PlanetGenesis Changelog

New in version 1.9

September 28th, 2008
  • Alternative version The planetGenesis19_api release is designed to be used as a plug-in using the new API class and a reorganized package structure, and is not considered stable, the source will only be available from CVS at this time. GUI changes Reworked the drawing so that selected components are raised, and shadowed. Made the rest of the drawing consistent with the new positions. The 3D preview was been reworked, and has a higher resolution mode and new keyboard controls. (Thanks to Sid D) New Noises. ModifiedMultifractal - more Perlin variants that can create some very nice noise patterns. (Thanks to Colin Paddock) All the Perlin noise engines, now have extra algorithms to play with Ridged, Billowy, Simplex, Ridged Simplex and Billowy Simplex. New Functions - (Thanks to Colin Paddock) Adjustments Reciprocal Complement Logarithm MultiFractalize Musgrave MultiFractalize Musgrave HetroFractalize Musgrave HybridFractalize Musgrave Ridged Fractalize Noise Resize Offset Scale f(x) - curve based function New PostProcess Precipation