QScintilla Changelog

New in version 2.9

July 13th, 2015
  • This is based on Scintilla v3.5.4. Qt v3 and PyQt v3 are no longer supported.

New in version 2.8 (November 9th, 2013)

  • This version is based on Scintilla 3.3.6.

New in version 2.7.2 (June 18th, 2013)

  • This minor release adds support for PyQt v5.

New in version 2.7.1 (March 4th, 2013)

  • This is a minor bugfix release which also adds support for building against the final release of Qt v5.0.

New in version 2.7 (December 15th, 2012)

  • This version is based on the latest Scintilla 3.2.3 and also supports Qt 5.0 RC1.

New in version 2.6.1 (February 11th, 2012)

  • This is mainly a bug fix release.

New in version 2.6 (November 14th, 2011)

  • It is based on Scintilla v2.29. Highlights include improved support for rebinding keys to commands and native key bindings under OS/X.

New in version 2.5.1 (April 18th, 2011)

  • This adds the QsciLexerMatlab and QsciLexerOctave classes.

New in version 2.5 (March 30th, 2011)

  • This version is based on Scintilla v2.25.
  • All new features added since Scintilla v1.78 are fully supported.

New in version 2.4.6 (December 27th, 2010)

  • Bugs were fixed and support for indicators was added to the high-level API.

New in version 2.4.5 (September 1st, 2010)

  • This is a bug fix release.

New in version 2.4.4 (July 13th, 2010)

  • added QsciScintillaBase::canInsertFromMimeData()
  • added QsciScintillaBase::fromMimeData()
  • added QsciScintillaBase::toMimeData()
  • QsciScintilla::markerDefine() now allows existing markers to be redefined.

New in version 2.4.3 (March 18th, 2010)

  • This is primarily a bug-fix release.

New in version 2.4.2 (January 21st, 2010)

  • This fixes a couple of build problems with older versions of Qt. It also includes updated Spanish translations.

New in version 2.3.2 (November 18th, 2008)

  • This release fixes a regression introduced in 2.3.1 related to the display of multi-byte characters.

New in version 2.3 (September 21st, 2008)

  • This version is based on Scintilla v1.76. It adds high level lexer support for Fortran, Fortran77, Pascal, PostScript, TCL, XML, and YAML.