Plex Media Server Changelog

New in version

December 2nd, 2014
  • New:
  • Plex Home!
  • Translations for Lithuanian, Brazilian, Danish.
  • Multiuser and Now Playing available for everyone.
  • Improved networking support on FreeBSD.
  • Fixes:
  • Workaround an issue with LG TVs rebooting.
  • When viewing "More from" content, don't include original item.
  • Fix a crash on start when upgrading from a much older version.
  • Cleanup unused tags in the database.
  • DLNA server setting takes effect immediately.
  • Improved reliability around publishing server to the cloud.
  • When setting On Deck window to 0 weeks, all the Recently Added hubs disappeared.
  • Some AAC audio was not working with ChromeCast.
  • Unassociated directories with similar names could get scanned.
  • Issues with by-letter browsing when multibyte titles are present.
  • Playlist from albums has tracks ordered by track index, not album.
  • QNAP ARM builds supported again.

New in version (October 16th, 2014)

  • New:
  • Added Hebrew translation.
  • Fixes:
  • (Linux) A crash on Linux when media directory permissions were wrong.
  • Rapid seeking could lead to video playback stopping.
  • Improved reliabilty around publishing network connections.
  • Use TLS instead of SSLv3 when talking to
  • (DASH) More reliable seeking.
  • (ReadyNAS) Fix logo not appearing.

New in version (August 4th, 2014)

  • Fixed an issue with high CPU in windowserver on Yosemite and Mavericks.

New in version (August 1st, 2014)

  • New:
  • Playlists!
  • Extras! (Note: Extras can be added to existing libraries with a Force Refresh)
  • Import from iTunes feature for libraries including smart playlist import.
  • (API) Support for blur, saturation, and alpha blending on image transcode endpoint.
  • (API) Support for rich "composite" images.
  • (API) Support for "starts with" and "ends with" operators in filters.
  • (API) Allow null values for ID fields.
  • (API) Add support for "limit=X" in filters.
  • Support for skip count and skip date.
  • Hey! A brand new sexy application icon.
  • Added a new preference to limit Cloud Sync upload speed.
  • Fixed:
  • Default account to english as opposed to nothing at all.
  • An issue with continuous play on items with same air date.
  • Massive (like 50x) speedup for global Recently Added endpoint.
  • Items inserted into the past in a play queue when adding to 'up next' after playing through.
  • Failure transcoding some channel content.
  • Sometimes we generated invalid JSON.
  • Fix an issue where sometimes sync items would fail to process or upload.
  • Much better audio boost.
  • On occasion, transcodeer would transcode audio when it should remux.
  • An ordering bug getting background art from all libraries.
  • A bug where an item could end up in a refresh loop.
  • Server could end up hanging during nighly DB optimization task.
  • Selected art could be reset on refresh if it was generated art.
  • Tweaks for menubar icon on Yosemite.
  • Speed up deleting transcode temporary directories.
  • Play queues were returning all available alternate media for items.
  • Various crashes.

New in version (June 19th, 2014)

  • Fixed:
  • Crash handling concurrent HTTP connections.
  • Crash uploading CloudSync files.
  • Other miscellaneous crashes.

New in version (March 14th, 2014)

  • FIXES;
  • (Synology) Fixed installation on DSM 5.0
  • Fixed an issue where non-direct played Roku video took a long time to start.
  • Fixed syncing RAW photos (for real).

New in version (December 11th, 2013)

  • New:
  • Updated ffmpeg used in media analysis, should help in many ways.
  • Track stream titles and codec ID in media analysis.
  • Fixes:
  • Improve connectivity to myPlex.
  • Massive improvements to Universal Transcoder quality. Fixes issues with artifacts.
  • Increase audio bitrate at higher qualities.
  • Failure to re-publish server after connectivity issue.
  • Don't log passwords. For real.
  • Subtitle encoding detection improved for eastern European languages.
  • (DLNA) Improve photo rendering.
  • (Sync) An issue with a bogus resource path.
  • (Windows) Eliminate a number of crashes.

New in version (October 30th, 2013)

  • Fixes:
  • In some cases (transient network glitches) the server could re-transcode all synced content, which could lead to iOS not being able to play it.
  • An issue where the new fast scans could miss files when "multi-episode" files were present.
  • An issue where the new fast scan wouldn't skip a directory it should.
  • Crashes when streaming RTMP content.

New in version (September 11th, 2013)

  • New:
  • Transcoder support for the Plex Chrome app.
  • Media index files are now available for all users, not just PlexPass members.
  • Fixes:
  • Speed up scanning with database optimizations.
  • Another fix for "Recently Viewed Shows".
  • View settings are now stored per-account.
  • Much less memory used when loading iTunes XML.
  • Fix a few field-reported crashes.
  • (Windows) Make sure taskbar icon is created.
  • (Mac) Fix menu spinner not showing during a scan.
  • (DLNA) Use correct MIME types for AAC.
  • (DLNA) Update profiles for Bravia 2010 and 2012 models.
  • Speed up remuxing H.264 from WTV files.
  • (API) Media items on details endpoints weren't sorted correctly.