Oracle Solaris Changelog

New in version 11.2

August 6th, 2014
  • Now available, Oracle Solaris 11.2 is engineered to deliver an efficient, secure, compliant, open and affordable path to enterprise cloud computing for organizations seeking to simplify and modernize their data centers.
  • Oracle Solaris 11.2 is a complete, integrated and open cloud platform engineered for large-scale enterprise cloud environments. It combines OpenStack, application-driven SDN technology, clustering, and zero-overhead virtualization with a proven enterprise-class OS.
  • With its application compatibility guarantee program, Oracle Solaris is designed to make IT’s transformation to enterprise-grade cloud simple, fast, and affordable.
  • Customers can get a cloud up and running in as few as 10 minutes using Oracle Solaris 11.2’s Unified Archive template and OpenStack distribution.
  • Oracle Solaris 11.2 can significantly reduce compliance overhead with built-in compliance reporting and simple resolution instructions.
  • Oracle Solaris incorporates unique features for security and offers built-in virtualization that delivers massive scalability at low cost.
  • Oracle Solaris 11.2 further extends virtualization flexibility with support for zones at differing kernel patch levels.
  • Also available now, Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.2 is the best availability solution for protecting Oracle Solaris environments in enterprise data centers and mission-critical cloud deployments.
  • Built on deep integration with Oracle Solaris 11.2’s extensive cloud, virtualization and enterprise provisioning capabilities, Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.2 enables fast, accurate, fully orchestrated multisite and multitier recovery from outages and disasters to help significantly reduce unplanned downtime and maximize service availability.
  • Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.2 includes built-in high availability support for more than 30 common enterprise application suites, including new modules for Oracle’s JD Edwards Enterprise One; Oracle GoldenGate; and Oracle Multitenant, a new Oracle Database 12c option; and updated support for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition.

New in version 11.2 Beta (May 1st, 2014)

  • Centralized cloud management with Oracle's OpenStack distribution. Integrated at the core of Oracle Solaris 11.2, deploy a private cloud instance in minutes instead of weeks.
  • Secure Agile application provisioning in the cloud with Unified Archives, a new archive format that allows total portability between bare metal and virtualized systems. Instant cloning in the cloud when you need it, to scale out or for reliable disaster recovery in emergencies.
  • No compromise virtualization with Oracle Solaris Zones enhanced. Oracle Solaris 11.2 brings an even greater level of flexibility with independent and isolated Kernel Zones.
  • Maintain SLAs with application driven Software Defined Networking, extending the network virtualization capabilities of Oracle Solaris. Elastic Virtual Switching ensures dynamic networks across your cloud environment with unprecedented agility.
  • Lower the effort of meeting compliance with an integrated and automated checking and report generation tool, reducing the time needed for compliance review by as much as 10x.

New in version 11.1 (October 5th, 2012)

