Parity Changelog

New in version 1.2.1

December 17th, 2008
  • fixed handling of frame pointer omission setting.
  • fixed a problem in the loader when passing NULL to dlopen.
  • added a little profiling information to the loader, telling the number of milliseconds it took to load all childs.
  • parity.inspector has been improved, and now defaults to a more ldd like interface.
  • parity.inspector now knows about native libraries, not linked with parity.
  • parity.loader has a much improved loading failure output, which allows for much easier isolation of the real loading problem for shared libraries.
  • parity.inspector verbose processing status output is now much more readable.
  • parity.runtime doesn't allow for more than 3 nested exceptions before doing a hard exit. in previous versions exceptions kept flying until stack space was too low.
  • parity.inspector has now a much improved memory utilization and overal performance.