Parted Magic Changelog

New in version 2015_01_13

January 14th, 2015
  • We reorganized the iso and removed a little over 40MB from the download without removing any features. We actually added a lot of stuff.
  • In the past a few people were getting hung up on “Setting up system devices”. We figured out what was going on. They had DVD drives hooked to ASMedia Sata3 ports. Parted Magic now boots with a DVD drive hooked to ASMedia ports. This hangup can be reproduced on almost any newer ASUS board. The problem was not wide spread because most people were not using the SATA3 port for a DVD drive. My wife and I both have ASUS boards and we never experienced these hang ups. It was frustrating, but I’m glad the problem is now solved.
  • In this version you’ll notice a set of lips in the panel. A few people requested some sort of speech program, but didn’t give many details of what they wanted. I hope this is what they were looking for.
  • You can now do a memtest from the EFI menu.
  • Clonezilla has been updated to 3.12.7.
  • Xfburn is now compiled to use gstreamer.
  • Audacity 2.0.6 was added.
  • Firefox was updated to 34.0.5.
  • Added programs: espeak-1.48.04, espeakup-0.71, gst-plugins-base-0.10.36, gst-plugins-good-0.10.31, gstreamer-0.10.36, libvisual-plugins-0.4.0, slang1-1.4.9, audacity-2.0.6, ca-certificates-20130906, disk-usage-analyzer-1.8.1, hexchat-2.10.2, and libcanberra-0.29.
  • Updated programs: xf86-input-evdev-2.9.1, ntfs-3g_ntfsprogs-2014.2.15AR.3, mesa-10.4.2, libevdev-1.3, kmod-19, eudev-2.1.1, drbl-2.11.13, clonezilla-3.12.7, wxHexEditor-0.23, mesa-10.4.1, libusb-compat-0.1.5, libusb-1.0.19, lftp-4.6.1, kernel-firmware-20141224git, exfat-utils-1.1.1, clamtk-5.12, clamav-0.98.5, openssl-1.0.1k, mozilla-nss-3.16.5, linux-3.18.2, and mozilla-firefox-34.0.5.

New in version 2014_11_19 (November 20th, 2014)

  • The long awaited WxFixBoot by Hamish McIntyre-Bhatty has been release as stable and is now part of Parted Magic. This program is very similar to the well known Boot_Repair program for Ubuntu.
  • Webcams are now supported with the addition of Guvcview.
  • Guymager, Foremost, lastpass, and cdw have been added.
  • The kernel has been updated to linux-3.17.3.
  • Upgraded programs include: bash-4.3.030, ffmpeg-2.1.5, gsl-1.16, lame-3.99.5, libburn-1.3.8, libisoburn-1.3.8, libisofs-1.3.8, mozilla-firefox-33.1.1, SDL2-2.0.3, xfburn-0.5.2, clamav-0.98.4, gparted-0.20.0, libfm-1.2.3, mesa-10.2.9, openssh-6.7p1, openssl-1.0.1j, pcmanfm-1.2.3, util-linux-2.25.2, hdparm-9.45, libdrm-2.4.58, libewf-20140608, xf86-video-ati-7.5.0, xfsprogs-3.1.11.

New in version 2014_08_14 (September 3rd, 2014)

  • GParted has been upgraded to version 0.19.1
  • The Linux kernel has been upgraded to 3.15.9
  • Firefox has been updated to 31.0
  • smartmontools has been updated to 6.3

New in version 2014_06_10 (June 11th, 2014)

  • GParted has been upgraded to version 0.19.0
  • The Linux kernel has been upgraded to 3.14.4
  • Firefox has been updated to 29.0.1
  • OpenSSL was upgraded to 1.0.1h
  • The "Sleep" button in the secure erase program now automatically wakes the computer after 5 seconds. Most people will no longer have to tap the power button.
  • Improved support for ATI video cards.
  • Fixed a few rare bugs in the Parted Magic Mount program. NTFS file systems that were improperly unmounted, now mount. On some machines the window manager would crash the mount program when the window size was set to zero.
  • Other package upgrades: libdrm-2.4.54, clamav-0.98.3, eudev-20140510, xf86-input-evdev-2.9.0, xf86-input-synaptics-1.7.6, libevdev-1.2.1, e2fsprogs-1.42.10, libxslt-1.1.28, libxml2-2.9.1, gparted-badsectors-0.19.0.

New in version 2014_04_28 (April 29th, 2014)

  • This version of Parted Magic offers upgrades of key software and few new additions. The PXE version is now included with the other downloads!
  • Clonezilla has been upgraded to 3.9.49 and Partclone 0.2.70, and drbl 2.8.6.
  • The Linux kernel has been upgraded to 3.14.2 and kernel-firmware-20140415git.
  • A rare crash with Gsmartcontrol on some SSDs has been fixed.
  • NTFS-3G has been upgraded 2014.2.15.
  • Openssl has been upgraded to 1.0.1g.
  • Other package upgrades: xf86-input-synaptics-1.7.4, usbutils-007, qt4-fsarchiver-0.6.17, gptfdisk-0.8.10, fsarchiver-0.6.19, flashrom-0.9.7, dar-2.4.12, openssh-6.6p1, clamtk-5.05, bonnie++-1.97.1, xf86-video-vmware-13.0.2, xf86-video-ast-0.99.9, nwipe-0.15, mozilla-firefox-28.0, xorg-server-1.15.1, kmod-17, Mesa-10.0.5, gsmartcontrol-0.8.8.
  • New additions include: dstat-0.7.2, iperf-2.0.5, read-edid-3.0.1, and ddrutility-2.3.
  • A really cool new feature has been added to the Secure Erase program for people erasing a large number of disks. In the "PMagic Secure Erase" drop down menu there is a "Select all Devices" toggle. So, if you need to erase 50 disks, you longer need to check all the boxes.

New in version 2014_02_26 (March 3rd, 2014)

  • Clonezilla has been updated to same version used in the stable release of Clonezilla Live. We were looking for our January donation and we picked the Clonezilla project. The $500 donation also included a once over by Steven Shiau to insure Parted Magic has a nearly flawless build. This release has also cloned Windows 8.1 without any major issues. Make sure you boot in uEFI mode from the GRUB2 menu to ensure the Windows uEFI boot loader is properly installed.
  • GParted 0.18.0! This release of GParted has mostly bug fixes with a few new features and I have to say it works pretty darn good. The GParted project received our February donation of $500.
  • The Xorg Server has been updated to 1.15.0. Of coarse this resulted in a complete rebuilt of the Xorg installation.
  • Firefox has been updated to version 27.0.1.
  • After a few years of waiting, we get a new version of chntpw. We have tested it on many Windows 8 systems and in every case the password was successfully changed.
  • Ddrescue-gui was updated to version 1.3.
  • This version of Parted Magic is built on top of the Linux 3.13.4 kernel.
  • After some careful testing we were finally able to upgrade to gsmartcontrol-0.8.6 and smartmontools-6.2. Lots of requests for this upgrade over the past month.
  • The bogus messages that were displayed before the uEFI menu are now gone.

New in version 2014_01_04 (January 5th, 2014)

  • This version of Parted Magic updates many programs, introduces a few news one, and adds a new module system.
  • The most notable program updates include Linux 3.12.6, ClamTK 5.01, File Roller 3.10.0, Mozilla Firefox 26.0, and GParted 0.17.0.
  • A few programs where added. These include: Gpointing Device Settings, Rdiff Backup, Wimlib, PCRegEdit, and a ton of new perl modules for the ClamTK upgrade.
  • We have come up with a new module system that drastically reduces the amount of RAM needed to use extra programs. In the past we used .txz and .deb packages that were placed in pmagic/pmodules on the CD or USB. Make no mistake, these STILL work. The new module system works exactly like the old system. You simply place our new .sqfm packages into the pmagic/pmodules folder and they merge into the exsisting Ram Disk without using the extra RAM needed in the uncompressed form. In the next few days we will be updating the docs and the forum to better explain this new system. For now you can use these "bundles" that we have created:
  • Updated Programs: btrfs-progs-20131228, e2fsprogs-1.42.9, cairo-1.12.16, kmod-16, wimlib-1.5.3, linux-3.12.6, mozilla-firefox-26.0, gparted-0.17.0, libfm-1.1.4, pixman-0.32.4, xf86-input-synaptics-1.7.2, xf86-video-mga-1.6.3, xorg-server-1.14.5, xf86-video-modesetting-0.8.1, lvm2-2.02.100, acpica-unix-20131115, samba-3.6.8, vmfs-tools_0.2.5, freerdp-20131115_ea18d2b, remmina-20131008_26b814a, xlockmore-5.43, libarchive-3.1.2, file-roller-3.10.0, glib2-2.38.2, libgphoto2-2.5.2, gtk+3-3.10.4, gphoto2-2.5.2, gvfs-1.18.3, gphotofs-0.5, atk-2.8.0, eudev-20131119, perl-html-parser-3.71, perl-5.18.1, perl-gtk2-1.248, perl-http-date-6.02, glib2-2.36.4, clamtk-5.01, kernel-firmware-20131113git, openssl-1.0.1e, libwww-perl-6.05, perl-Mozilla-CA-20130114, gtk+2-2.24.20, perl-http-message-6.06, perl-glib-1.302, sleuthkit-4.1.0, dosfstools-3.0.24, openssh-6.4p1, pango-1.34.1
  • Added Programs: gpointing-device-settings-1.5.1, libgpds-1.5.1, librsync-0.9.7, rdiff-backup-1.2.8, pcregedit-2.0, aalib-1.4rc5, libcaca-0.99, taglib-1.8, taglib-extras-1.0.1, libvncserver-0.9.9, perl-LWP-Protocol-https-6.03, perl-IO-Socket-SSL-1.953, libewf-20130416, perl-Net-LibIDN-0.12, locale-gettext-1.05, perl-lwp-mediatypes-6.02, afflib-3.7.1, perl-IO-HTML-0.04, Crypt-SSLeay-0.64, perl-Text-CSV_XS-0.91, Net-SSLeay-1.55, perl-net-http-6.06, libjson-perl-2.61

New in version 2013_11_11 (November 12th, 2013)

