OZvm Changelog

New in version 1.1

February 2nd, 2013
  • Install and run any released ROM from Cambridge Computer (UK and foreign versions) from menu:
  • All ROM's (except Icelandic) as they were released by Cambridge Computer throughout 1987 - 1990, are now bundled with the emulator, easily selectable from dropdown menu.
  • Double screen size:
  • On desktops with high resolution, a 640x64 pixel screen of the Cambridge Z88 becomes quite small, so allow to magnify the Z88 screen as double size and experience the pixels details..
  • Mac OS X support:
  • Previous releases were not working very well on Mac OS X. Graphical user interface has been optimized so single-button mouse on Mac can use to the Slots (to insert/remove cards). Mac application look and feel also done. Colours optimized to look well on Mac.
  • Improved Z80 CPU hardware emulation:
  • RST 38H & RST 66H couldn't be marked with breakpoints. Interrupt blocking (IFF1 high) were not correctly implemented. Manipulate I and R registers from debug command line. NMI were not implemented properly. Stabilized 4Mb memory segmentation implementation (protect against Array out-of-bounds exceptions).
  • Improved Blink emulation:
  • COM.RESTIM implemented. Don't emit KEY interrupt when key is released. Improved hard/soft reset emulation. F5 key or stop command now works when emulated Z88 is in COMA state.
  • User guide and debug command line help migrated to wiki:
  • For more flexible maintainance, all previous help and debug command line reference has been moved to wiki pages. Access help from user interface will open a browser and load appropriate page on the wiki.
  • Execute debug command scripts when a breakpoint is encountered:
  • Useful utility for integrating Z88 application compilation builds with the host desktop.