Ora2Pg Changelog

New in version 14.1

December 8th, 2014
  • Remove ALLOW_CODE_BREAK, it is no more useful.
  • Change output of SHOW_ENCODING to reflect change to default encoding.
  • Comment ALLOW_PARTITION in default configuration file.
  • Add QUERY and KETTLE export type in configuration file comments.

New in version 12.1 (January 29th, 2014)

  • Fix example given for the WHERE configuration directive. Thanks to Bob Treumann for the report.
  • Add INDEXES_SUFFIX configuration option to allow append a suffix to indexes names.
  • Replace special charater ^M by \r as they are not supported by git.
  • Fix IF EXISTS in alter table of sub _drop_foreign_keys. Thanks to Francis Corriveau for the patch.
  • Fix isolation level when exporting data. Thanks to Ludovic Penet for the report.
  • Fix regression when ora2pg tries to create foreign keys on tables or to tables that are not selected for export. Thanks to Ludovic Penet.
  • Add information about backslashed comma into directive MODIFY_TYPE into Makefile.PL.
  • Add missing MODIFY_TYPE definition in documentation.
  • Allow backslashed comma into MODIFY_TYPE type redefinition. Example: TABLE1:COL3:decimal(9\,6),TABLE1:COL4:decimal(9\,6). Thanks to Mike Kienenberger for the report
  • Fix missing single cote into create_materialized_view() call. Thanks to Jacky Rigoreau for the patch.
  • Fix some typo in documentation, thanks to Mike Kienenberger for the report.
  • Add a chapter about installing DBD::Oracle into documentation. Thanks to Raghavendra for the patch.
  • Fix case sensitivity on external table name with FDW export type. Thanks to Guillaume Lelarge for the report.
  • Fix export of materialized views when PG_SUPPORTS_MVIEW is disabled. Thanks to Christian Bjornbak for the report.
  • Update copyright.

New in version 12.0 (October 23rd, 2013)

  • This version fixes many issues and adds three new features.
  • Using the REORDERING_COLUMNS directive, you will be able to reorder columns to minimized the footprint on disk so that more rows fit on a data page.
  • The PG_SUPPORTS_MVIEW allow the export of materialized view with native PostgreSQL 9.3 syntax.
  • The USE_TABLESPACE variable can be used to export objects using their original tablespace.

New in version 11.4 (May 29th, 2013)

  • Fix other major issues in migration cost assessment.
  • Redefine some migration cost values to be more precise.

New in version 11.3 (May 28th, 2013)

  • Add full details about PL/SQL evaluation by ora2pg when --estimate_cost or ESTIMATE_COST is enable. This will display cost units per keywords detected in the function/package code.
  • Fix wrong cost unit assessment on PL/SQL code size, this bug generated very high migration cost assessment for functions/packages with lot of lines. Please run your tests again, estimated times can be up to tree time lower on huge code.
  • Remove comments before code evalution.
  • Fix file input parser for PL/SQL packages export when IS or AS was in the next line than the CREATE PACKAGE BODY ...
  • Exclude NOT NULL constraint from the count of CHECK constraints into the TABLE report.
  • Fix decimal precision in table migration assessment cost.
  • Fix typo in changelog.

New in version 11.2 (May 2nd, 2013)

  • Update doc about Windows multiprocess issues and acknowledgements.
  • Fix Windows OS issues using multiprocessing options by disabling multiprocess support on this plateform. When -J or -j will be used a warning will be displayed and Ora2Pg will simply run single process like in previous 10.x versions. Thanks to Jean Marc Yao Adingra for the report.
  • Fix RAW and LONG RAW export to ByteA. Thanks to Prabhat Tripathi for the report and testing.
  • Fix patch regression on multiple TRUNCATE call for a single table. Thanks to David Greco for the report.
  • Placed calls to DB handle InactiveDestroy outside the forked process to prevent fatal errors on Windows. Thanks to Jean Marc Adingra for the report.
  • Forked running processes are renamed into more readable name like "ora2pg logger" for the progress bar, "ora2pg
  • querying Oracle" when used with -J option and "ora2pg
  • sending to PostgreSQL" to better know what is the current job of the process.
  • Removed the use of /Y flag in Windows install script, this was causing error "dmake: Error code 130, while making install_all". Thanks to Jean-Marc Adingra for the report.
  • Fix direct import to PostgreSQL that was just producing nothing. Thank to David Greco for the patch.
  • Fix ora2pg usage documentation.
  • Add an underscore to CLIENT ENCODING in SHOW_ENCODING output to be the same as the configuration directive.