  • RedshiftGUI-0.2.1-i686-1_pmagic.txz: Added.
  • x/pixman/pixman-0.31.2-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Upgraded.
  • x/xf86-video-nouveau/xf86-video-nouveau-1.0.10-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Upgraded.
  • rsync/rsync-3.1.0-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • scrounge-ntfs/scrounge-ntfs-0.8.6-i486-1.tgz: Rebuilt.
  • x/lib/libfontenc/libfontenc-1.1.2-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/lib/libXrandr/libXrandr-1.4.2-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/lib/libXfontcache/libXfontcache-1.0.5-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/lib/libXft/libXft-2.3.1-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Upgraded.
  • x/lib/libXi/libXi-1.7.2-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/lib/libXxf86misc/libXxf86misc-1.0.3-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/lib/libXxf86dga/libXxf86dga-1.1.4-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/lib/libXau/libXau-1.0.8-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/lib/libX11/libX11-1.6.2-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/lib/libXcm/libXcm-0.5.2-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/lib/libSM/libSM-1.2.2-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/lib/libXaw3d/libXaw3d-1.6.2-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/lib/libXv/libXv-1.0.10-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/lib/libXfont/libXfont-1.4.6-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/lib/libXdamage/libXdamage-1.1.4-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/lib/libXtst/libXtst-1.2.2-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/lib/libXScrnSaver/libXScrnSaver-1.2.2-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/lib/libXp/libXp-1.0.2-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/lib/libXfixes/libXfixes-5.0.1-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/lib/libXext/libXext-1.3.2-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/lib/libXxf86vm/libXxf86vm-1.1.3-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/lib/libFS/libFS-1.0.5-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/lib/libXcomposite/libXcomposite-0.4.4-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/lib/libXinerama/libXinerama-1.1.3-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/lib/libXmu/libXmu-1.1.2-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/lib/libXdmcp/libXdmcp-1.1.1-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/lib/libICE/libICE-1.0.8-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/lib/libXres/libXres-1.0.7-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/lib/libxkbfile/libxkbfile-1.0.8-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/lib/libXaw/libXaw-1.0.12-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/lib/libXcursor/libXcursor-1.1.14-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/lib/libXvMC/libXvMC-1.0.8-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/lib/libpciaccess/libpciaccess-0.13.2-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/lib/libXpm/libXpm-3.5.11-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/lib/libXrender/libXrender-0.9.8-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/lib/libXt/libXt-1.1.4-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/lib/libdmx/libdmx-1.1.3-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/lib/libXevie/libXevie-1.0.3-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xcb/xcb-util-renderutil/xcb-util-renderutil-0.3.8-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xcb/libxcb/libxcb-1.9.1-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xcb/xcb-proto/xcb-proto-1.8-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xcb/xcb-util-image/xcb-util-image-0.3.9-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xcb/xcb-util/xcb-util-0.3.9-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xcb/xcb-util-keysyms/xcb-util-keysyms-0.3.9-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xcb/xcb-util-wm/xcb-util-wm-0.3.9-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xcb/xcb-util-cursor/xcb-util-cursor-0.1.0-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xcb/xpyb/xpyb-1.3.1-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Added.
  • dc3dd/dc3dd-7.1.614-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Upgraded.
  • ddrescue-gui/ddrescue-gui-1.2-noarch-1_pmagic.txz: Upgraded.
  • x/xf86-input-keyboard/xf86-input-keyboard-1.8.0-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Upgraded.
  • x/xorg-server/xorg-server-1.14.4-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Upgraded.
  • blueman/blueman-r708-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • clamav/clamav-0.98-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Upgraded.
  • dar/dar-2.4.10-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Added.
  • f2fs-tools/f2fs-tools-20131029-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Upgraded.
  • gksu/gksu-2.0.0-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • gptfdisk/gptfdisk-0.8.8-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Upgraded.
  • grub/grub-2.00-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • gvfs/gvfs-1.16.3-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Added.
  • harfbuzz/harfbuzz-0.9.16-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Added.
  • icu4c-51.2-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Added.
  • libfm/libfm- Added.
  • libgksu/libgksu-2.0.12-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • lxshortcut/lxshortcut-0.1.2-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Added.
  • mozilla-firefox/mozilla-firefox-24.1.0esr-i486-1.txz: Upgraded.
  • notification-daemon-xfce/notification-daemon-xfce-0.3.7-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • openbox/openbox-3.5.2-i486-2_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • pcmanfm/pcmanfm-1.1.2-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Added.
  • spacefm: Removed.
  • startup-notification/startup-notification-0.12-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • udisks2/udisks2-2.1.0-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Added.
  • udevil: Removed
  • xfburn/xfburn-0.4.3-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • xfce4-screenshooter/xfce4-screenshooter-1.8.1-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/glew/glew-1.9.0-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/glu/glu-9.0.0-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/libdrm/libdrm-2.4.46-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/mesa/mesa-9.1.7-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Upgraded.
  • x/pixman/pixman-0.30.2-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Upgraded.
  • x/xf86-input-acecad/xf86-input-acecad-1.5.0-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xf86-input-aiptek/xf86-input-aiptek-1.4.1-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xf86-input-evdev/xf86-input-evdev-2.8.2-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xf86-input-joystick/xf86-input-joystick-1.6.1-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xf86-input-keyboard/xf86-input-keyboard-1.7.0-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xf86-input-mouse/xf86-input-mouse-1.9.0-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xf86-input-penmount/xf86-input-penmount-1.5.0-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xf86-input-synaptics/xf86-input-synaptics-1.7.1-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xf86-input-vmmouse/xf86-input-vmmouse-13.0.0-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xf86-input-void/xf86-input-void-1.4.0-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xf86-input-wacom/xf86-input-wacom-0.19.0-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xf86-video-apm/xf86-video-apm-1.2.5-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xf86-video-ark/xf86-video-ark-0.7.5-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xf86-video-ast/xf86-video-ast-0.98.0-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xf86-video-ati/xf86-video-ati-7.2.0-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xf86-video-chips/xf86-video-chips-1.2.5-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xf86-video-cirrus/xf86-video-cirrus-1.5.2-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xf86-video-dummy/xf86-video-dummy-0.3.7-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xf86-video-geode/xf86-video-geode-2.11.15-i486-2_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xf86-video-glint/xf86-video-glint-1.2.8-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xf86-video-i128/xf86-video-i128-1.3.6-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xf86-video-i740/xf86-video-i740-1.3.4-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xf86-video-intel/xf86-video-intel-2.21.15-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xf86-video-mach64/xf86-video-mach64-6.9.4-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xf86-video-mga/xf86-video-mga-1.6.2-i486-2_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xf86-video-modesetting/xf86-video-modesetting-0.8.0-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xf86-video-neomagic/xf86-video-neomagic-1.2.8-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xf86-video-nouveau/xf86-video-nouveau-1.0.9-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xf86-video-nv/xf86-video-nv-2.1.20-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xf86-video-openchrome/xf86-video-openchrome-0.3.3-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xf86-video-r128/xf86-video-r128-6.9.2-i486-2_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xf86-video-rendition/xf86-video-rendition-4.2.5-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xf86-video-s3/xf86-video-s3-0.6.5-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xf86-video-s3virge/xf86-video-s3virge-1.10.6-i486-2_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xf86-video-savage/xf86-video-savage-2.3.7-i486-2_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xf86-video-siliconmotion/xf86-video-siliconmotion-1.7.7-i486-2_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xf86-video-sis/xf86-video-sis-0.10.7-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xf86-video-sisusb/xf86-video-sisusb-0.9.6-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xf86-video-tdfx/xf86-video-tdfx-1.4.5-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xf86-video-tga/xf86-video-tga-1.2.2-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xf86-video-trident/xf86-video-trident-1.3.6-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xf86-video-tseng/xf86-video-tseng-1.2.5-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xf86-video-v4l/xf86-video-v4l-0.2.0-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xf86-video-vesa/xf86-video-vesa-2.3.3-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xf86-video-vmware/xf86-video-vmware-13.0.1-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xf86-video-voodoo/xf86-video-voodoo-1.2.5-i486-2_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xf86-video-xgi/xf86-video-xgi-git_be3abf8570a-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xf86-video-xgixp/xf86-video-xgixp-1.8.1-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.
  • x/xorg-server/xorg-server-1.14.3-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Rebuilt.

New in version 2013_09_26 (September 27th, 2013)

  • This version of Parted Magic includes a new GUI for Secure Erase, a GUI for DDRescue, it now boots normally on Windows 8 machines with Secure Boot enabled, a completely new layout for the panel menu, and many updated programs.
  • The new Parted Magic Secure Erase GUI has been the main focus over the past few months and it very well may be the easiest to use and most powerful ATA Secure Erase program on the planet. Go to the Secure Erase page for screenshots.
  • There is also a very nice GUI for DDRescue written by Hamish McIntyre-Bhatty. We have been working with Hamish to make sure this program works well in Parted Magic. Very cool program.
  • That's right, you no longer need to disable Secure Boot on Windows 8 machines to use Parted Magic.
  • New programs! ddrutility and mprime.
  • Updated programs: xorg-server-1.14.3, xf86-video-vesa-2.3.3, linux-3.10.12, bonnie++-1.03e, mozilla-firefox-24.0, gparted-0.16.2, hardinfo-20130925.
  • New Panel Menu layout

New in version 2013_09_07 (September 9th, 2013)

  • All new Secure Erase GUI!!!11!
  • I wouldn't be surprised if I spent 100+ hours on this over the past month. More needs to be done, but I hope it is safe to use in it's current state. If all is well, I'll be able to start on translations soon.
  • ddrescue-gui/ddrescue-gui-1.1-noarch-1_pmagic.txz: Added.
  • ddrutility/ Added.
  • glib2/glib2-2.36.4-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Upgraded.
  • gptfdisk/gptfdisk-0.8.7-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Upgraded.
  • kmod/kmod-15-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Upgraded.
  • lftp/lftp-4.4.9-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Upgraded.
  • linux/linux-3.10.10: Upgraded.
  • mozilla-firefox/mozilla-firefox-23.0.1-i486-1.txz: Upgraded.
  • openbox/openbox-3.5.2-i486-2_pmagic.txz: Upgraded.
  • reiserfsprogs/reiserfsprogs-3.6.24-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Upgraded.
  • x11vnc/x11vnc-0.9.12-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Added.
  • x/xf86-video-ast/xf86-video-ast-0.98.0-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Upgraded.
  • x/xf86-video-intel/xf86-video-intel-2.21.15-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Upgraded.
  • x/xf86-video-neomagic/xf86-video-neomagic-1.2.8-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Upgraded.
  • yad/yad-0.22.1-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Upgraded.
  • zenity/zenity-3.8.0-i486-1_pmagic.txz: Upgraded.

