Node.js Changelog

New in version 0.10.36

January 27th, 2015
  • openssl: update to 1.0.1l
  • v8: Fix debugger and strict mode regression (Julien Gilli)
  • v8: don't busy loop in cpu profiler thread (Ben Noordhuis)

New in version 0.10.35 (December 24th, 2014)

  • tls: re-add 1024-bit SSL certs removed by f9456a2 (Chris Dickinson)
  • timers: don't close interval timers when unrefd (Julien Gilli)
  • timers: don't mutate unref list while iterating it (Julien Gilli)

New in version 0.10.34 (December 18th, 2014)

  • uv: update to v0.10.30
  • zlib: upgrade to v1.2.8
  • child_process: check execFile args is an array (Sam Roberts)
  • child_process: check fork args is an array (Sam Roberts)
  • crypto: update root certificates (Ben Noordhuis)
  • domains: fix issues with abort on uncaught (Julien Gilli)
  • timers: Avoid linear scan in _unrefActive. (Julien Gilli)
  • timers: fix unref() memory leak (Trevor Norris)
  • v8: add api for aborting on uncaught exception (Julien Gilli)
  • debugger: fix when using "use strict" (Julien Gilli)

New in version 0.10.33 (October 24th, 2014)

  • openssl: Update to 1.0.1j (Addressing multiple CVEs)
  • uv: Update to v0.10.29
  • child_process: properly support optional args (cjihrig)
  • crypto: Disable autonegotiation for SSLv2/3 by default (Fedor Indutny, Timothy J Fontaine, Alexis Campailla)

New in version 0.10.32 (September 17th, 2014)

  • npm: Update to 1.4.28
  • v8: fix a crash introduced by previous release (Fedor Indutny)
  • configure: add --openssl-no-asm flag (Fedor Indutny)
  • crypto: use domains for any callback-taking method (Chris Dickinson)
  • http: do not send 0rnrn in TE HEAD responses (Fedor Indutny)
  • querystring: fix unescape override (Tristan Berger)
  • url: Add support for RFC 3490 separators (Mathias Bynens)

New in version 0.10.26 (February 19th, 2014)

  • uv: Upgrade to v0.10.25 (Timothy J Fontaine)
  • npm: upgrade to 1.4.3 (isaacs)
  • v8: support compiling with VS2013 (Fedor Indutny)
  • cares: backport TXT parsing fix (Fedor Indutny)
  • crypto: throw on SignFinal failure (Fedor Indutny)
  • crypto: update root certificates (Ben Noordhuis)
  • debugger: Fix breakpoint not showing after restart (Farid Neshat)
  • fs: make unwatchFile() insensitive to path (iamdoron)
  • net: do not re-emit stream errors (Fedor Indutny)
  • net: make Socket destroy() re-entrance safe (Jun Ma)
  • net: reset endEmitted on reconnect (Fedor Indutny)
  • node: do not close stdio implicitly (Fedor Indutny)
  • zlib: avoid assertion in close (Fedor Indutny)

New in version 0.11.11 Beta (January 30th, 2014)

  • v8: Upgrade to
  • http_parser: Upgrade to 2.2.1
  • openssl: Upgrade to 1.0.1f
  • uv: Upgrade to 0.11.18
  • async-listener: revamp of subsystem (Trevor Norris)
  • node: do not ever close stdio (Fedor Indutny)
  • http: use writev on chunked encoding (Trevor Norris)
  • async_wrap/timers: remove Add/RemoveAsyncListener (Trevor Norris)
  • child_process: better error reporting for exec (Fedor Indutny)
  • crypto: add newline to cert and key if not present (Fedor Indutny)
  • crypto: clear error in GetPeerCertificate (Fedor Indutny)
  • crypto: honor default ciphers in client mode (Jacob Hoffman-Andrews)
  • crypto: introduce .setEngine(engine, [flags]) (Fedor Indutny)
  • crypto: support custom pbkdf2 digest methods (Ben Noordhuis)
  • domain: fix off-by-one in Domain.exit() (Ryan Graham)
  • http: concatenate duplicate headers by default (Alex Kocharin)
  • http: do not emit EOF non-readable socket (Fedor Indutny)
  • node: fix argument parsing with -p arg (Alexis Campailla)
  • path: improve POSIX path.join() performance (Jo Liss)
  • tls: emit clientError on early socket close (Fedor Indutny)
  • tls: introduce .setMaxSendFragment(size) (Fedor Indutny)
  • tls: make cert/pfx optional in tls.createServer() (Ben Noordhuis)
  • tls: process accumulated input (Fedor Indutny)
  • tls: show human-readable error messages (Ben Noordhuis)
  • util: handle escaped forward slashes correctly (Tom Gallacher)

New in version 0.10.25 (January 25th, 2014)

  • uv: Upgrade to v0.10.23
  • npm: Upgrade to v1.3.24
  • v8: Fix enumeration for objects with lots of properties
  • child_process: fix spawn() optional arguments (Sam Roberts)
  • cluster: report more errors to workers (Fedor Indutny)
  • domains: exit() only affects active domains (Ryan Graham)
  • src: OnFatalError handler must abort() (Timothy J Fontaine)
  • stream: writes may return false but forget to emit drain (Yang Tianyang)

New in version 0.11.10 Beta (January 3rd, 2014)

  • http_parser: update to 2.2
  • uv: Upgrade to v0.11.17
  • v8: Upgrade to
  • buffer: optimize writeInt* methods (Paul Loyd)
  • child_process: better error handling (Alexis Campailla)
  • cluster: do not synchronously emit 'setup' event (Sam Roberts)
  • cluster: restore backwards compatibility and various fixes (Sam Roberts)
  • crypto: remove unnecessary OpenSSL_add_all_digests (Yorkie)
  • crypto: support GCM authenticated encryption mode. (Ingmar Runge)
  • dns: add resolveSoa and 'SOA' rrtype (Tu─črul Topuz)
  • events: move EE c'tor guts to EventEmitter.init (Bert Belder)
  • http: DELETE shouldn't default to chunked encoding (Lalit Kapoor)
  • http: parse the status message in a http response. (Cam Swords)
  • node: fix removing AsyncListener in callback (Vladimir Kurchatkin)
  • node: follow specification, zero-fill ArrayBuffers (Trevor Norris)
  • openssl: use ASM optimized routines (Fedor Indutny)
  • process: allow nextTick infinite recursion (Trevor Norris)
  • querystring: remove name from stringify() (Yorkie)
  • timers: setImmediate v8 optimization fix (pflannery)
  • tls: add serialNumber to getPeerCertificate() (Ben Noordhuis)
  • tls: reintroduce socket.encrypted (Fedor Indutny)
  • tls: fix handling of asterisk in SNI context (Fedor Indutny)
  • util: Format negative zero as '-0' (David Chan)
  • vm: fix race condition in timeout (Alexis Campailla)
  • windows: fix dns lookup of localhost with ipv6 (Alexis Campailla)