Piklab Changelog

New in version 0.15.12

March 12th, 2012
  • added support for 18F2XK22/18F4XK22 [patch by Micheal Vrolijk]
  • added support for 16F1829 and 16F1507 [patch by Gál Zsolt]
  • added support for direct programming for 18F2XK22/18F4XK22 [with help from Micheal Vrolijk]
  • fixed crashes in piklab-prog interactive mode

New in version 0.15.6 (September 30th, 2009)

  • added support for 18F14K22 and 18F13K22 [with help from Gál Zsolt]
  • added support for 33FJ06GSxxx and 33FJ128MC802
  • added icd2 programmer support for 33F devices [with help from Gonzague Reydet]
  • fixed issue where gpsim could not be correctly detected
  • fixed way of loading hex/cod file in gpsim [reported by Brian Perkins]
  • fixed a crash when stepping with gpsim and a recompile is needed
  • fixed some asserts while using debugger interface
  • removed standalone-file mode to simplify use model
  • moved toolchain and programmer selection to project manager
  • fixed crash when issuing "stop" command with piklab-prog [reported by Gonzague Reydet]
  • added log and replay features to command-line utilities

New in version 0.15.4 (November 22nd, 2008)

  • fixed way of getting wine paths
  • fixed crash with custom toolchain
  • fixed ICD2 debugging for 16F818/819 [fix by David Taylor]
  • fixed problem with custom configuration for direct programmers [reported by Santiago Gonzáles]
  • fixed firmware directory for icd2 debugger in command-line utility [reported by theuschj]
  • fixed 18F breakpoints for large addresses [fix by Michael Widlok]
  • fixed debugger buttons state after a several-instruction step [reported by Michael Widlok]
  • fixed debugger stepping when "OnlyStopOnSourceLine" option is off [fix by David Taylor]
  • fixed debugger stepping not updating state correctly in some cases [fix by David Taylor]
  • fixed gpsim device detection [reported by Juanma and lsz]
  • added basic custom programmer
  • much more complete Spanish translation by Santiago Gonzáles