New in version 2013_08_10 (August 14th, 2013)

  • This version of Parted Magic includes improved international language, USB, and video support.
  • Dutch, Ukrainian, and Turkish language support has been added.
  • Asian language support has been improved by adding the SCIM input method by default.
  • The panel menu also has vastly better translations for all supported languages.
  • pptp networking support was added to the Network Manager.
  • Improved support for USB and USB flash drives.
  • Improved support for ATI and Intel graphics cards.

New in version 2013_08_01 (August 1st, 2013)

  • This is probably the most thoroughly tested version of Parted Magic we've done in awhile. More attention was given to fixing old problems then adding new features. That's not to say there are a few new ones.
  • The program to download virus definitions has been overhauled to show more information after the download is complete. Such as the size of the files and the version. You can also decide to download the main, daily, or both. The program which displays what programs are installed has been split up into groups instead of a 1,000 package list.
  • The EFI GRUB2 menu and the syslinux menu have been completely overhauled from scratch. The syslinux menu looks the same, but the guts are entirely new. The EFI GRUB2 menu is now laid out almost exactly like the syslinux menu so it isn't as confusing.
  • The Parted Magic services program was also overhauled and works with easier to manage toggle buttons for stop/start.
  • The program to switch keyboards maps again gets a facelift.
  • Parted Magic now includes wxHexEditor, powertop, mbuffer, mhash, and emelfm2.
  • A few long standing unexplainable problems have disappeared switching from systemd-udev to eudev. As far as we know, we are one of the first distributions to start using it by default.
  • How Parted Magic sets the time has been redone and a new user friendly GUI to set the time has been created.
  • As usual, about 100+ programs have been upgraded to their newest releases. Take a look at the change log for all the nuts and bolts.

New in version 2013_07_21 RC1 (July 25th, 2013)

  • It was probably a good idea to do an rc version before going stable on this. Parted Magic moved away from extracting udev from systemd to using eudev. So far the results have been an improvement. Updating Clonezilla always seems to bite us one way or another. It's not that anything is wrong with Clonezilla, but we seem to find a way to miss something and a re-release is necessary. Lets skip that this round and get it right the first time. Another thing to consider is the reworked syslinux.cfg and all new grub UEFI menu. Lots of stuff could go wrong there. Last but not least, a large amount of rework went into the init system that greatly improved boot time. Even in VirtualBox a 10-15 second improvement was made. See the changelog for a complete list of updated programs. There are a lot of them.

New in version 2013_05_01 (May 2nd, 2013)

  • The Parted Magic project is proud to announce another stable release of the popular partitioning and system rescue environment. This has been by far the most ambitious release of Parted Magic to date. Take a look at all the new features and improvements!
  • EFI booting support from CDROM has been greatly improved.
  • Erase Disk has a new menu with translations.
  • f2fs-tools has been added. You an also create a f2fs with GParted. The GParted team graciously excepted our patch and merged it with version 0.16.0 of GParted.
  • A new “forcevesa” kernel command line option has been added. This works with cards like the MGA G200* series.
  • The Parted Magic Wipe Free Space GUI has been translated.
  • We have created a simple GTK+ GUI for chntpw. It should make changing Windows passwords much easier.
  • The Xorg Server has been upgraded to 1.14.1 with all the latest Xorg drivers.
  • SpaceFM now manages the desktop. You can now drag and drop icons to the desktop or /root/Desktop folders. The right click menu allows the creation of files and folders. That means you can keep your files on the desktop again. :)
  • Jeex and Hexedit have been added to the SpaceFM right click “Open” menu. This makes it much easier to edit files directly. “Open terminal here” and “Show hidden files” have also been added to the right click menu.
  • We have written a new program to help prepare USB drives for booting Parted Magic. It's called “USB Boot Flash”. This code was based off “bootflash” from Puppy Linux.
  • Firefox has been upgraded to version 20.0.1.
  • We wrote a new program called “Parted Magic Mount” and the fstab daemon has been completely redesigned. It works much faster and it's a lot more accurate then it ever has been. Because of the new design it polls every 5 seconds instead of 10. If a change is detected, the device probe and fstab changes are made in about 1 second on most machines.
  • GParted has been upgraded to version 0.16.1. This version corrects the segfaults found in the 0.15.0 and 0.16.0 releases. It's been well tested by us and the GParted team.
  • Clonezilla has been upgraded to version 3.3.10 and DRBL to version 2.3.10.
  • There has also been a number of added programs: chkrootkit-0.49, gdmap-0.8.1, sg3_utils-1.35, jeex-12.0, xterm-291, rdesktop-1.7.1, putty-0.62, and f2fs-tools-1.1.0.
  • The Linux kernel has been upgraded to version 3.8.10 with reiser4 support.
  • The following programs have been removed: udisks, mount-gtk, Rox-filer, feh, and imlib.

New in version 2013_02_28 (March 1st, 2013)

  • Parted Magic now supports booting from EFI BIOS. The kernel has been upgraded to Linux 3.7.9 with fixes for the bug bricking Samsung laptops using EFI and the samsung-laptop module. It's safe to use EFI and Parted Magic in this release. Thanks to czernitko from Czernitko's Corner for helping us put this together.
  • chntpw has been added to the boot menu once again.
  • A new kernel command line option “wicd” allows you to easily switch between Network Manager and WICD.
  • A bug affecting networking detection in Clonezilla has been fixed.
  • Added de, fr, it, ja, nb, pl, pt_BR, ru, zh_CN, zh_TW translations to the new shutdown menu.
  • The program wipefreespace has been added and we spent a lot of time make a nice GTK+ GUI to make it easier to use. It can be accessed from the Disk Eraser menu on the desktop.
  • NetworkManager and network-manager-applet have been updated to A bug in Parted Magic that was causing the authentication dialog from starting has been fixed. Wireless is far easier to use now.
  • Following programs have been added: parallel-20120322, libxslt-1.1.26, secure-delete-3.1, wipefreespace-1.7.2, and minicom-2.6.
  • Updated Programs: mozilla-firefox-19.0.1, fsarchiver-0.6.17, unetbootin-583, flashrom-, spacefm-8544e8b, btrfs-progs-20130216, dosfstools-3.0.14, exfat-utils-1.0.1, fuse-exfat-1.0.1, linux-3.7.9, ntfs-3g_ntfsprogs-2013.1.13AR.1, xfsdump-3.1.2, xf86-video-intel-2.21.3, network-manager-applet-, NetworkManager-, nilfs-utils-2.1.4, udevil-0.4.0, lxpanel-0.5.12, menu-cache-0.4.1, nwipe-0.13, xf86-video-mga-1.6.2, nmap-6.25, xf86-input-synaptics-1.6.3, xf86-video-intel-2.21.0, gtkdialog-0.8.3, xf86-video-ati-7.1.0.

New in version 2013_01_29 (January 30th, 2013)

  • This version of Parted Magic brings all the Xorg packages up to date, adds Spanish language support, and a much improved Shut Down Menu.
  • In the last release there were some issues with the Xorg 13 series. Some people were getting black screens. Reports have come in and most of this seems to be corrected by adjusting some udev rules, pulling a few Xorg drivers from git, and updating to the 3.7.5 Linux kernel.
  • Lots of packages have been recompiled to add the Spanish locales. The syslinux menu has also been updated with Spanish language entries. Spanish is now very well supported in Parted Magic.
  • The Shut Down Menu has been redesigned to be completely ran with or without the mouse. It can also be translated, though English and Spanish are the completed languages at this time.
  • Lots of people were having trouble finding the panel menu button because it was simply the Parted Magic logo and it didn't look clickable. We replaced it with a familiar looking button typically found on most Smart Phones.
  • You can now use the Clonezilla rescue iso option. Thanks to Steven Shiau for helping me get this working in Parted Magic.
  • Firefox is updated to the latest 18.0.1 release.
  • The CD Save Session routine now uses the Xfburn GUI instead of the command line tools with fixed options. This was reported to have improved performance.

New in version 2012_12_25 (December 27th, 2012)

