Quod Libet Changelog

New in version 3.2.2

December 19th, 2014
  • Fixes:
  • Fix a crash when seeking streams in some cases [1450]
  • Fix a crash in case Windows Explorer favourites link to a non ASCII path [1464]
  • Fix playback stopping when playing chained ogg streams [1454]
  • Fix context menus not showing sometimes with GTK+3.14.1
  • Translations:
  • Russian translation update (Anton Shestakov)

New in version 3.2.1 (August 30th, 2014)

  • Fixes:
  • Fix Ex Falso not starting in some cases. [1448]
  • Album art download plugin: Fix image file extension (Nick Boultbee) [1435]
  • Translations:
  • Russian translation update (Anton Shestakov) [1441]

New in version 3.1.1 (May 11th, 2014)

  • Fix a crash with GTK+ 3.12 [1384]
  • Handle invalid flac picture blocks [1385]
  • Fix “setup.py install –record” [1373]

New in version 3.1.0 (April 14th, 2014)

  • Windows is supported again. And it should be in better shape than with 2.6 in many aspects. Embedded images work now, newer GStreamer with more codecs, operon is included etc. The file browser and EF now show the favorite folders from the Windows Explorer. The installer will now uninstall any existing installation first and as with 2.6.3 there is a portable version available.
  • There is still an unsolved problem regarding miss-placed context menus with multiple monitors [1319].
  • Thanks goes to Bakhtiar Hasmanan for providing a working PyGObject stack.
  • Initial Wayland support is here (only tested under weston). This was mostly fixing weird usage of GTK+ that just happened to work under X11 and not using the screen size for calculations since there is no real screen under Wayland.
  • Piotr Drąg, Rüdiger Arp, Diego Beraldin and Dimitris Papageorgiou worked on improving the translations.
  • Nick Boultbee worked on a plugin system for playlist plugins and moved the duplication/shuffle actions to it. He also moved the rating configuration from the plugin into the core.
  • Simonas Kazlauskas worked on a plugin system for cover art sources currently supporting last.fm and musicbrainz (exposed as two plugins). If active it will fetch covers in case no local cover is found. In the future we might implement the album art downloader on top of that.
  • Thomas Vogt made transparency work again with GTK+3 in the OSD plugin. (fake transparency now also works again, which was the last known regression from the PyGObject port)
  • operon gained new commands (image-extract, image-set, image-clear) for manipulating and extracting embedded images for all formats supporting embedded images in QL (id3, ogg, flac, wma, mp4). See the manpage [0] for examples. There is also a QL plugin which allows removing all embedded images and embed the active one. This should get better integrated into the tag editor at some point.
  • Display patterns now support specifying the markup using square brackets to not need escaping in the common case. “” can now be written as “[b][/b]” (the old way still works).
  • In the radio browser the radio list now contains icecast and shoutcast2 stations in addition to shoutcast1 ones and only one additional mirror is included for each station. QL now shows ~4100 stations of ~30000 we know about. Use “Update stations” to get the new list.
  • Other changes:
  • QL now remembers additional open browsers and reopens them on start.
  • The main tool bar is better integrated with GTK+ themes.
  • We use symbolic icons in many places.
  • Added a simple GNOME app menu.
  • ‘albumartist’ is now used for album identification.
  • space enables “stop after the current song”.
  • Warning before opening too many plugin windows (Nick Boultbee) [1231]
  • New –unqueue-all command [1234]
  • Fixes:
  • Config gets saved atomically and handle a corrupted one [1042]
  • editing:id3encoding option was ignored [1290]
  • album browser: Fix sorting by rating [1352]
  • search: Fix results for “&(foo, !bar)” [1327]
  • Various crashes caused by code not being ported to PyGObject properly.
  • Dependencies & Packaging:
  • No dependency changes compared to 3.0
  • We now install appdata.xml files
  • We now install a dbus service file
  • setup.py build_sphinx builds the html user guide

New in version 2.0 (September 14th, 2008)

  • This release includes many improvements to the architecture, as well as a new distutils-based build and test system to ease frequent releases.
  • The audio playback engine is now replaceable, and Xine and GStreamer-based implementations are included.
  • Numerous bugfixes and minor enhancements have been made since 1.0.