New in version 0.10

November 3rd, 2009
  • Bug 462550 - Renaming an outer package in Eclipse resulted in multiple bzr mv commands (one for each file in that package). Now only one bzr mv command is performed for the package that was renamed. (Nicholas Allen, Craig Hewetson)
  • Added unit tests for testing the resource change listener. (Craig Hewetson)

New in version 0.9 (October 21st, 2009)

  • New Features:
  • Support for qrun command.
  • Work sub-menu can be accessed with the W key.
  • Bug Fixes:
  • Bug 386672 - Log and diff commands in the main menu now always work on the branch and not the selection.
  • To perform log or diff on a selection of files the context menu equivalents can be used. (Craig Hewetson, Nicholas Allen)
  • Bug 456665 - QBzr-Eclipse would sometimes complain that the current editor or selection was not in a Bazaar branch when it was. (Craig Hewetson)
  • Bug 457025 - Export menu item showed qsend dialog instead of qexport dialog. (Nicholas Allen)
  • Bug 457054 - Selection of a problem in problem view would cause QBzr-Eclipse not to detect the current branch.
  • Could detect a shared repository as a branch.

New in version 0.8 (October 15th, 2009)

  • New Features:
  • Support for the following qbzr commands: qbind, qplugins, qswitch, qunbind;
  • Add option to refresh branches in Eclipse after command completes.
  • Add option to keep dialogs open after they complete.
  • Bug Fixes:
  • Cache results of is-ignored commands so that if many files are generated as part of a build step under an ignored directory then the number of commands executed is greatly reduced and performance of the auto add feature becomes acceptable.

New in version 0.7 (September 1st, 2009)

  • Context menu for Bazaar commands. (Craig Hewetson)
  • Add support for the following qbzr commands: qexport, qsend, quncommit, qversion.
  • More logical menu structure more closely matching that of bzr-explorer.

New in version 0.6 (July 13th, 2009)

  • New Features:
  • New menu structure that is similar to bzr-explorer's. (Javier Der Derian)
  • More and better icons. (Javier Der Derian)