  • It's time again for another major feature release from the most ambitious Linux based system rescue project on the planet. Once again Parted Magic includes hundreds of new features and upgrades instead of a release for the sake of a release. Take the time to read this announcement and you'll agree this is worth the download.
  • I have had some suggestions to make services easier to restart. So what I've done is moved service start ups out of the init file and into /etc/init.d. The syntax matches Debian, so linux system admins should feel at home. These include: alsa, cups, gpm, networkmanager, nfsd, ntp, rpc, samba, snmpd, ssh. These can also be controlled through a new app called Parted Magic Services found in the System menu.
  • Parted Magic now includes printing through CUPS. This isn't basic printing support seen in other mini distributions. Printing support is as good as what you would find in any major distribution.
  • I've had a lot of requests to update to GRUB 2.00 and it was done. Super Grub Disk was also updated to the newest release. You can access SGD from the boot menu Extras.
  • Are you a Truecrypt user? Parted Magic, as always, includes the latest release. You'll find Truecrypt 7.1a ready to go.
  • Parted Magic includes the latest Xorg server and Xorg drivers. As soon as it appears in the Xorg download mirrors, it's included the same day in the testing versions. In this release you'll find Xorg Server 1.13.1 and the newest drivers for Intel, ATI, and nVidia.
  • Need to surf the web? Surf it with Firefox 17.0.1.
  • Sometimes it takes a long time to do system back-ups and disk cloning. With Parted Magic, you don't lose the tunes in your dorm room. Parted Magic includes Audacious 3.3.1 and Asunder 1.6.2 to play and rip your music while you wait.
  • In previous releases Parted Magic only included a basic clipboard. Parcellite 1.0.2rc5 now provides a clipboard that stores multiple entries.
  • Need to check your computer for viruses? This version of Parted Magic includes the powerful Anti-Virus GUI Clamtk 4.44. The GUI for downloading the definitions has been rewritten from scratch. It now has a nice progress bar displaying download speed and time remaining.
  • File-roller has been updated to version Parted Magic now supports more types of archives than any Linux distribution out of the box. If you find one that isn't included, please report it in the forum.
  • Parted Magic now includes a GUI for FSArchiver called QT4 FSArchiver. If you've been looking for a simple solution for back-ups, this is it!
  • Password cracking is now possible with John 1.7.9. A large dictionary is also included to help crack simple passwords that far too many people still use this day and age.
  • Need a VNC? Parted Magic now includes Tiger VNC 1.2.0 out of the box. The default VNC password is set to “partedmagic”. If you are concerned about security you might want to change that before it's used.
  • Netwox 5.36.0 has been a tool used by many system admins and it's now included in Parted Magic by default. As far as I can tell, no other Linux based rescue distribution has it out of the box.
  • Parted Magic has top notch networking support with NetworkManager and NetworkManager Applet WICD is located in the Network menu if that's what works better for you.
  • This version of Parted Magic like always includes the latest version of GParted. Not only does Parted Magic include gparted 0.14.1, Reiser4 actually works and we have exclusive exFAT support patched in GParted.
  • This version of Parted Magic now includes a GUI for Bluetooth with Blueman r708. Obex support is there as well.
  • Big fan of Clonezilla? Parted Magic has it! Clonezilla 3.0.4, DRBL 2.0.3, Partclone 0.2.55, and tcplay 0.11 are ready to go. What other distribution includes Clonzilla besides Clonezilla Live? None. ;)
  • A file manger is very important in a rescue environment, so Parted Magic includes the awesome SpaceFM 0.8.4 and Udevil 0.3.6 to effortlessly manage your files.
  • See the changelog for a complete list of upgrades and bug fixes.

New in version 2012_11_30 (December 1st, 2012)

  • Firefox 17
  • Grub 2.00
  • Truecrypt 7.1a
  • Linux 3.6.8
  • Tigervnc 1.2.0
  • John 1.7.9
  • QT4 Fsarchiver 6.15.2
  • File-Roller
  • SpaceFM 0.8.3
  • ClamTK 4.42
  • CUPS 1.5.4
  • Audacious 3.3.1
  • Asunder 1.6.2
  • Parcellite 1.0.2rc5
  • Screen 4.0.3

New in version 2012_10_10 (October 11th, 2012)

  • This version of Parted Magic includes GParted 0.14.0 with LVM support and Xorg Server 1.13.0 with the latest drivers. I noticed some Reiser4 patches for the 3.5 kernel so it was included again. The reiser4progs package was patched to work with GParted and the 3.x kernels. Rdesktop was removed in favor of FreeRDP and it's GUI Remmina. Two plugins were added to SpaceFM so you can mount SAMBA shares and use ClamAV directly from the file manager. Several minor bugs have been addressed. A large number of programs have been updated.
  • Updated programs: python-2.7.3, bzip2-1.0.6, dbus-python-1.1.0, libgpg-error-1.10, mesa-9.0, nmap-6.01, notify-python-0.1.1, pixman-0.27.2, py2cairo-1.8.10, pygobject-2.28.6, pygtk-2.24.0, pyneighborhood-0.5.4, smartmontools-6.0, wicd-, gparted-0.14.0, firefox-16.0, ethtool-3.6, linux-3.5.6, gnome-ppp-0.3.23, libtorrent-0.13.0, rtorrent-0.9.0, wvdial-1.61, wvstreams-4.6.1, zfs-fuse-20120201_6abfdcf, xf86-input-acecad-1.5.0, xf86-input-aiptek-1.4.1, xf86-input-evdev-2.7.3, xf86-input-joystick-1.6.1, xf86-input-keyboard-1.6.2, xf86-input-mouse-1.8.1, xf86-input-penmount-1.5.0, xf86-input-synaptics-1.6.2, xf86-input-vmmouse-12.9.0, xf86-input-void-1.4.0, xf86-input-wacom-0.15.0, xf86-video-apm-1.2.5, xf86-video-ark-0.7.5, xf86-video-ast-0.97.0, xf86-video-ati-6.14.6, xf86-video-chips-1.2.5, xf86-video-cirrus-1.5.1, xf86-video-dummy-0.3.6, xf86-video-geode-2.11.13, xf86-video-glint-1.2.8, xf86-video-i128-1.3.6, xf86-video-i740-1.3.4, xf86-video-intel-2.20.9, xf86-video-mach64-6.9.3, xf86-video-mga-1.5.0, xf86-video-modesetting-0.5.0, xf86-video-neomagic-1.2.7, xf86-video-nouveau-1.0.2, xf86-video-nv-2.1.20, xf86-video-openchrome-0.3.1, xf86-video-r128-6.9.1, xf86-video-rendition-4.2.5, xf86-video-s3-0.6.5, xf86-video-s3virge-1.10.6, xf86-video-savage-2.3.6, xf86-video-siliconmotion-1.7.7, xf86-video-sis-0.10.7, xf86-video-sisusb-0.9.6, xf86-video-tdfx-1.4.5, xf86-video-tga-1.2.2, xf86-video-trident-1.3.6, xf86-video-tseng-1.2.5, xf86-video-v4l-0.2.0, xf86-video-vesa-2.3.2, xf86-video-vmware-12.0.2, xf86-video-voodoo-1.2.5, xf86-video-xgixp-1.8.1, xorg-server-1.13.0, reiser4progs-1.0.7, libaal-1.0.5, hdparm-9.42, cryptsetup-1.4.3, libcap-2.22, libgcrypt-1.5.0, pcre-8.12, ncurses-5.9, ncdu-1.9, nwipe-0.11, e2fsprogs-1.42.6, lilo-23.2, clamav-0.97.6, dhcp-4.2.4-P2, hdt-0.5.2, spacefm-0.8.0, udevil-0.3.3.

New in version 2012_09_12 (September 12th, 2012)

  • 09/09/2012: Updated mc-4.8.4, exfat-utils-0.9.8, fuse-exfat-0.9.8.
  • 09/07/2012: Fixed more. Command line was too long for atftpd. Apparently atftpd has a 32MB file size limit and a command line length limit. :/
  • 09/06/2012: firefox-15.0.1, gparted-0.13.1-git (with LVM2 support), kmod-10, alsa-utils-1.0.26, alsa-lib-1.0.26.
  • 09/05/2012: Frustrating day. Removed udev and renamed package systemd. Updated eject-2.1.5, firefox-15.0, systemd-189.
  • 09/03/2012: Updated unetbootin-581. More edits to init and rcS.
  • 08/31/2012: Fixed One of the split files was 41MB and that pretty much defeated the purpose. Made some minor edits to init and rcS to handle kernel file systems better.
  • 08/29/2012: Updated pigz-2.2.5, openssh-6.1p1. Fixed bad symbolic link
  • 08/27/2012: Updated e2fsprogs-1.42.5, grep-2.14, coreutils-8.19, xorg-server-1.12.4, linux-3.5.3.
  • 08/21/2012: Updated bash-4.2.037, grep-2.13, btrfs-progs-20120821.
  • 08/19/2012: Updated spacefm-0.7.11, udevil-0.3.2.
  • 08/18/2012: Made default size of terminal for Clonezilla larger.
  • 08/16/2012: Updated mc-
  • 08/14/2012: Added cvt and gtf to Parted Magic's Xorg server build.
  • 08/11/2012: Updated broadcom-wl-5.100.138. Added missing vmalloc=288MiB command line option.
  • 08/10/2012: Updated linux-3.5.1, wireless_tools.29. Added vte.escape.cpu.usage.diff to vte-0.28.2.

New in version 2012_07_28 (July 30th, 2012)

  • Most ambitious release of Parted Magic to date! LVM hang fixed. Garbled Russian translation problem with Clonezilla fixed. Added nfs4 support for Clonezilla. Truecrypt hang fixed. Roxterm 2.6.5 replaces lxterminal. Fixed “cryptsetup luksOpen” bug. SVG icons now look like they are supposed to. Added LOG support to iptables kernel driver. HAL has been removed. You can now boot Parted Magic from Linux RAID partitions (/dev/md*). Device Mapper and LUKS Crypt should work in the next release. I'm hoping to get Parted Magic to boot from encrypted USB drives real soon. If you haven't noticed, SpaceFM is getting really awesome, check out their news page. See the Parted Magic changelog for a complete list of updates.
  • Updated Programs: openssl-1.0.1c, cryptsetup-1.4.3, dbus-1.4.20, LVM2.2.02.96, mdadm-3.2.5, util-linux-2.21.2, atk-2.4.0, dbus-glib-0.98, gdk-pixbuf-2.26.1, glib-2.32.3, gtk+-2.24.10, libnotify-0.7.5, pango-1.30.1, bind-9.9.1-P1, curl-7.26.0, elinks-0.11.7, lftp-4.3.8, nmap-6.01, ntp-4.2.6p5, openldap-2.4.31, openssh-6.0p1, gftp-2.0.19, newt-0.52.14, slang2-2.2.4, vte-0.28.2, spacefm-0.7.10, udevil-0.3.1, linux-3.4.6, iptables-1.4.14, xfce4-screenshooter-1.8.1, xfburn-git from 07/26/2012, libpng-1.2.50, libpng-1.4.12.

New in version 2012_07_13 (July 14th, 2012)

  • Major GParted bugfix and feature release!
  • From the GParted site: “This release of GParted adds the ability to show if partition size differs from file system size. This new feature enables you to identify unallocated space within a partition and can suggest how you can put this space to good use. Also included are bug fixes and language translation updates. Key changes include: Show difference if partition size differs from file system size. Avoid end partition overlap when resizing extended partition.”
  • I went one step extra and enabled exfat support through exfat-fuse and exfat-utils in GParted. You can create, label, and check exfat with Parted Magic's GParted exfat patched version.
  • There are also some other notable changes. I went through and completely revamped the icon directory. Parted Magic now uses the Tango Icon Theme. It creates a very uniform look and feel. Btrfs-progs has been updated to the latest git version so it's possible to create smaller file systems. Udev has been updated to version 182.

