PiBang Linux Changelog

New in version RC4

November 9th, 2012
  • What's new? nm-applet and ceni are both installed and configured. Wired internet, wireless, bluetooth: all supported! Updates to the RasPi firmware for 512mb Pi's. Updates to our custom raspi-setup utility for 512 pi's. Volume Icon? Fixed! New artwork? Added!
  • Why not just call this the official release? Right now we do not have our personal repository installed and configured. So after you download and install PiBang, all updates come from Rasbian, which we are based off of. Everything that makes PiBang special is already installed, but there is no way for us to add new features or fix bugs. We are working on packaging and building up our repo but it is not polished enough to put into production, and until it is we are going to be in "RC". As soon as we get the repo where we like it, we will enable it and release our first virsion. We will be releasing without version numbers and names. releases will be named after the date they were completed and will updated when needed.