New in version 11.1 (April 8th, 2013)

  • Adjust cost assessment for indexes, tables and tables partition.
  • Add comment to report of index partition about local index only.
  • Fix position of TRUNCATE TABLE in output file.
  • Fix export of data from RAW or LONG RAW columns, they was exported as hex string. Now data are converted using utl_raw.cast_to_varchar2() function before being escaped for insert into a bytea. Thanks to Alex Delianis for the report.
  • Fix issue with Oracle TIMESTAMP(0) data export that add a single ending point, ex: "2008-08-09 00:00:00.", this ending character is now removed by format_data_type(). Thanks to Pierre-Marie Petit for the report.
  • Fix typo on MODIFY_STRUCT description.
  • Force DEBUG to off in default configuration file.
  • Change range PARTITION operators in the check conditions, >= and < replaced by > and

New in version 11.0 (March 26th, 2013)

  • Add documentation about JOBS, ORACLE_COPIES, DEFINED_PK configuration directive and informations about KETTLE export type.
  • Add KETTLE export type to generate XML transformation file definition for Penthatlo Data Integrator (Kettle). Thanks to Marc Cousin for the work. Example of use: ora2pg -c ora2pg.conf -t KETTLE -j 12 -J 4 -o loaddata.sh
  • Fix major bug in export of auto generated named constraint. Thanks to mrojasaquino fot the report.
  • Show number of rows in the top largest tables.
  • Add TOP_MAX description to the documentation.
  • Add the TOP_MAX directive to default configuration file and update documentation. Directive used to control the top N tables to show.
  • Add top N of largest tables in SHOW_TABLE, SHOW_COLUMN and SHOW_REPORT export type.
  • Fix progressbar output when ora2pg is interrupted by ctrl+c.
  • Add JOBS, ORACLE_COPIES and DEFINED_PK directives to configuration file. JOBS replacing THREAD_COUNT but backward compatibility is preserved.
  • Add 3 new command line options, -j | --jobs and -J | --copies, used to set the number of connection to PostgreSQL and Oracle for parallel processing. The third, -L | --limit is used to change DATA_LIMIT at command line.
  • Add multiprocess support on data export. With the help of Thomas Ogrisegg.
  • Add more schema in SYSUSERS that should not be exported.
  • Add full detailed information about SYNONYM in SHOW_REPORT.
  • Add MODIFY_TYPE configuration directive to allow some table/column type to be changed on PostgreSQL side during the export.
  • Fix objects type count in progressbar of SHOW_REPORT.
  • Restrict table and index in SHOW_REPORT to the tables defined in ALLOW and EXCLUDE directives.
  • Show total number of rows in SHOW_TABLE and SHOW_REPORT output.
  • Add top 10 of tables sorted by number of rows in SHOW_TABLE and SHOW_REPORT output.
  • Fix typo in SYNONYM objects.
  • Add report of top ten tables ordered y number of rows.
  • Rewrite most of the Oracle schema storage information extraction for speed improvement.
  • Use Hash to store column informations.
  • Fix %unique_keys declaration in _table() method.
  • Remove call to _table_info() from SHOW_REPORT code as those informations are already loaded with the _table() method.
  • Fix missing column definition on TABLE export.
  • Add progress bar during output generation following export type.
  • Add STOP_ON_ERROR configuration directive to enable/disable the call to ON_ERROR_STOP into generated SQL scripts. Thanks to Ludovic Penet for the feature request.
  • Huge speed improvement on columns informations retrieving.
  • Fix progress bar to keep the total number of tables related to the ALLOW or EXCLUDE configuration directives. Thanks to Ludovic Penet for the report.
  • Change return type of function _table_info(), it now returns data instead of the database handle.
  • Improve speed on indexes and constraints extraction for database with huge number of tables.
  • Improve performance to retrieve columns information and comments.
  • Remove report of column details during export in debug mode, use SHOW_COLUMN instead.
  • Remove call to upper() in objects owner condition to improve performance with database with huge number of objects.
  • Add a fix to not export foreign key for exclude tables. Thanks to Ludovic Penet for the report.
  • Fix Windows install issue with copying ora2pg.conf.dist. Thanks to Dominique FOURDRINOY for the report.
  • Increase the cost of Oracle function not converted to PG automatically.

New in version 10.1 (January 16th, 2013)

  • Fix global where clause that should not be overwritten. Thanks to Dan Harbin for the patch.
  • Fix bug/typo in boolean replacement, where a colon was used instead of a single quote. Thanks to Alex Delianis for the patch.
  • Update copyright.
  • Add detection of additional Oracle functions for better migration cost assessment.
  • Update documentation.
  • Force report detail in lowercase.
  • Added information about the migration cost value to the reports.
  • Add --dump_as_html command line option and DUMP_AS_HTML configuration directive.
  • Allow migration report to be generated as HTML.
  • Separate report generation code from data collection code