New in version 2012_07_05 (July 6th, 2012)

  • 07/04/12: Updated grep-2.13, mount-gtk-1.2.1. Happy 4th!
  • 07/03/12: Updated linux-3.4.4. Added “setterm -blank 0 -powersave off -powerdown 0 &” to /root/.xinitrc. New Fail Safe boot option “Load NVIDIA”. This loads the nvidia kernel module and blacklists nouveau. You can do the same thing by adding “blacklist=nouveau nvidia=yes” to any boot loader's append line. You need the NVIDIA packages found on to load the nvidia kernel module.
  • 07/02/12: Added “Erase MBR” option to “Erase Disk”. Upped kernel command line parameter from vmalloc=256MiB to vmalloc=288MiB. Added “xset dpms 0 0 0 &” to /root/.xinitrc
  • 07/01/12: Updated udevil-0.2.9. All mount and umount issues resolved. /etc/mtab moved back to a text file.
  • 06/29/12: Updated lshw-B.02.16, partclone-0.2.49. Removed module-init-tools. Added kmod-9. Symbolic link /etc/mtab to /proc/mounts fixed the double unmount issue in GParted. SpaceFM desktop icon opens /root instead of /.
  • 06/28/12: Fixed issue with dfs using cifs. Added nbd-3.0 (network block device) client and server.
  • 06/27/12: Updated clonezilla-1.2.12-67. Most of the panel menu items now have more generic names and fixed missing space in “Desktop Settings”.

New in version 2012_06_26 (June 27th, 2012)

  • Lots of little changes and some new programs added. The most noticeable additions are Samba and the proprietary binary video driver from NVidia. The NVidia driver doesn't come pre-installed, but it is available as a ready to go module. Make sure you grab the drivers that match the kernel in the version of Parted Magic that you currently running. You must also disable the Nouveau driver from the Fail Safe menu.The panel has been almost completely reworked. Clonezilla and our famous “Erase Disk” program have been added to the desktop. Arandr replaces Lxrandar.
  • The following programs have been updated: xrandr-1.3.5, bluez-4.91, fsarchiver-0.6.15, linux-3.4.3, e2fsprogs-1.42.4, sed-4.2.1, libdrm-2.4.35, xf86-video-nouveau-git_20120614_36d3f8c, freetype-2.4.10, ddrescue-1.16, pixman-0.26.0, xorg-server-1.12.2, firefox-13.0.1, gzip-1.5, psmisc-22.18, clamav-0.97.5, ethtool-3.4.1, xz-5.0.4, conky-1.9.0., xdg-user-dirs-0.13, xdg-utils-1.1.0_rc1, boost_1_49_0, cifs-utils-5.5.
  • Added programs: arpwatch-2.1a15, sallu-xclamscan-1.1.1, arandr-0.1.6, samba-3.5.14, pm-utils-1.4.1, libmcs-0.7.2, libmowgli-0.7.1.

New in version 2012_06_07 (June 7th, 2012)

  • Updated programs: clonezilla-1.2.12-60, ntfs-3g_ntfsprogs-2012.1.15AR.5, partclone-0.2.48, testdisk-6.14-WIP, bash-4.2.024, lxinput-0.3.2, menu-cache-0.3.3, xmms2-0.8DrO_o, libogg-1.2.2, libvorbis-1.3.2, lxmusic-0.4.5, mpg123-1.13.3, alsa-lib-1.0.25, alsa-utils-1.0.25
  • Added programs: dislocker, libdiscid-0.2.2, libsndfile-1.0.24, kmod-8, nmap-5.51
  • Bugs fixed: Archiving issue with SpaceFM. MP3, OGG, and WAV files now play in lxmusic.
  • Removed programs: module-init-tools
  • New features: ipex added to boot menu.

New in version 2012_05_30 (May 31st, 2012)

  • Updated programs: coreutils-8.17, file-5.11, lftp-4.3.6, mbr-1.1.11, openssh-6.0p1, openssl-0.9.8x, rdesktop-1.7.1, sshfs-fuse-2.4, unetbootin-575, zerofree-1.0.2, clamav-0.97.4, e2fsprogs-1.42.3, fuse-2.9.0, rsync-3.0.9, cifs-utils-5.4, keyutils-1.5.5, krb5-1.7.1, curl-7.25.0, libidn-1.25, openldap-client-2.4.31, spacefm-0.7.7
  • Added programs: pyneighborhood-0.5.4, shorewall-4.4.27, shorewall6-, gptsync-0.14, udevil-0.2.4
  • New features: The firewall routine from 2012_05_14 has been removed in favor of Shorewall. Development has started on a simple GUI for Shorewall in Parted Magic. The GUI supports stop, start, restart, and basic rule changes.

New in version 2012_05_14 (May 15th, 2012)

  • Huge updates with this one! New 3.3.6 Linux Kernel, Xorg Server 1.12.1 with the most recent drivers, SpaceFM replaces PCManFM-Mod, Udisks replaces PMount, and an optional firewall for wired connections. To enable the firewall hit and add “firewall” at the first boot screen. All incoming traffic is blocked. Support for wireless is coming soon. See the changelog for a complete list of updated software.

New in version 2012_04_21 (April 23rd, 2012)

  • Updated programs: e2fsprogs-1.42.2, dosfstools_3.0.12, mtools_4.0.17, util-linux-2.21.1, coreutils-8.16, bootinfoscript-061, gptfdisk-0.8.4, ms-sys-2.3.0, pigz-2.2.4, safecopy-1.7, gparted-0.12.1, lzip-1.13, parted-3.1, plzip-0.8, ddrescue-1.16-rc3, dhcp-4.2.1_P1, dhcpcd-5.2.12, ethtool-2.6.36, net-tools-1.60, hdparm-9.39, wicd-1.7.2, linux-3.2.15, clonezilla-1.2.12-37, ntfs-3g_ntfsprogs-2012.1.15AR.1, testdisk-6.14-WIP, smartmontools-5.42, flashrom-
  • Bugs fixed: The dosfstools/mtools update seems to have fixed some weirdness resizing fat file systems. The util-linux/coreutils update overwrites the busybox symlinks. Busybox is almost obsolete now.
  • New Features: nopmodules and noscripts were added to the kernel command line options.

New in version 2012_3_24 (March 25th, 2012)

  • Updated programs: linux-3.2.11, busybox-1.19.4, pixman-0.24.4, xf86-input-keyboard-1.6.1, xf86-video-openchrome-0.2.905, xf86-video-wsfb-0.4.0, freetype-2.4.9, xf86-video-glint-1.2.7, xf86-video-modesetting-0.2.0, xf86-video-vmware-11.99.901, nwipe-0.08, e2fsprogs-1.42.1, firefox-11.0
  • Added programs: bar_1.11.1, md5deep-4.1
  • Bugs fixed: Improvements made to pmagic_shred_zero, pmagic_wipe, pmagic_wipe_part, pmagic_erase, added real “stat” for clonezilla.

New in version 2012_2_27 (February 28th, 2012)

  • Updated Programs: gparted-0.12.0
  • Bugs fixed: Added the real “nc” program for Clonezilla.

New in version 2012_2_19 (February 20th, 2012)

  • Parted Magic 2012_2_19 updates some programs and fixes a few bugs. The most notable updates include Clonezilla 1.2.12-10, TrueCrypt 7.1, Firefox 10.0.1, and Linux 3.2.6. When busybox was compiled for the last release dpkg and ar were mistaking left out. When the last kernel was compiled, the bnep module was missed.
  • Updated programs: TrueCrypt 7.1, wxGTK-2.8.12, linux-3.2.6, clonezilla-1.2.12-10, partclone_0.2.45, ddrescue-1.15, e2fsprogs-1.42, hdparm-9.38, pciutils-3.1.9, nilfs-utils-2.1.1, ntfs-3g_ntfsprogs-2012.1.15, pcmanfm-mod-1.2.4, unetbootin-linux-568, firefox-10.0.1

New in version 2011_12_30 (January 1st, 2012)

  • Updated programs: firefox-9.0.1, gparted-0.11.0, linux-3.1.6, nilfs-utils-2.0.21, super_grub2_1.99b1, and syslinux-4.05.
  • Added progeams: cifs-utils-5.2 and keyutils_1.5.2.
  • Bugs fixed: fixed obscure crash in secure erase script.

New in version 2011_11_24 (November 25th, 2011)

  • Updated Programs: lilosetup-, testdisk-6.13, linux-3.1.2.

New in version 11.11.11 (November 11th, 2011)

  • This version includes a new version system! What a nice day to roll it out. The kernel has been upgraded to Linux 3.1.0. Other major program updates include Firefox 8.0, GParted 0.10.0, ClamAV 0.97.3, gptfdisk 0.8.1, and File 5.09. Most of the work has gone into fixing smallish annoying issues and minor scripting errors.

New in version 6.7 (October 3rd, 2011)

  • Major enhancement release with many updates. Most notable updates include, Linux 3.0.4 and GParted 0.9.1. We have dropped the legacy PCManFM for PCManFM-Mod, and man is it nice. Lots a little PCManfm bugs that have existed for years are now quashed. Xfburn replaces SimpleBurn for burning CDROM/DVD media. Chntwd was added to the boot menu. Adding Luxi fonts improved international language support. Although it's not the newest released, Firefox is updated to firefox-6.0.2 and is compiled for i486 (official branding included) with permission from the Mozilla Foundation. OpenSSH is updated to 5.9p1 with the ecdsa key created by default. People have been complaining about Parted Magic being hard on laptop batteries, so CPU frequency scaling on anything with a battery is now set to “on-demand” at boot. See the changelog for all the updates. There are many.

New in version 6.6 (August 5th, 2011)

  • Bugs fixed: Fixed issue when resizing NTFS file systems.
  • Updated programs: lxterminal-0.1.11, openbox-3.5.0.

New in version 6.5 (August 3rd, 2011)

  • Added programs: whiptail-0.52.11, plzip_0.7, pxz-4.999.9beta.20091201git, partclone-utils_0.1.

New in version 6.4 (July 28th, 2011)

  • Updated programs: firefox-5.0, pbzip2-1.1.4, epdfview-0.1.8, linux-3.0, gparted-0.9.0.
  • New features: Added “KILL Nouveau” option to failsafe menu so the nv driver is used instead. Adding “clonezilla” to the kernel command line brings you right into Clonezilla.
  • Bugs fixed: Most Radeon issues have been resolved. Some additional Mobile4 issues resolved.

