QuteCom Changelog

New in version 2.2

October 20th, 2010
  • Various bugs were fixed.
  • New and updated features include call forwarding, G722, G726, an lbc plugin, dynamic ptime, Mac OS X integration, the ability to delete or modify a profile, WebKit, chat theme, and Google chat translation.
  • The newly supported protocols are Facebook, Myspace, Skype, and Twitter.
  • Protocol support was updated for SIP, AIM, ICQ, Gmail, Jabber, MSN, and Yahoo.

New in version 2.2 RC3 (December 19th, 2008)

  • Mac build fixes. 64-bit build fixes.
  • libpurple-related bugfixes.
  • Fixes for plugin codec functionality.
  • Fixes to codec negotiations (now able to work with ILBC in 30ms or 20ms modes).
  • The ilbc codec has been moved to a plugin.
  • Fixes to handle audio frames with smaller than expected sizes.
  • Conference call fixes.
  • Duplicate account bugfixes.