PCLinuxOS Openbox Changelog

New in version 2014.2

September 2nd, 2014
  • Added xfce4-power-manager to OpenboxCC
  • New default wallpaper
  • Reinstalled Geany as text editor

New in version 2010.11 (December 20th, 2010)

  • Kernel kernel for maximum desktop performance.
  • Openbox Desktop with Tint2 panel
  • Nvidia and ATI fglrx driver support.
  • Multimedia playback support for many popular formats.
  • Wireless support for many network devices.
  • Printer support for many local and networked printer devices.
  • Addlocale allows you to convert PCLinuxOS into over 60 languages.
  • GetOpenOffice can install Open Office supporting over 100 languages.
  • MyLiveCD allows you to take a snapshot of your installation and burn it to a LiveCD/DVD.