New in version 6.3 (July 4th, 2011)

  • This release fixes a few obscure typos and bugs in some of our scripts. Pburn and Pfilesearch have been added for testing. There are no menu entires yet, so run “pburn” from the command line. If there are any Puppy fans out there that can help us getting these to work as well as they do on Puppy, that would be awesome. If they work okay, then we can add them to the menu in 6.4.
  • The main reason for this release was to add more kernel CPU options. Parted Magic now comes in i486, i686, and x86_64. The only testing I've done with x86_64 was on my i7 machine. I've successfully chrooted into Slackware64 1337 and ran some command line programs. The i686 CPU is set to PIII, so if you are running a PII, use the i486 version instead. Please report any problems in the forum.

New in version 6.2 (June 15th, 2011)

  • New features: Rox now handles the desktop icons and feh displays the desktop wallpaper
  • Updated programs: testdisk-6.12, parted-3.0, linux-, chntpw-110511, gparted-0.8.1, unetbootin-linux-549, module-init-tools-3.16, lilo-22.8, boot_info_script-0.60, file-5.07, flashrom_0.9.3+r1323, lsscsi-0.25, lzip-1.12, rsync-3.0.8, sdparm-1.06, xfsdump-3.0.5, xfsprogs-3.1.5, xz-5.0.2
  • Bugs fixed: Ugly fonts in Firefox for locales other than US.
  • Added programs: feh-1.3.4, rox-filer-2.9, zfs-fuse-0.7.0, firmware-brcm80211-0.30, fixparts-0.7.1
  • Removed programs: The last bits of ntfs-progs has been removed. NTFS-3G handles ntfs for testdisk now.

New in version 6.1 (May 9th, 2011)

  • This version of Parted Magic includes a new Xorg build and some bug fixes. The Nouveau Xorg driver for nvidia chips is used by default now. The black screen problem with the Intel Mobile 4 Series Integrated Graphics Controllers has been fixed. A mess of other minor issues were addressed.
  • Updated Programs: alsa-lib-, ddrescue-1.14, file-5.05, alsa-utils-, dmidecode-2.11, fuse-2.8.5, mc-, cpio-2.11, dosfstools-3.0.11, gdisk-0.6.14, mdadm-3.1.5, cryptsetup-1.2.0, dvd+rw-tools-7.1, lsscsi-0.24, tar-1.26, syslinux-4.04, xorg-server-1.9.5 (all compatible drivers and libraries too), ocz_sf_fw_set, linux-, nwipe-0.05, firefox-4.0.1, hdt-0.5.0

New in version 6.0 (April 13th, 2011)

  • If you have experienced booting issues with Parted Magic, this is the version you have been waiting for. The way the kernel is handled has been completely redone. This is the reason for the new major version number. The kernel modules, udev, and firmware have been moved to the initramfs. The nice graphical boot menu that we have been using for years has been removed in favor of a very basic one. Many laptops and notebooks could not start the complex menu. A large number of major and minor bugs have been fixed as well.
  • Updated Programs: cryptsetup-1.2.0, lvm2-2.02.84, nwipe-0.03 (downgraded), util-linux-2.19, linux-, udev-165, btrfs-progs-20110327, glibc-2.13, jfsutils-1.1.15, usbutils-002, xfsprogs-3.1.4, squashfs-4.2, simpleburn- (downgraded), busybox-1.18.4, memtest86-4.20, ntfs-3g_ntfsprogs-2011.4.12

New in version 5.10 (February 16th, 2011)

  • The most notable changes are the Linux 2.6.37 Kernel, GParted 0.8.0, and the move back to Firefox as the default web browser.
  • We updated some programs and here is the list: fsarchiver-0.6.12, gzip-1.4, hdparm-9.37, xz-5.0.1, conky-1.8.1, ntfs-3g-2011.1.15, linux-2.6.37, gdisk-0.6.14, hdt-0.4.1, ms-sys-2.2.1, nwipe-0.04, squashfs-4.1, libxml2-2.7.8, and gparted-0.8.0.
  • These programs have been added: reglookup-0.12.0, firefox-3.6.13, and ntp-4.2.6p3 (ntpd starts automatically at boot).
  • Some of the lesser changes were fixing the “shred” bug in the “Erase Disk” menu, the boot/isolinux directory has been removed (instead we use the boot/syslinux directory and the syslinux.cfg), and /root/.conkyrc has been moved to /etc/conky/conky.conf. Some other bugs were fixed as always.

New in version 5.9 (January 13th, 2011)

  • This version fixes some booting issues and Save Session for CD/DVD.
  • There were a few bugs fixed in the new direct ISO booting feature.
  • Super Grub Disk(1/2) has been updated to .9799 and 1.98s1.
  • Some other minor issues

New in version 5.8 (December 29th, 2010)

  • Updated: clonezilla-1.2.6-40, plpbt-5.0.11, psensor-0.4.4, linux-, busybox-1.17.4, nwipe-0.03, simpleburn-1.6.0, syslinux-4.03, clamav-0.96.5, e2fsprogs-1.41.14, gparted-0.7.1
  • Added: zerofree-1.0.1, cmospwd-5.0, open-iscsi-2.0.871, hfsprescue-0.1, gscite223
  • New Feature: You can now boot the ISO completely from RAM with MEMDISK (without the need to access the ISO on disk by PM itself).

New in version 5.7 (November 1st, 2010)

  • wipe-0.02, wicd-1.7.0 (with python and pygtk dependencies), gnome-ppp_0.3.23, realvncviewer-4.1.3b

New in version 5.5 (September 12th, 2010)

  • Parted Magic 5.5 updates a significant amount of packages and fixes some minor bugs. The programs have been updated to dosfstools-3.0.9, jfsutils-1.1.14, perl-5.12.1, ddrescue-1.13, e2fsprogs-1.41.12, openssh-5.6p1, xfsprogs-3.1.3, linux-, tar-1.23, xchat-2.8.8, zlib-1.2.3, pciutils-3.1.7, syslinux-4.02, vte-0.24.3, lftp-4.0.10, mc-, udev-162, chromium-browser-7.0.517.0, clonezilla-1.2.6-20, and libpci3-3.1.7.
  • The program flashrom-0.9.2+r1141 has been added. Flashrom is a utility for identifying, reading, writing, verifying and erasing flash chips.
  • The Parted Magic ISO image is now "hybrid", so it can be written directly to a USB drive using dd.

New in version 5.4 (August 26th, 2010)

  • Parted Magic 5.4 updates to alsa-lib-1.0.23, alsa-utils-1.0.23, dhcp-4.2.0, grub-1.98, linux-
  • For some unknown reason keyboard input slowed down in the last release. Updating the kernel seems to have fixed the problem. NTFS file systems not being mounted as read-write while using G4L is fixed. We also moved to AUFS, which improves RAM usage even more.

New in version 5.3 (August 22nd, 2010)

  • Parted Magic 5.3 updates to truecrypt-7.0, g4l-34a, busybox-1.17.1, freetype-2.4.2, ntfs-3g-2010.8.8, udev-161, unetbootin-471, linux-, lxterminal-0.1.8
  • Some other adjustments have been made to improve memory usage once again thanks to burdi01. We dropped Unionfs in favor of Unionfs-fuse. The main pmagic-5.3.sqfs is now one squashfs instead of the split up method. If anybody was having issues with G4L, give this version a try. Some other minor bugs were fixed.
  • We are no longer supporting or supplying a USB Zip file. Our official method for booting from USB is Unetbootin. People that know what they are doing shouldn't have any problem extracting the ISO image and executing the syslinux command. Nothing has really changed. Supplying a USB zip was inviting too many people that had no clue how to boot from a USB drive and offering complex documentation was just adding to the confusion.
  • The GRUB4DOS ISO has also been discontinued because we don't have time to maintain the menu. There is no reason a GRUB4DOS super fan could offer this booting method on their own site. This really should have been maintained by the people at bootland that requested it.

New in version 5.2 (August 3rd, 2010)

  • Parted Magic 5.2 updates GParted to 0.6.2, fixes some bugs, and improves international language support. The new GParted re-enables MiB partition alignment option and fixes the problem with logical partition move overwriting the EBR. A mess of bugs have been fixed with the help of Dick Burggraaff (burdi01), Jason Vasquez, and most of all, users willing to take the time to report them and help us test. Asian language support has been greatly improved with the addition of SCIM and GCIN. GCIN is automatically started when Taiwanese is selected at the boot menu and SCIM is automatically started when Japanese or Chinese is selected at the boot menu.

New in version 5.1 (July 17th, 2010)

  • This is a bug fix as well as a major feature release. The Intel drivers for Xorg work now and a few other small issues with locales/fonts were improved.
  • Parted Magic now includes language support for Japanese, Chinese, Chinese (TW), and Polish. The Asian language support needs work and any input would be very welcome.

New in version 5.0 (July 12th, 2010)

  • Parted Magic 5.0 brings Linux Kernel, significant international language support (German, French, Italian, Norwegian, Brazilian, and Russian), Xorg Server 1.7.7, and GParted 0.6.1. All other program updates can be found on the change log page. I would like to give a big thanks to Dick Burggraaff (burdi01) for all of his contributions over the past couple of months. He has made many updates to the init scripts as well as the much improved Parted Magic Keyboard program located on the desktop. Overall, many bugs have been fixed and this release is far better than anything in the 4.X releases for a large number of people.

New in version 5.0 RC (July 4th, 2010)

  • Parted Magic 5.0 needs some final testing before it's released as stable. Seeing that we don't own 100's of computers, can you take some time to make sure xorg-server-1.7.7 and linux-2.6.34 work as expected?

