RText Changelog

New in version 2.5.1

November 15th, 2013
  • Added the ability to toggle between find/replace tool bars and traditional dialogs, defaulting to the tool bars.
  • The Console plugin now syntax highlights JS/system console output.
  • Improvements to Clojure syntax highlighting.
  • Updated many localizations.
  • Other standard minor stuff.

New in version 2.0.7 (May 7th, 2013)

  • Pretty-printing now works for JSON in addition to XML and HTML.
  • The system console plugin now auto-completes file names on pressing tab.
  • HTML, PHP, and JSP have new option, "Automatically add closing tags for HTML tags that require them."
  • The text editor now includes an option to use the system selection colors for selected text and its background.
  • The file chooser and File System Tree plugin now include "Paste" option to copy/paste file lists.
  • Added Visual Basic syntax highlighting.
  • Various code editor fixes and performance improvements.

New in version (December 27th, 2012)

  • Updated to RSyntaxTextArea, which fixes a keyboard issue with non-QWERTY keyboards.
  • Several Substance skins are now available as LookAndFeels. Thanks to the Insubstantial project (https://github.com/Insubstantial/insubstantial). These Look and Feels are only available when running RText with Java 6 or newer.
  • Updated the Spanish (Leonardo) and Arabic (Mawaheb) translations.

New in version 2.0.5 (November 29th, 2012)

  • Code folding added for HTML, JSP, and PHP.
  • Added NSIS syntax highlighting and code folding.
  • Added a "Projects" docked window. Useful for organizing small programming projects while working in RText.
  • Added code folding and highlighting of multi-line strings for Scala.
  • Added Java 7 features to Groovy highlighting (underscores in numeric literals, binary literals, and new core classes/interfaces/enums).
  • Fixed an issue with CompleteMarkupTagAction and ToggleLineCommentAction conflicting with each other only on *nix (Windows and OS X didn't have this issue).
  • Fixed possible NPE when editing XML on Linux only (!).
  • RText is now building on OS X once again.
  • Now ships with Groovy 1.8.8, so you no longer have to drop in your own groovy-all-xxx.jar to run Groovy macros in RText.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for moving through docked window groups (Ctrl+Alt+arrow keys).
  • Updated translations - Chinese (peter_barnes), Russian (Nadiya), Italian (Argaar), German (Domenic), Korean (Changkyoon), Japanese (Josh), and Hungarian (Zityi).

New in version 1.5.0 (September 12th, 2011)

  • Added scripted macro support. You can now write macros in either JavaScript or Groovy and assign them shortcuts, essentially creating your own custom menu item actions.
  • Added very basic JSP code completion.
  • Add "stop" button to tool console like Console console.
  • Updated to RSyntaxTextArea/AutoComplete 1.5.2. Improves anti-aliasing in the editor, and adds options to auto-insert closing curly braces, clear whitespace-only lines on Enter presses, and painting indent/tab lines.
  • Added "Check for Updates" menu item to Help menu.
  • Made opening a file via Find in Files dialog center the matched line vertically in the editor.

New in version 1.3.1 (November 25th, 2010)

  • This was a quick maintenance release to fix a major issue with RText 1.3.0

New in version 1.3.0 (November 21st, 2010)

  • Adding drop shadows to menus - thanks to JGoodies (http://jgoodies.com).
  • Revamped external LookAndFeel support. Several Substance 6.1 skins are now selectable by default in RText.
  • Text matches in the "Find in Files" dialog are now syntax highlighted.
  • Translucent search windows now work on Java 7+, not just Java 6.
  • Added Copy, Paste, and Delete popup menu items on the File System Tree.
  • Added PERL5LIB modification support to the Perl parser - see the Perl options panel in the Options dialog.
  • Fixed a bug with "variables" not working for tool directories (i.e. ${file_dir}).
  • Fixed several bugs in Java code completion.
  • The relevant Throwable is now included in completion choices when inside of a catch block when editing Java.
  • Logging any uncaught EDT throwables to a log file in user's home directory (AWTExceptionHandler).
  • Fixed NPE in FindInFilesTable when user switches from WinLAF to another one (workaround for JRE bug 6429812).
  • Added a "Libraries" tab to the About dialog listing all external libraries RText uses.
  • The order you put file chooser favorite directories in is now remembered.
  • Updated Spanish translation (thanks phrodo!).

New in version 1.2.0 (September 10th, 2010)

  • Code completion support (Ctrl+C) for C, HTML, Java, Perl, PHP, and shell scripting. Each language has a different level of "support." Java completion is disabled by default, since it is still unfinished, to help minimize "bug reports." Please consider enabling it and playing around, and you can give feedback in the RSyntaxTextArea forums.
  • Format your HTML and XML code via JTidy. Formatting options are configurable in the Options dialog. I hope to add formatting for more languages in the future.
  • Added an option to ignore ".bak", ".old" and ".orig" extension when opening files. Very handy if you're constantly making backups of stuff like I am.
  • Added ActionScript syntax highlighting. Feedback requested!
  • Groovy syntax highlighting improvements (JDK 6/GDK additions).
  • Added translucent child window support (requires Java 6u10+, though only really seems to work well with around 6u16). Configure when and how much your Find and Replace dialogs turn translucent in the Options dialog.
  • Enhancements to the File System Tree - more stuff to do in the popup menu, and drill down into directories to focus in on just the files you're editing.
  • Tons of smaller improvements for an overall better experience, many in the editor component.

New in version 1.0.0 (March 16th, 2010)

  • Added a spelling checker. Spelling errors are squiggle-underlined, and a focusable tool tip allows the user to correct the misspelling, add the word to a user dictionary, or ignore the word for the current RText session, just like in Eclipse.
  • Added a "Tasks" dockable window. This window lists all "TODO" and "FIXME" items in all currently open files.
  • Added Scala, Delphi a9d BBCode syntax highlighting.
  • When editing XML, closing tags are auto-completed.
  • The file chooser now uses a "breadcrumb bar" component, similar to that seen in Windows Explorer in Windows Vista.
  • When using the "Split View," the file list is now displayed in a real dockable window like the plugins, making it integrate into the interface much better.
  • Many bug fixes and enhancements.