Qingy Is Not Getty Changelog

New in version 0.9.9

May 11th, 2009
  • Reverted change in stdin management that interfered with DBus.

New in version 0.9.8 (April 27th, 2009)

  • Fixed bug introduced in 0.9.7 and triggered when searching for X sessions outside /etc/X11/Sessions and detected session path is a full path. Thanks to Riccardo Stagni for the patch.
  • Fixed bug, found by 'Tom', that made qingy sometimes improperly set focus to both session and username (or password) fields.
  • Prevent qingy from crashing in case of error when parsing settings files: revert to text mode instead.
  • Removed need of password to autologin feature. Patch proposed by Florent Bondoux
  • Improved qingy main process and GUI communication. Now login times in case of correct authentication are reduced... Patch proposed by Florent Bondoux
  • Added feature, disabled by default, to check current runlevel to prevent qingy from showing its GUI or starting a session during a system shutdown or restart.
  • Made GUI messages user definable in theme file.
  • Made several message timeouts user configurable in theme file.
  • Other small enhancements and fixes, some contributed by Florent Bondoux