New in version 4.11 (June 15th, 2010)

  • This version of Parted Magic updates programs to: ext3grep-0.10.2, fsarchiver-0.6.10, gdisk-0.6.7, hdparm-9.28, lftp-4.0.7, lzip-1.10, ms-sys-2.1.5, openssh-5.5p1, gencfs-1.0.2, gsshfs-1.0.3, sgsearch-1.1.3, chromium-6.0.424.0, gsshfs-1.0.1, linux-, parted-2.3, syslinux-3.86, mc-20100509_git, ntfs-3g-2010.5.22, super_grub_disk_1.98s1, udev-157
  • Xarchiver was removed in favor of using File Roller for the archive manager.
  • To be as useful as possible while keeping the same lightweight philosophy these programs were added: lm_sensors-3.1.1, perl-5.10.1, dbrl-1.9.5-79, clonezilla-2.3.5-21, rarlinux-3.9.3, unrar-3.9.7, vmfs-tools-0.2.1
  • Some major effort went into this release and I hope you enjoy it. Next release will most likely include a newer Xorg and Linux Kernel. I would also like to thank burdi01 for his efforts improving the init scripts and his future work on the keyboard selection program.

New in version 4.9 (March 21st, 2010)

  • Although this is mostly a bug fix release, some other major changes were made. People didn't like that we were using Chrome, so we switched to Chromium. All the old IDE drivers were removed from the kernel and only the new framework is used now. The major difference most people will notice is that devices that used to be labeled /dev/hd* will now be /dev/sd* and all CDROMs will be /dev/sr*. Three new programs were added, mhdd, elinks, and zsync. Some changes were made to the kernel config and initramfs so virtio hard disks could be used to boot Parted Magic. The fstab daemon was also fixed to support virtio hard disks. Many other small fixes were made to the network scripts and the system in general.
  • Updated programs: rsync-3.0.7, fsarchiver-0.6.8, glibc-2.11.1, isomaster-1.3.7, linux-, udev-151, openbox-3.4.11, simpleburn-1.4.0, fontconfig-2.8.0, dosfstools-3.0.7, gdisk-0.6.4, gtk+-2.18.7, lsscsi-0.23, lxmusic-0.4.2,, dhcp-4.1.1, gparted-0.5.2, pciutils-3.1.6, testdisk-6.12-WIP, grsync-1.0.0, parted-2.2, pigz-2.1.6, smartmontools-5.39.1, util-linux-ng-2.17.1, e2fsprogs-1.41.11, glib-2.22.4, iozone3_338, lxpanel-0.5.5, menu-cache-0.3.2, ntfs-3g-2010.3.6, partclone-0.2.0, syslinux-3.85, udpcast-20100130, dbus-1.2.16, hal-0.5.14, hal-info-20091130

New in version 4.8 (December 28th, 2009)

  • Parted Magic 4.8 fixes "Live" mode and direct ISO booting with GRUB4DOS.

New in version 4.7 (December 21st, 2009)

  • Partclone 0.1.9 was added again despite Clonezilla being removed. People still wanted to use it from the command line.
  • Xfburn and libburnia are replaced by simpleburn and cdrtools.
  • LXMusic-0.4.0 was added with a very limited xmms2 build. Just enough to allow this program to work.
  • util-linux is replaced by util-linux-ng.
  • Firefox is replaced by Google Chrome (Official Linux Beta version).
  • Linux is updated to with squashfs-lzma compression.
  • A mistake in the kernel config was fixed and Broadcom wireless drivers work again.
  • Some major problems were fixed in the wireless scripts.
  • lsof_4.78, workman_1.3.4, hddtemp-0.3-beta15 were added.
  • Updated Programs: boot_info_script036, hdt-0.3.6, linux-, ntfs-3g-2009.11.14, openssl-0.9.8l, udev-149, coreutils-8.1, grep-2.5.4, module-init-tools-3.11.1, startup-notification-0.10, vte-0.22.5, freetype-2.3.11, lftp-4.0.4, sed-4.2.1, wpa_supplicant-0.6.9, ddrescue-1.11, gdisk-0.5.1, grsync-0.9.3, gparted-0.5.0, gtk+-2.18.5, openbox-3.4.9, fsarchiver-0.6.2, lxpanel-0.5.4, menu-cache-0.2.6, smartmontools-5.39, libxml2-2.7.6, syslinux-3.84

New in version 4.6 (November 17th, 2009)

  • Many fixes and changes for Netbooks.
  • GNU Parted bug "ERROR: Current NTFS volume size is bigger than the device size!" is fixed.
  • Parted Magic Save Session uses xz instead of 7-zip.
  • Clamav was added, but you have to download the definitions yourself. There is an entry in the panel's application launcher to automate the download. The definitions are downloaded to /root/clamav, so they will be saved in root.xz when you use Save Session.
  • Flash Player can be downloaded and installed from the panel's application launcher.
  • epdfview was added so people can read hardware manuals that normally come in pdf format.
  • A simple program to change the keyboard layout was added to the desktop.
  • A new program added (lxrandr) to re-size the display while running inside of Xorg.
  • Roxterm was replaced by an svn version of LXTerminal.
  • Clonezilla was removed from the main Parted Magic image because it's not possible to make a rescue ISO without downloading a template. I kept getting complaints about this like a broken record. Now we offer Parted Magic - Clonezilla instead, which is far more reliable.
  • The syslinux menus were redone to add more options and break things down into sub-menus. The boot menu is far less intimidating now. Device Mapper RAID and Linux Software RAID have been moved to RAID options for automatic assembly at boot time. Device mapper is no longer automatically started at boot.
  • Super Grub Disk 1 & 2 are both included now from the syslinux "Extras" sub-menu.
  • < numlock > is no longer on by default.
  • sleep=10 boot option has been removed. Parted Magic's boot script is now smart enough not to need this.
  • A slew of fixed bugs and program updates can be found in the changelog.

New in version 4.5 (September 19th, 2009)

  • This new version of Parted Magic updates the graphical server Xorg, expands networking, improves RAM usage, and fixes some bugs.
  • To combat some of the problems associated with the newer versions of Xorg and Intel chipsets, Parted Magic offers driver versions intel-2.4.1, intel-2.5.1, intel-2.6.3, intel-2.7.1 to the boot options. At the first boot screen press TAB and then add one of the listed drivers to the syslinux command line. Parted Magic will then install them while the system is booting. Most people will not have to do this because the default intel-2.8.1 driver fixes most problems from previous releases. I would also like to thank Jason Vasquez, Dukers, and verndog for all the testing with the Intel video drivers.
  • There is a new PPPoE option added to the "Start Network" program. PPPoE connections are now easy to establish.
  • RAM usage has been significantly reduced for the "Default settings (Runs from RAM)" and "Live with low RAM settings" boot options. The default option only requires 192MB, from 256MB in version 4.4, to completely run Parted Magic from RAM. The biggest gain was with the low RAM option because that now only requires 48MB to run. As far as we know, Parted Magic can run graphical GParted with less RAM than any other Live Distribution out of the box.

New in version 4.5 RC 1 (September 14th, 2009)

  • Xorg Server 1.6.3 (all drivers were updated)
  • Xorg Intel drivers need testing. Press at boot prompt for alternatives
  • Clonezilla 2.3.3-74
  • PPPoE connections can be started from the 'Start Network' program
  • Major house cleaning. Only needs 192MB to run completely from RAM
  • The "Live with low RAM" option only requires 48MB of RAM to run
  • Bluez was added
  • OpenSSL and OpenSSH were updated. (is everything okay?)
  • The size has been reduced by almost 20MB (is anything broke?)

New in version 4.4 (August 13th, 2009)

  • This new version of Parted Magic has some major updates. Users can now get online with dial-up networing through our "Start Network" program. Parted Magic is not in the desktop media business, but ALSA sound drivers and ALSA core programs were added if you would like to use a media player. We highly suggest Slackware-12.x packages. Unionfs is now being used for the big directories and Parted Magic's RAM usage, with the "default" boot option, has been halved. That's right, it only takes 256MB of RAM to run completely run from system memory and free up that CDROM drive or USB stick. At boot time the SSH daemon is started and public keys are generated, so that's one less thing for people using SSH to deal with. Last but not least you will notice that Super Grub Disk is now an option in the boot menu.
  • This is a list of fixed bugs from the forum entries: BNX2 - Broadcom Ethernet driver problem, CD drive not mounted on /media when using livemedia, Clonezilla with Samba - Missing password prompt, Kernel edd=off, Adblocking Firefox, CloneZilla cannot create recovery ISO, KPPP or PPP?, Firefox, Super Grub Disk, v. 4.4 "beta" run from RAM bug, SSHD in Parted Magic
  • These programs have been updated: pcmanfm-svn878, fsarchiver-0.5.8, firefox-3.5.2, clonezilla-2.3.3-68, linux-, drbl-1.9.4-47, e2fsprogs-1.41.8, usbutils-0.84, gtk+-2.16.5, hdparm-9.16, lftp-3.7.15, parted-1.9.0, gpicview-0.2.1, lxpanel-0.5.0, pigz-2.1.5, libburn-0.6.8.pl00, lxtask-0.1.1, safecopy-1.5, libisofs-0.6.20, mount-gtk-1.0.4, xfburn-0.4.2, gdisk-0.3.1, g4l30n

New in version 4.3 (July 10th, 2009)

  • This is a bug fix release for the 4.x series of Parted Magic. Not only did some bugs get fixed, but a few new programs were added too. chntpw, nilfs-utils-2.0.12, gdisk-0.2.2, Adblock Plus 1.0.2 are now part of Parted Magic's program line-up. This is a list of fixed bugs from the forum entries: reiser4 support lacking, msftres bug, gFTP Fails to connect to SSH2 computer, Parted Magic 4.2 Clonezilla LILO and keyboard bugs, Clonezilla with Samba - Missing password prompt, Clonezilla not automatically unmounting disk?, Parted Magic 4.2 HDD won't boot, Questions about Pmagic (networking problem), and cloning and swap partitions
  • These programs have been updated: udev-143, glib-2.20.4, gtk+-2.16.4, e2fsprogs-1.41.7, firefox-3.5, fireftp-1.0.5, clonezilla-2.3.3-65, linux-, p7zip_9.04, partclone_0.1.1-15, isomaster-1.3.5, roxterm-1.15.1, drbl-1.9.4-45, ndiswrapper-1.55
  • We also took some time to redo the artwork. Many thanks to Jason Vasquez for heading up this effort. I think it's the best looking version of Parted Magic yet!