  • Oracle today announced Oracle Solaris 11.1, delivering over 300 new performance and feature enhancements to the Oracle Solaris 11 product family.
  • Customers will be able to quickly and easily upgrade to Oracle Solaris 11.1 using the built-in upgrade tools available in Oracle Solaris 11.
  • Oracle Solaris 11 is the first cloud OS that allows customers to build large-scale enterprise-class Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) clouds on a wide range of SPARC and x86 servers and engineered systems.
  • Oracle Solaris 11 is the operating system for Oracle’s SPARC T-Series server line, powers Oracle SPARC SuperCluster T4-4, Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud engineered systems and is a critical building block for the delivery of the Oracle optimized data center.
  • Oracle Solaris 11 is already widely in production with mission critical deployments across industries including, financial services, communications, healthcare, retail, public sector and media and entertainment, with thousands of customers deploying Oracle Solaris 11 on tens of thousands of systems.
  • Best UNIX® for Oracle Deployments: Oracle Solaris 11.1 features the newest round of enhancements for the latest database technology, delivering the best performance, availability and I/O throughput of any UNIX platform used to run the Oracle Database:
  • Improve Oracle Real Application Clusters lock latency by 17% by offloading lock management into the Oracle Solaris kernel.
  • Resize the Oracle Database SGA without a reboot.
  • Observe and understand database I/O bottlenecks easily using Oracle Solaris DTrace.
  • Send system audit results to the Oracle Audit Vault to simplify compliance reporting for the overall Oracle Database platform.
  • Create compliance reports quickly to meet auditor requirements with OpenSCAP, a new compliance reporting tool and a Payment Card Industry profile.
  • Unlock the full potential of Oracle’s latest server systems with support for an unprecedented 32 TB of RAM and thousands of CPUs.
  • Built-in Cloud Infrastructure: New cloud infrastructure features add to Oracle Solaris 11’s highly efficient built-in virtualization capabilities across system, network and storage resources and include:
  • The industry’s first support for the new, open standard Federated File System (FedFS) providing unified namespace for cloud-scale data environments.
  • New, expanded support for Software Defined Networks (SDN), including enhancements to Edge Virtual Bridging, to maximize network resource utilization and manage bandwidth in cloud environments. New Data Center Bridging support combines Ethernet and storage networks to help save network infrastructure costs.
  • Superfast Oracle Solaris Zone updates provide up to 4x performance improvements over Oracle Solaris 11 and automatic shared storage support allows customers to easily move Oracle Solaris Zones between systems.
  • Extreme Availability for Enterprise Applications: The secure, highly available capabilities of Oracle Solaris Cluster combined with the built-in virtualization of Oracle Solaris 11.1 helps customers bring their most mission-critical applications into a cost effective, agile cloud environment and delivers:
  • Secure, virtual deployment of Oracle Solaris 10 and 11 applications with high-speed, application driven failover in Oracle Solaris Zone clusters.
  • Disaster recovery failover between geographically separated data centers with Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage Appliance replication.
  • Multi-level security support for clustered environments with Oracle Solaris Trusted Extensions.
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center provides comprehensive systems management, enabling enterprise-wide, centralized control of hardware, OS and virtualization resources. Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center is available to Oracle Solaris customers at no additional cost under the Ops Center Everywhere Program.
  • Oracle Solaris 11.1 also includes enhancements to optimize operating system performance and capabilities when deployed in an Oracle VM Server for SPARC or Oracle VM Server for x86 virtualized environment.
  • Oracle will host a webcast on November 7, 2012 at 8 a.m. Pacific time on Oracle Solaris 11.1 and Oracle Solaris Cluster, featuring Markus Flierl, vice president, Oracle Solaris Engineering, Core Technology and Bill Nesheim, vice president, Oracle Solaris Engineering, Platform Software. Register here.
  • Oracle Solaris 11 guarantees binary compatibility with previous Oracle Solaris versions through the Oracle Solaris Binary Application Guarantee Program, which provides customers a seamless upgrade path and the industry’s best investment protection. Oracle Solaris Legacy Containers allows older Oracle Solaris environments to be brought forward onto latest generation hardware to provide power, cooling and footprint consolidation savings.
  • Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) members can find Oracle Solaris tools and resources in the Oracle Solaris Knowledge Zone, including Oracle Solaris Ready, Oracle Solaris 11 Specialization and Oracle Solaris Development Initiative.
  • Oracle Solaris Training and Oracle Solaris Cluster Training are also available to help customers and partners quickly learn how to deploy, maintain and update mission critical cloud infrastructure systems.

New in version 10/08 (November 10th, 2008)

  • The new version builds on the core strengths of the Solaris 10 to help customers maximize asset usage and systems performance, manage datacenter complexity, preserve business continuity and reduce costs. Solaris 10 10/08 includes numerous product updates and enhancements, several of which were done through the OpenSolaris community. New features in Solaris 10 10/08: the ZFS file system has been enhanced with recent work from the OpenSolaris community; Solaris 10's virtualization technologies, such as Solaris Containers, have been enhanced with new features; Sun and Intel continue to collaborate to help ensure Solaris 10 will support Intel's latest Intel Xeon processor line.