New in version 1.1.2

July 12th, 2011
  • throw an event for each imported entry. [jensens]
  • fixed import report on write too. Same problem with fullname: it can be unicode.
  • fixed import report: for some reson the new report might be uniocde, (maybe in Plone 4 username or email is unicode?) but merging it with the old report before storing it failed: old report is utf8 so convert unicode to utf8 if necessary. [jensens]
  • removed strange (used undefined variables) and superfluos (unused) code. [jensens]
  • added a formatter view for the single result-item. this can be overruled by a layer-bond view if one needs a different view on a result item. [jensens]
  • moved bibliography_importForm from ControllerPageTemplate to view-class. [jensens]
  • added self-contained buildout with test setup. [jensens]
  • cleanup import code and other parts of content/ to enable import into subclassed types. [jensens]