Rainbows! Changelog

New in version 4.5.0

February 28th, 2013
  • This release adds hijacking support for Rack 1.5.x users. See Rack documentation for more information about hijacking. Lin Jen-Shin also provided the -N/--no-default-middleware option. Minor packaging cleanups and new HACKING document.
  • There are also some corner-case bugfixes for *Epoll* users (sleepy_penguin, these bugs do not affect EM or Cool.io users) and test suite portability improvements.

New in version 4.4.3 (January 19th, 2013)

  • This release fixes two EventMachine bugfixes from Lin Jen-Shin and Mark J. Titorenko. There are also some minor cleanups.

New in version 4.4.2 (December 7th, 2012)

  • One bugfix allows stream(:keep_open) in Sinatra to work properly.

New in version 4.4.1 (August 31st, 2012)

  • Fiber-based concurrency options avoids negative sleep intervals. Thanks to Lin Jen-Shin for pointing this out.

New in version 4.4.0 (August 18th, 2012)

  • For epoll/Cool.io-based concurrency models, shutdown() is now used to timeout keepalive clients to avoid race conditions.
  • Minor documentation improvements were made.

New in version 4.3.1 (September 2nd, 2011)

  • This release fixes a potential reentrancy deadlock when using the default logger from the Ruby standard library.

New in version 4.3.0 (August 22nd, 2011)

  • The deprecated Rainbows::HttpResponse class is finally gone thanks to Pratik Naik. Logging of errors is more consistent with the changes in unicorn 4.1.0. There are also minor documentation updates. See the unicorn 4.1.0 release notes for more details: http://bogomips.org/unicorn.git/tag/?id=v4.1.0

New in version 4.0.0 (June 27th, 2011)

  • Rainbows! now scales to more than 1024 worker processes without special privileges. To enable this, Rainbows! now depends on Unicorn 4.x and thus raindrops[1].
  • client_max_header_size directive is added to limit per-client memory usage in headers.
  • An experimental StreamResponseEpoll concurrency option now exists to buffer outgoing responses without any thread-safe dependencies. Unlike the rest of Rainbows! which works fine without nginx, this concurrency option is /only/ supported behind nginx, even more strongly so than Unicorn itself. non-nginx LAN clients are NOT supported for this. This relies on the sleepy_penguin[2] RubyGem (and Linux).
  • There are some minor bug fixes and cleanups all around.

New in version 3.4.0 (May 23rd, 2011)

  • SIGQUIT (graceful shutdown) now drops idle keepalive clients for the concurrency models where maintaining an idle client is relatively inexpensive: Coolio, CoolioThreadPool, CoolioThreadSpawn, Epoll, EventMachine, XEpoll, XEpollThreadPool, XEpollThreadSpawn.
  • Kgio.autopush now works properly for all multi-threaded concurrency models (if you're using :tcp_nopush).
  • locale fix for grep
  • t0044: increase test reliability
  • try_defer: enable documentation
  • xepoll_thread_pool/client: improve autopush support
  • .gitignore: add tags/TAGS files
  • add tests for Kgio autopush on Linux
  • add test for SIGQUIT disconnect
  • event_machine: disconnect idle clients at on SIGQUIT
  • client: use kgio_write across the board
  • coolio* + *epoll*: drop keepalive clients on SIGQUIT
  • epoll/xepoll: more consistent client implementations
  • doc: recommend io_splice 4.1.1 or later