Pyrseas Changelog

New in version 0.6.0

October 27th, 2012
  • This version supports the following additional DDL features: EXTENSIONs, COLLATIONs, OWNER information, access privileges (GRANT and REVOKE), TABLESPACEs for tables, primary keys and indexes, MATCH attributes for foreign keys, ALTER composite TYPE ADD/DROP/RENAME ATTRIBUTE, ENUMs with no labels, UNLOGGED tables, and the CREATE FUNCTION SET configuration_parameter. It also support PostgreSQL 9.2.

New in version 0.4.1 (October 28th, 2011)

  • The initial SET search_path is persistent.
  • Exclusion of PG internal schemas in various queries has been fixed.
  • Generation of COMMENTs with single quotes in the text has been fixed.
  • For inherited tables, this release will only generate constraints that are defined locally.
  • Generation of ALTER TABLE ADD/DROP COLUMN when input columns are in a different order than the original has been corrected (issue #8).
  • Support has been added for PG 9.1 (a description for the PL/pgSQL language has been added).

New in version 0.4.0 (September 27th, 2011)

  • Pyrseas now supports the following additional DDL features: CASTs, CONSTRAINT TRIGGERs. CONVERSIONs, dynamically loaded C language functions, OPERATORs, OPERATOR CLASSes and OPERATOR FAMILies, and composite and base TYPEs.
  • Other changes include a cleanup and enhancement of the documentation, removal of redundant methods, and the use of obj_description/col_description functions instead of querying pg_description directly.