QuakeSpasm Changelog

New in version 0.85.6

January 3rd, 2012
  • More work for string buffer safety
  • Reverted v0.85.5 change of not allowing deathmatch and coop cvars to be set at the same time (was reported for possibility of causing compatibility issues with mods)
  • Several cleanups/changes in the cvar layer
  • Minor SDL video fixes.

New in version 0.85.5 (December 26th, 2011)

  • SDL input driver updated, adding native keymap and dead key support to the console
  • Fixed a crash in net play in maps with extended limits
  • Verified successful compilation using gcc-4.6.x
  • Added workaround against GL texture flicker (z fighting), controlled by new cvar 'gl_zfix'
  • Read video variables early so that a vid_restart isn't necessary after init
  • mlook and lookspring fixes
  • Added support for loading external entity files, controlled by new cvar 'external_ents'
  • Made mp3 playback to allocate system memory instead of zone
  • Some updates to the progs interpreter code
  • Fixed r_nolerp_list parsing code of fitzquake
  • Made sure that deathmatch and coop are not set at the same time
  • Several code updates from uHexen2 project, several code cleanups.

New in version 0.85.4 (March 30th, 2011)

  • Implemented music (OGG, MP3, WAV) playback
  • A better fix for the infamous SV_TouchLinks problem, no more hard lockups with maps such as "whiteroom"
  • Added support for mouse buttons 4 and 5
  • Fixed the "unalias" console command
  • Restored the "screen size" menu item
  • Fixed an erroneous protocol check in the server code
  • Raised the default zone memory size to 384 kb
  • Raised the default max_edicts from 1024 to 2048
  • Revised lit file loading: the lit file must be from the same game directory as the map itself or from a searchpath with a higher priority
  • Bumped array size of sv_main.c::localmodels from 5 to 6 fixing an old fitzquake-0.85 bug which used to cause segfaults depending on the compiler
  • Fixed rest of the compiler warnings
  • Other minor sound and cdaudio updates
  • Other, mostly user-invisible changes

New in version 0.85.3 (September 24th, 2010)

  • Fix the dedicated server feature and add platform specific networking code
  • Several other important networking fixes
  • Add a slider for status bar transparency, now marginally transparent by default
  • Fix player messaging in a few places
  • Connect status bar size to the scale slider
  • Add a "prev weapon" menu item
  • Add a persistent history feature
  • Other bug-fixes

New in version 0.85.2 (May 5th, 2010)

  • Replace the old "Screen size" slider with a "Scale" slider
  • Don't constantly open and close condebug log
  • Fix map name sorting
  • Block/Unblock sound upon focus loss/gain
  • A few moderate bug-fixes (mostly for networking)
  • Accept commandline options like "+connect ip:port"