  • The alarm snooze/dismiss time can be reset by clicking the alarm icon in the manager.
  • Google calendars with '#' in the url were not read correctly from the server.
  • Logging unicode characters sometimes caused a failure.
  • Changed the CalDAV to send proper etag to the server when editing the events.
  • Changing task status to in progress from the dialog did not work.
  • The task completed time can be reset by clicking the status icon in the manager.
  • Dragging items in schedule view set incorrect time if the area height was set to non-even number.
  • Tasks without status property but with completed date are shown as complete status.
  • The upcoming, cancelled and completed tasks are hidden by default in the today window.
  • The time for the tasks is now optional.

New in version 2.11 Beta Build 131 (May 21st, 2013)

  • Added "Event min height" setting for the day and weekviews.
  • Chromophore skin has a large calendar window.
  • Added colorless and dark versions for the Chromophore skin.
  • The message store setting in the new calendar wizard did not get set properly.
  • The times were saved incorrectly if the local time was set to British time zone.
  • the "uppercase" attribute for the font can convert the text now also to lowercase or capitalize it.
  • Lua scripts can be put to the Scripts folder under the config folder too.
  • Skin addons can be applied to different skin version (although this might break the skin).
  • The time item which shows only the week number is mapped to the first day of the week so that it is the same number as in the calendar.
  • The z-position can be set separately for each window in the skin.
  • Added advanced option to bring all windows on top when any of them is clicked.
  • The hidden Google calendars are also hidden in Rainlendar.
  • Tasks were shown on two days in the calendar window.
  • The tray icon can now show also the week number (See "Number in tray" advanced setting). Note that this only works if the tray icon image has enough frames.

New in version 2.11 Beta Build 130 (April 9th, 2013)

  • Toodledo plugin crashed when polling with offline file enabled.
  • The manager can show and search the description field now too.
  • All windows can be moved at once by holding shift key down.
  • Portable installation uses custom password encoding by default.
  • Read-only events and tasks can be now opened to the editor but the changes cannot be saved.
  • Added confirmation if all skin windows are activated at once.
  • Moved the Google Tasks to a separate plugin.
  • Reading long descriptions from Outlook failed.
  • Right alt+a selected the text in the description field.
  • The expired Toodledo authentication token was not updated if the folder was defined in for the calendar.
  • Manager allowed to delete items from read-only calendars.