New in version 4.2 (June 17th, 2009)

  • I guess it's about time to release another version of Parted Magic. Nothing special about this release, just some minor updates and bug fixes. Just kidding, CLONEZILLA is now part of Parted Magic's program line-up! This is not a dual boot set-up like some people have done in the past, the actual program Clonezilla can be launched directly from the Parted Magic desktop. It took some modifications to get it working and the Clonezilla author Steven Shiau did a fantastic job helping us make the necessary changes to Parted Magic so it would work the way it was intended to work. Without his input, it would have taken much longer and users probably would have encountered bugs caused by Parted Magic. I can't thank Steven enough.
  • We also replaced bzip2 with pbzip2 and gzip with pigz. This should make compressing and decompressing files much faster if you have more than one processor. Machines with only one processor are obviously still supported and won't be affected by these changes.
  • This is the fairly large set of updated programs: dmraid_1.0.0.rc15, linux-2.6.30, udev-142, lftp-3.7.14, rsync-3.0.6, util-linux-ng-2.15.1, fsarchiver-0.5.7, gpicview-0.1.99, gsmartcontrol-0.8.4, ntfs-3g-2009.4.4AR.10, TrueCrypt-6.2, reiser4progs-1.0.7, progsreiserfs_0.3.0.5, safecopy-1.3, conky-, pciutils-3.1.2, ext3grep-0.10.1, findutils-4.4.2.tar.gz, sshfs-fuse-2.2, testdisk-6.11-3 (with photorec_611_exif_bound_checking_v2.patch), galculator-1.3.4, busybox-1.14.1, e2fsprogs-1.41.6, gtk+-2.16.2, glib-2.20.3, syslinux-3.82, grsync-0.9.0, firefox-3.5b99, xfce4-screenshooter-1.6.0, usbutils-0.82
  • These programs were added: curl-7.19.5, clonezilla-2.3.3-33, partclone_0.1.1-10, drbl-1.9.4-33, awk-3.1.6, sed-4.1.5, grep-2.5.3, tightvnc-1.3.9 (only vncviewer), a script to suspend USB hard disks, mkswap-uuid-0.1.0-2
  • Bug Fixes: Save session from the LiveUSB works again. Added better support for "it" key maps. Stopped "menu" from having more than one instance. Xvesa settings now saved with "Save Session". Some other minor bugs were also fixed.
  • If Parted Magic saves you time and makes your computing experience better, take a minute to donate $2. This project is funded almost entirely by donations. You don't need a PayPal account to donate. You can use a credit card or e-check through PayPal without actually opening a PayPal account.

New in version 4.1 (May 9th, 2009)

  • This version of Parted Magic fixes some bugs and adds some new features and programs. There was a scripting error that cause DEB packages not to load in some situations, mkfstab was moved later in the booting process to stop the new fstab from being overwritten by the one from the 'Save Session' package, and 'partimag' user was added by default for PartImage. The fstab daemon now detects device mapper RAID partitions while removing the unmountable mirrors from /etc/fstab. GParted and mount-gtk correctly display and mount these partitions. Added support for new package extensions .tbz, tlz, txz. Numlock is set to 'on' in and outside of X by default.

New in version 4.0 (April 4th, 2009)

  • A new release with some exciting new features! Parted Magic now has full support for partitioning Device Mapper RAID partitions. The initrd was completely trashed and Parted Magic now boots from a initramfs. The new initramfs is only about 500KB and all drivers needed to boot the media are built directly into the kernel. The isolinux.cfg/syslinux.cfg files are drastically different, please make a note of this. The "Low RAM" option was changed to boot Xvesa, TWM, and GParted at 800x600x4. It now runs very well on a computer with 64MB of RAM. The pmagic.sqfs is now a squashfs-lzma image and the new overall size is about 70MB. You can now "Save Session" with the CD version (CD-RW required). The PXE version can merge initramfs for module installation. Loading debs (without dependency checking and resolving) at boot time like tgz packages is now supported. We also have all new artwork in a clean blue theme that matches the look of the new website.
  • These packages have been added: btrfs-0.17 (kernel module), btrfs-progs-0.18, ndiswrapper-1.54, truecrypt-6.1a (with gui), added hdt from syslinux and syslinux menus entire, multipath-tools-0.4.8.
  • And the following packages have been updated: gparted-0.4.4, file-5.00, fsarchiver-0.4.6, xfburn-0.4.1, xfce4-screenshooter-1.5.1, xfsdump-3.0.0, xfsprogs-3.0.0, udev-140, hdparm-9.13, cairo-1.8.6, glibmm-2.18.1, pango-1.22.4, cairomm-1.8.0, gtk+-2.16.0, pangomm-2.14.1, glib-2.20.0 gtkmm-2.14.3, mount-gtk-1.0.3, lsscsi-0.22, lftp-3.7.10, LVM2.2.02.45, tar-1.22, firefox-3.0.8, libburn-0.6.4.pl00, libisofs-0.6.16, dc3dd-6.12.3, ntfs-3g-2009.3.8.
  • I can't say enough how grateful I am for this new computer you all have given me! I can compile a kernel in 15 minutes compared to an hour with my 8 shiny Intel i7 processors. :)

New in version 3.7 (February 25th, 2009)

  • Updated: hdparm-9.11, util-linux-ng-2.14.2, linux2.6.28.7, coreutils-7.1 (only dd, cp, shred, split, stty), ddrescue-1.10, firefox-3.0.6, FireFTP-1.0.4, lshw-B.02.14, di-4.13
  • Fixed: The package installer had a scripting error that wouldn't allow more than one package to be installed. Added /mnt/local so G4L works. Jason added some fixes and features to the wipe and mount scripts. The code for booting iso's directly using GRUB4DOS was merged back in after the last round of major chnages. The code for forcing devices at boot with uuid= and label= was also merged back in. "unnamed window" fixed in conky. Web links in GTK app's about dialogs launch now. Added xfce files so help in screenshooter works.

New in version 3.6 (February 14th, 2009)

  • It's that time again, ladies and gentleman. This release offers a major overhaul in the way Parted Magic boots and behaves. The "Live" option is back and Parted Magic runs on a machine with 128MB of RAM. There is also a "low memory" option that disables unnecessary daemons to speed up systems that only require trivial tasks, like running GParted. The "Live" option was tested on a PII with 128MB of RAM. There is a new way to mount devices too, mount-gtk creates a consistent interface to mount file systems found in fstab created by the pmagic_fstab_daemon. We dynamically update the mount-gtkrc so your newly created devices are added to the mount list.
  • Now comes the bug fixes for what was messed-up last time. :) Parted Magic PXE should work again. If you add "livemedia" to your pxelinux.cfg, it mounts the squashfs instead of copying the files to RAM. A machine with 256MB of RAM can use the PXE version if the "livemedia" boot option is used. Keyboard locales have been improved. There was a bit of grammar and menu errors that we corrected too.
  • When I was retooling the boot procedure I decided to remove splashy. It's looks good, but it's just eating-up RAM/space and causing strange behavior in the ttys.
  • The only program this release that was reverted to an older version was xfburn-0.4.0. For what ever reason version 0.4.0 stopped detecting devices correctly and reverting to xfburn-0.3.2 fixed this behavior.
  • There are 3 new programs joining the Parted Magic line-up: mount-gtk-1.0.1, pmount_0.9.18, and pmagic_mount
  • Last but not least the updated list: gparted-0.4.3, linux-, hdparm-9.10, fsarchiver-0.4.1, e2fsprogs-1.41.4, syslinux-3.73, kbd-1.15, module-init-tools-3.6, hal-info-20090202, ntfs-3g-2009.2.1.

New in version 3.5 (January 26th, 2009)

  • This release of Parted Magic includes many new features and updated programs. The first thing you might notice is the dramatic increase in size. We are now using a Squashfs image instead of a 7zip archive. This once again allows for a 'live' option for older computers. Parted Magic doesn't use any additional RAM with the default boot option, the compression was just decreased. With the Linux 2.6.28 kernel comes the first stable ext4 file system release. We are using a highly tested SVN version of GParted to give you full control of your ext4 partitions. This includes all features for ext file systems found in previous releases. Jason Vasquez has vastly improved support of wireless devices. We hope you have a better experience with your wireless networking.

New in version 3.3 (December 16th, 2008)

  • This release of Parted Magic offers better support for video drivers and adds nfs. gFTP was also added and a few other core packages have been upgraded. The contents of the USB version have been altered to clean things up a bit. All GRUB files are in /boot/grub and all syslinux files are in /boot/syslinux. You will need to alter your syslinux command syntax or move the configuration file back to the root of the USB drive.

New in version 3.2 (November 29th, 2008)

  • This is mostly a bug-fix release for the 3.x series with a few new features. Some of the new updates include GParted 0.4.0, Linux kernel, Xarchiver 0.5.1, dc3dd 6.12.2, and hdparm 9.2. Jason fixed the disk wiping program and some other issues were addressed as well. The newest and most powerful new feature is 'installpkg' from Slackware Linux. You can now add programs to Parted Magic by simply adding them to the pmodules directory and booting the machine. Parted Magic automatically installs them at boot. There are several tested TGZ packages available in the forum for download. Make sure you change the tmpfs_size= boot parameter to allow more RAM for your additional packages.

New in version 3.1 (October 19th, 2008)

  • Parted magic 3.1 released with only minor changes from RC1. One of the most important new developments is the HDD edition. This is a new concept in rescue and partitioning environments. It's basically a copy and paste USB distribution for system administrators and is the future of the Parted Magic project. Version 4.0 will be largely based on Slackware Linux and will offer package management and most things you would expect from a small rescue environment. My honest opinion is the death of CDs and DVDs is closer than most people think and the dominance of Flash media with read-write is the future of any system administrator's toolbox. This forum post describes the new HDD edition.

New in version 3.1 RC1 (October 11th, 2008)

  • Parted Magic 3.1 is more of a new feature release than a bug-fix release. We added G4L and a graphical user interface for UDPcast. We switched from the Xfce desktop environment to LXDE and the artwork is also new. Major updates like X.Org 7.4, Linux kernel 2.6.27, Firefox 3.0.3, NTFS-3g 1.2918 and e2fsprogs 1.41.2 have also been added. Many bugs have been fixed and we hope we didn't add any new ones. Please test this release and report any problems in the forum.