OBD GPS Logger Changelog

New in version 0.16

May 27th, 2011
  • Richer ecu control in obdsim, including support for all the major protocols and variable timeouts. LiveKML for live viewing of logged data in Google Earth.
  • Several long-standing bugfixes, performance improvements, and possible fixes for several types of vehicles that may have exhibited problems before.

New in version 0.15 (June 19th, 2010)

  • Sim: Always return errors in groups of three, padded if necessary
  • Logrepair: split repair functions into separate library
  • kml: Fix errors that caused some singlevalue plots to not plot
  • Sim: Freezeframe [mode 0x02] support
  • Logrepair: run PRAGMA integrity_check
  • Arch Linux packaging
  • Initial add of obd2gpx converter
  • kml: Add graph based solely on gps data
  • Logger: log course,speed,gpstime from gps

New in version 0.11 (December 4th, 2009)

  • Logger: Recognise multi-line serial output, break out line parsing
  • Logger: Work on reading error codes
  • Logger: Always clean up serial port on early exit
  • Sim: bugfixes
  • Sim: Move to stdlib read/write instead of stdio
  • Sim: Simplify output mechanism
  • Sim: Use /dev/ptmx if posix_openpt isn't available
  • Sim: Optionally attach a screen session
  • Sim: Add "Cycle" generator
  • Sim: Add longdesc to generators so they can self-document
  • Docs: Add manpage for obdsim-dbus
  • Sim: Convert to C++. Make simport abstract class
  • Sim: Implement posix, windows simport classes
  • Logger: Don't offer to daemonise on windows
  • Sim: Support logging all serial comms
  • Sim: Allow command-line options for faking AT{Z,@1}
  • Logger: Attempt to guess supported PIDs if car reports zero for 0100
  • Sim: Add shell of megasquirt code